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Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by HaloReachGuy, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. HaloReachGuy

    HaloReachGuy Green Slime

    Could someone please help me? I made a world with 30+h and one day I tried to load it and it said: Load failed, backup not found. I had a look in my Terraria folder and the world data is still there, but not a backup of it. Is there anyway that I can copy my world file and turn it into a backup file?
  2. Foxx64

    Foxx64 Penguin

    Well, you can attempt to copy your world and add a ".bak" extension to it. If you don't see the extensions, here's how to show/hide them: XP, Vista/Win7
  3. HaloReachGuy

    HaloReachGuy Green Slime

    Hmm, it still says Load failed, no backup found
  4. Foxx64

    Foxx64 Penguin

    world[#].wld.bak Is how you renamed it, yes? With "#" being the number of the world.
  5. HaloReachGuy

    HaloReachGuy Green Slime

    Yes, but now it comes up with load failed, load backup. So I load backup, then again it says load failed, backup not found.
  6. HaloReachGuy

    HaloReachGuy Green Slime

    Tried it again, checked my folder. It's deleting my .bak files.
  7. Foxx64

    Foxx64 Penguin

  8. Secret322

    Secret322 Green Slime

    Hi I had the same problem and I fixed it by loading the world in single player and then saving and exiting. When you save and exit it will create a new bak file and you can run your multiplayer server!
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  9. -Keks05-

    -Keks05- Green Slime

    Ive got the same prob like HaloReachGuy.

    @Secret322 but i cant start it in SP
  10. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    If you're having an issue loading your worlds, try uploading them to mediafire.com and post a link here so other people can try them, to see if it's just you or if the world files are corrupt.
  11. lexaey

    lexaey Green Slime

    (if you are using steam)
    go to your library
    right click terraria
    Click on properties
    go over to the local files tab
    click verify integrity of game cache

    this worked for me hope it works for you too
  12. Graceful Assassin

    Graceful Assassin No. XI MARLUXIA

    Please do not make unnecessary Necro's, always check the date of the last post, the OP hasn't been seen since Jun 16. So their is no point in posting.

    Sorry. Locked.

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