[LiqR] Terraria 24/7 Build - No Hamachi Needed!

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by MrKingCake, May 23, 2011.

  1. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    After much consideration I have decided to close the server. Everyone here in LiqR had a ton of fun with you guys, though we feel the Terraria 'Buzz' has died down and we would like to move onto other things. We still have our Garrysmod servers and other servers. We hope to see you on our forums sometime and maybe even have a friendly game or two! Thank you for all your support guys! For a while we were the #1 viewed server. That was until people found out if they just 'spam' (for lack of a better word) their forum page, they would get popularity. I really loved hosting for this community and you people, I had some really great times. Thank you all, I would love to see you in the community.

    To stay updated with what our new server will be, keep up with the steam group Here and the forums Here. Thanks guys, really. :)

    The IP has changed! The IP is now: Closed
    Hey guys! The official Liquid Refreshment 24/7 Terraria Build server is totally ready! You don't need a password or have to sign up or anything. You don't have to be in the group either!
    The IP is: Closed
    The port is: Closed

    All are free to join! We will deal with greifers the best we can.
    It's a large map with minimum to no lag!
    I plan on changing the map once every day or two.
    We will ban griefers.
    You will receive a "Connection refused" error when the server is full.
    Leave any questions or comments or anything in this thread!
    Happy gaming,
    Mr. Cake

    PS. Wow! Maxed out almost instantly! Thanks for all the support and nice complements and everything! Some people really don't know what it means to a server hoster of nearly 6 years since HL1: DM when someone tells you your server is nice. Thanks guys, really.

    PPS. Holy crap! If I could put up another server I would guys!

    Blight: "This is so much more fun than it should be!"
    Gohlard: "Awesome server here"
    Ultimater3333:"Cake, That's cause you are amazing =) I'll admit, I have visited many open servers, and yours is easily the best."
    Ziggy the Demon: "In about 15 minutes we got over 100 page views-"
    Ziggy the Demon: "and the server was almost spontaniously filled up"
    ParagonMax: "u deserve it"
    Glorious Havoc: "Great server you have, keep it up!"
    Mr. Cake: ":') Aww thank you!"
    If you read all the way down here, good for you! I'm going to show you something special!
    If you want to keep 100% up to date with all of Liquid Refreshments Family news then go to www.LRClan.com. Yes, I know it is called a clan in the link, but we are a family. We are a family and that's how we all refer to each other.
  2. MaDMaN4LiFE

    MaDMaN4LiFE Zombie

    Amazing server. Love it, friendly people. Join now.
  3. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    Thanks! The server is still maxed out nonstop. You really just have to wait for someone to disconnect and grab that open slot quickly! Thanks for all the support guys.
  4. tonyrulz92

    tonyrulz92 Green Slime

    Yay! First server I've ever connected too! Too bad there was nothing I could do because I was a new character. :/
  5. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    :) Just ask someone, I'm sure someone would be happy to go adventure and help you get some new gear!
  6. pdown

    pdown Green Slime

    cant get in
  7. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    Hehe sorry Pdown, like I said above its completely maxed out all the time. You really have to work at it to get a slot!
  8. Oneals

    Oneals Green Slime

    "actively refused"
  9. Chat Phothong

    Chat Phothong Green Slime

    That means it's full >.>
  10. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    Yes, Oneals. All that means is that the server is full. Just wait a few minutes then try joining again. Like I said above, the server is maxed out constantly.
  11. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    Still maxed out! Jesus christ! Thanks fort all the support guys. :)
  12. Fantasja

    Fantasja Slimed Zombie

    hey tonyrulz2 if i get in i would be glad to help you i got some gear i dont use and its pretty good so you gottta keep it
  13. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    We just set up a new map guys! You have about a minute before it maxes out! Actually make that about 30 more seconds XD!
  14. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    Alright guys. 1AM is a tad late, I'll be off! Took about 5 seconds for my slot to be taken once I disconnected XD! Anyways, contact me here tomorrow if you need another map or anything like that. Peace out.
  15. Fantasja

    Fantasja Slimed Zombie

    this is like some kinda fancy restaurant you have to wait a billion years to get in:rolleyes:
  16. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    Heheheh just glanced before leaving, sorry about that Fantasja. If I could raise the number of slots and host more servers I would!
  17. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    Last but not least, remember.
    The server is almost ALWAYS full.
    If you get an error while joining it means the server is full, leave a post and try again in a few minutes.
    (We ask you to leave a post with the error message just incase something could be wrong with the server!)
  18. tonyrulz92

    tonyrulz92 Green Slime

    Dangit. I finally got my internet back and it's full. :(
  19. Wazupmaster

    Wazupmaster Green Slime

    Wow, logged out for a second to get a hellforge and it's maxed out. But lovin the server so far :)
  20. MrKingCake

    MrKingCake Green Slime

    One last bit here! Remember guys, every time you leave a post it bumps the page to the top of the forums! This helps others see the post! So don't be afraid to post, just let it loose! The more population the better!

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