Living up to the hype? Towns instead of homes.

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Cardinal, May 18, 2011.

  1. Cardinal

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    So, the game content is pretty much concluded after 1 or 2 days of playing. Solidly. But still. There was a lot of hype surrounding this game release, and for good reason: it's awesome.

    I'm going to suggest a few things that are sort of on par of what we have already, but feature into long term world-playing. It essentially hinges around one simple concept:

    Towns instead of homes.

    You have to build multiple homes for your NPCs, and you can attract higher quality NPCs depending on how pimped out your homes are. For example:
    Torch = lowest Tier Lighting - Worth 1 point
    Candle = middle Tier Lighting - Worth 4 points
    Chandelier = highest Tier Lighting - Worth 10 points
    Wooden Table/Chairs = Worth 2 Points each
    Stone Table/Chairs = Worth 5 points each
    Silver Table/Chairs = Worth 10 points each
    Golden Table/Chairs = Worth 17 points each
    Wooden Bed = Worth 3 points
    Silver Bed = Worth 10 points
    Golden Bed = Worth 15 points
    So each NPC requires a house (as currently implemented as a Room).

    But to attract further NPCs you have to build specific buildings for them.

    For example, the Merchant will require a Market Place, a building which contains Stalls and Shelves, maybe a kind of warehouse with 4 or 5 chests in it.

    The Dryad could require a Garden / Sanctuary type room with lots of Clay Pots and maybe even Water.

    The Gunsmith could require a 'Shooting Range', 10x3 room with a Target at the end of it.

    Perhaps a Wizard NPC becomes available once you have built a Library (with books stolen from the Dungeons), and he can sell Mana/Magic/Spell related items.

    A theoretical Blacksmith NPC could require you to construct an Armoury which has 2 furnaces and an anvil within it. He might sell unique/rare ores or even new armour types. Perhaps you can even tell him what armour you would like, and after a certain number of days he makes it for you (for a lot of coins depending on the armour you asked for).

    These NPCs will go to their related building during the day time, and return to their houses at night. So, you might find the Wizard reading a book, the Nurse looking after an injured Guard in the Hospital, the Dryad meditating in her Sanctuary.. etc.

    Each of these NPCs are classed as 'Unique'. The items they sell and the prices they offer are related to their 'level', and the 'level' of the NPC is related to the total Points of the House they live in. For example, total points from a low tier house would be 1+2+2+3 = 5. The highest Tier room will level that 'Unique' NPC to a total points score of 10+17+17+10 = 54. This would allow you to also designate which NPC lives where (maybe by interacting with the Table in the room and selecting the designated NPC).

    When an NPC reaches a certain 'Level', you gain a chance to recruit 'normal' NPCs.
    The Gunsmith attracts 'Riflemen', which patrol your town at night and can be right-clicked and given an order to Follow you. They act as a friendly AI. Maybe the Dryad could summon Forest Spirits if your settlement is in danger - they act as friendly AI but are temporary and do not require a house to live in.

    The Nurse could unlock the ability to build 'Healing Fountains' in your town, or she can simply sell you them at a reduced cost. These will restore your hitpoints gradually overtime if you stand nearby to them (similar to the Band of Regenerations ability).

    The Guide could even gain the ability to give you unique 'quests' which involve new bosses.

    'Normal' NPCs are content living in a 4x5 room with a torch, table and chair. So you can create a type of 'Barracks' for them all to live in. Each room will not require a door. So you can technically make one large room and put 10 tables and 10 chairs within it and all 'normal' NPCs will happily live there.

    Suggested by The Thing:
    rough quote: 'maybe normal NPCs could require a Chest in their room, where you have to deposit coins to pay their wages / keep them happy'. What are your thoughts on this people? I personally like it!

    This all leads into dynamics relating to Food and Water supply (wells) to keep your NPCs happy. It also allows for MUCH MUCH greater Invasion events to be triggered. And your world might very well be over-run by Demons if you haven't invested enough time in upgrading your NPCs etc - forcing you to retreat underground until the Invasion passes / or abandon the World in really extreme cases (well maybe not ABANDON, but y'know, you gotta lose somehow? am I rite?)

    For the most part, this will give players the reason and need to build large sprawling towns instead of a simple little shelter that will keep you happy for the entire game :)

    I know these ideas are drastic and seemingly change a lot of how the game currently works. Your character will still remain a 'Hero' - and the NPCs will largely not affect the world map outside of the 'town' other than creating ambience and defence against the never ending slime/zombie/demon eye forces.

    I am eager to hear the communities feedback on this idea, whether its supported, whether it's hated, what you would like to change, or what you think is better! Go ahead and post.

    This is a rough draft of what it may or may not look like:


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  2. VantagePoint

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    I think this is a great suggestion, and they should consider adding some, if not all of it into the game.

    I feel that after becoming what would be considered as god-like (Highest tier everything), It would be nice to have something else to focus on, such as pimping my town out.
  3. Cardinal

    Cardinal Green Slime

    I am glad you like it. I feel that if Terraria simply goes down the road of 'more ores, better loot, more bosses', it COULD soon become tedious. But, only time will tell what the Devs are up to :)
  4. aavri

    aavri Cursed Skull

    I am always happy with more decor and things to apply to one's house. How about Obsidian and "skull" chairs/tables/chandlers.

    I would also like NPCs to require different things like you suggested and multiple tiers of objects.
  5. CasualTea

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    Thanks for the link! :D

    I like this idea too, it would however require quite a bit of extra dialog for the Guide. I'm thinking of players who'd not think to use forums, or the wiki, and so would have to be told about them in-game. Not really an issue though.

    Even if without the scoring system, the small ideas like being able to choose where NPCs stay and tiered NPCs are still good ones.
  6. Cardinal

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  7. Alethium

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    I made an idea to this, but this is better, like it goes into more detail.
  8. Alvin Flummox

    Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    A really good idea, and I think it would add a lot of depth to building and recruiting npc's rather than a lot of peoples tactic which seems to be just build some rooms as quickly as possible and then leave it at that.

    However the one thing I don't really agree with is basing it on the walls that the building is made out of. I personally don't like the way the gold bricks look and I don't build anything out of them, and I don't think it would be fair to penalise someone on the basis of such a major aesthetic choice. I'd basically have to build my entire town out of (ugly :p) gold if I wanted to get the best npc's. I do agree with having all the objects that you place in the room affect it though, as I could live with gold tables etc :D

    They could maybe add some new items that would have to place too, specific to each npc. Just something small like a couple of pot plants for a druid or some potions on a table for a nurse or something, just so you could decide which rooms you want npcs to move into. It just slightly annoys me having them moving into random rooms hehe.
  9. The Thing

    The Thing Bunny

    Specific objects to get some npc sounds good to me but it would have to be large enough of a choice so not every marketplace or forge or whatever look the same all the time. The best side I can see to that idea is that it would easily allow for multiple of the same NPC since you can "tell" the game the one you want to spawn thus allowing different teams to have merchants and stuff. Before seeing this post I was also thinking about something like bunk bed and weapon rack that when put in a room make a weak guard spawn in it to help with night defence, maybe even add a chest were you have to put money to pay him.

    Edit: And I will have to agree with the others, my entire house is made almost completly out of wood because I think it look good this way. I would not like having to add golden stuff just for the better NPC to come in. Your point system need some adjustment.
  10. Slycrono

    Slycrono Green Slime

    This is a very well thought out idea. Personally, I love it! There is so much that can be added to this game to make it outstanding and this is one of them. The only problem I have with your specific idea is what Alvin pointed out. I hate the way that gold walls look and would dread having to build an entire town out of them just to get the best stuff. Find some way to change how the requirements work for upgrading stock (Disgaea anyone?) and still allowing for us to somewhat build these buildings out of what we want.
  11. dicko

    dicko Guest

    i don't like your idea about needing to build with the most expensive items. that really limits the sandbox feel of building whatever you want, people will have their houses with the same materials specifically to attract those NPCs. for example, i myself prefer to build houses out of wood and glass and stuff, and according to your system, i wouldn't get much in the way of the better NPCs.
  12. mitchellmbc

    mitchellmbc Green Slime

    yea good ideas about new npcs the onbly part i dislike is higher tier buildings
  13. Cardinal

    Cardinal Green Slime

    Okay, so a lot of people aren't liking the idea of different wall types.

    That's fine :) it was just a sort of rough suggestion. I'll edit the OP so that you can build any type of walls, the only think that affects the 'quality' will be the light source and table/chair combo.

    I like the suggestion Alvin and The Thing added: that there should be a variety of 'specific' items you need to either craft or find, and then place in your town to attract certain NPCs. That is really a core part of this idea also, like instead of the Merchant or Nurse coming once you've reached a certain milestone (50 silver or 120hp respectively), you actually have to craft and invest time into making a residence/home/town they will want to come to.

    How about these for ideas - your suggestions and comments are welcome before I'll add them to the OP:

    Merchant: Requires a Market / Warehouse building. Basically, a room with at least 3 chests in it.
    Nurse: Requires a 'Hospital' (better name suggestion?) Basically, a room with at least 2 beds in it.
    Dryad: Requires a Sanctuary. Basically, a room with clay pots, dirt and water.
    Wizard (New): Requiers a Library. A room with shelves (wooden platforms) and books (stolen from the Dungeon).
    Arms Dealer: Requires an Armoury, as well as a Firing range. A long room with a Target Practice item in it.
    Blacksmith (New): Requires an Armoury. A room with 2 furnaces and an anvil.

    Demolitionist? Not sure, maybe he will not require a special room.

    ---- So with this set-up we have Markets/Warehouses, Libraries, Sanctuaries, Armouries and Firing Ranges to put in your town. This is on top of the house requirement for each 'Unique' NPC, and then optional rooms/quarters for 'Normal' NPCs (Guards / Riflemen etc).

    Too much? Prefer it differently? Too complicated? Love it? Hate it? Keep the feedback rolling people :)
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  14. Maddtodd

    Maddtodd Green Slime

    Just an addon to the idea (I had a seperate post but your's included everything on mine except one thing)

    How about having players being able to set up two towns and fighting each other? Like, the rifleman thing? Send riflemen to go attack the other town or such?
  15. The Thing

    The Thing Bunny

    Edited the quote, wrong part.
    Not sure about that, maybe for a very specific type of game, otherwise it's a little to strategy game like. Not that I don't like strategy games quite on the contrary but I don't think Terraria needs this. NPC should not get involved in the fighting. With the futur plan of having lots and lots of player on a server, I don't really see the need for it. Not a definitive no but certainly not a yes without some refinement on the idea.

    And yes Cardinal this is a little more like it. In your exemple you used nothing else than objet already in the game and I can understand why, but I do hope that if this idea makes it's way into the game they will have new items added for that purpose.
  16. Cardinal

    Cardinal Green Slime

    I personally don't really want the NPCs to be a big factor in combat...

    But I have toyed with the idea of when a server is created and a new world is generated. There is a spawn point on the left, and a spawn point on the right. With a big corruption in the middle separating the two spawns. then you get a bunch of friends together and try to kill each other :)
  17. Cardinal

    Cardinal Green Slime

    Friendly bump - edited the OP with some structural changes (easier to read I hope) and also updated the section at the bottom to include more related ideas.
  18. Kaldo

    Kaldo Green Slime

    I really really like this idea, especially for the fact that each NPC has its own set of requirements. That means that you can setup a specific room for each one and keep them in order (mine got messed up after some time and now nurse lives in merchant's room).
  19. Xair

    Xair Squirrel

    I SUPPORT! ;)
  20. Farzeer

    Farzeer Green Slime

    Did you get this idea from Animal Crossing? There you needed to get points to win competitions and stuff. :p It really worked well in that game. Not sure how this point system would work in terraria tho. Like most of the people already have like all of the NPC's, would those just disappear or what?

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