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Discussion in 'Other' started by flamecow, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. flamecow

    flamecow Green Slime

    I see that the console versions of Terraria will have splitscreen / local co-op. Why not implement something like this in the PC version as well? There's a big lack of local co-op games on PC, and this'd give me and my friends something to do. If any of you devs are reading this, please at least consider! Thanks in advance. Have a nice day
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  2. Mattick

    Mattick Mouse

    There is a local one already, just host a game on one pc, then choose join on the second pc and try connecting to "localhost" or "" when asked for an IP. This means you will try to connect to a game hosted on the same network you are on. Its not split screen (That would be difficult in terms of controls.), but it local multiplayer.
    Hope this helps :)
  3. flamecow

    flamecow Green Slime

    Oh yeah, I know the game has LAN. I'm wondering about splitscreen or two people playing on one computer. Thank you very much for posting that though, I appreciate it! :)
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  4. Mattick

    Mattick Mouse

    Well I don't think it will come to PC if you really mean splitscreen. It seems really unhandy to play splitscreen on PC.
    And sure no problem I'm glad to help ! ;)
  5. flamecow

    flamecow Green Slime

    I don't think it's any less "handy" to have splitscreen on PC as opposed to the console versions. A PC would probably be even more handy. You can plug controllers into it
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  6. Mattick

    Mattick Mouse

    I don't argue it isn't possible, but how many games do you know with this option?
    Isn't it a fact that splitscreen on PC is just way less popular then LAN or console split screen.
    I think that the popularity of spitscreen on PC is the main reasonwhy you see mush fewer games without splitscreen on PC then with splitscreen. Thats all :)
  7. flamecow

    flamecow Green Slime

    Why are you trying to separate PCs from consoles? I know a lot of PC games with splitscreen. Shank 1 and 2, Trine 1 and 2, Legend of Dungeon, Nation Red, Dungeonland, Dungeon Defenders, Rock of Ages, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Castle Crashers, Capsized, and probably a lot more. I don't see why PC couldn't have this feature if consoles are going to.
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  8. skulledrebel

    skulledrebel Zombie

    Mattick wasn't trying to separate the two at all. Splitscreen is just less popular on PCs because it's not as doable for PC as it is for consoles. Consoles come with multiple controllers. Most PCs don't come standard with a controller, the mouse and keyboard is the standard for PCs. Most PC users are just fine using LAN or port forwarding to play with one another. There's not really a "market" for splitscreen like there is with consoles.
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  9. flamecow

    flamecow Green Slime

    Not everyone can afford 300+ dollars to buy a computer, peripherals, and the game. If they can implement splitscreen on consoles, why not do it on PC?
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  10. Mattick

    Mattick Mouse

    It seems like you take offence or something I don't argue it isn't possible on pc. But its just less doable and less popular like skulledrebel said. Skulledrebel understood what I ment :)
  11. flamecow

    flamecow Green Slime

    I'm not taking offense. I'm just wondering why you guys are so opposed to the idea of splitscreen on PC. Splitscreen on PC is no less "doable" than splitscreen on consoles..
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  12. katukinabarra

    katukinabarra Green Slime

    Well, I have to say I agree with Flamecow, I think splitscreen is similarly doable or feasible in PC as it is in the consoles, I don't understand why the most of the people just take for granted that we don't need these lovely features the console gamers have received.

    I know PC doesn't include controllers, but lots of gamers have a controller or two and is very usual to know a friend who owns another one or two. This can make local multiplayer really enjoyable. This is why I think we deserve this feature on the game, even if the controls won't be the same, I think lots of people would give it a try.

    I like the new boss, I love the map option but the thing I desire the most is the splitscreen option for the PC, I usually use Motionjoy to use my PS3 controllers or just plug my wireless x360 controller and I can swear I'm not the only one.

    I can understand this wil have no importance to the average PC gamer who usually plays lonely or with his/her friends but almost always via online, even that please respect our desires (even though we may be a minority).

    And I know, local multiplayer is starting not to be common on PC but that is up to us, developers and users, we should start changing this. Here you got some examples of games that have shoen local multiplayer is worth.

    SO PLEASE DEVs, at least, TRY DOING IT!

    2 controllers
    Nation Red, Rock of Ages, Capsized, Shank 1 and 2, Renegade Ops, Rocketbirds, Adventures of Shuggy, RAW Realms of Anciet War...
    3 controllers
    trine 1 and 2, Dungeonland, Awesomenauts...
    4 controllers
    Hammerwatch, Magicka, Legend of Dungeon, Dungeon Defenders, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Castle Crashers, Jamestown, Cortex Command, Rayman Origins...
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  13. Joren

    Joren Green Slime

    I'm with the guys on split screen. Sure, there's not a lot of split screen on PC at the moment, but there is an upward trend of more and more PC games taking on similar functions of console brethren (for example, Bioshock Infinite comes with full xbox controller support and multiple configurations). This is because HTPC's are becoming more and more popular. Steam Big Picture is awesome for this. TBH, based on how things sound for next generation of consoles, I don't even know if I'm going to bother. Everything is cheaper on PC, and you can get more performance for the same $$ (if for example the $500 price point on new xbox is true). I don't think flamecow is getting offended, but just disputing the argument that it's pointless to add this functionality. It's going to get more and more demanded as PC's make their way into the home theater, and I for one know I'd LOVE it on Terraria.

    To add to that list, it's not splitscreen but I just discovered Dust Force has 4 player local multiplayer.
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  14. jacob2314123

    jacob2314123 Green Slime

    Splitscreen on terraria would be amazing "it isn't possible" is completely stupid. There are so many games that would be awesome to play splitscreen on the pc. It is very possible. For example the racing game blur.

    mattick you're a fag i hate you.

    and there is splitscreen on terraria. so it's possible. dont listen to fags like mattick.

    report me.
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  15. Sigrin

    Sigrin Angel Statue

    I would love to see split screen for the PC as well. It is no less do able than on the console and there is nothing stopping your from plugging more than one set of keyboard and mice into your computer for use in local multiplayer. With more and more people plugging their PCs into a TV instead of a monitor these days they argument that PC monitors are to small isn't valid anymore. I personally always play my PC games on my TV using a lap desk for my keyboard and mouse and would be more than happy to buy another lap desk and keyboard and mouse or even just plugging in my xbox or ps3 controllers.
  16. ibowser123

    ibowser123 Paladin

    I know that there is a way to launch more than one steam game at a time, so theoretically you could launch two Terrarias and then use LAN to play together through the same computer. Not necessarily the best way, but it's always plausible.

    And yes, I support split screen on PC as well.
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  17. VehicleDestroyer

    VehicleDestroyer Green Slime

    As it stands, making split screen work well on PC is a lot of work/time. And the scenario is too niche to ask that work/time is spent on that feature when it could be spent fleshing out the rest this update or adding items.
  18. ahamling27

    ahamling27 Map Expert/Admin Staff Member

    And you know this how? You state it as if it's a fact...
  19. VehicleDestroyer

    VehicleDestroyer Green Slime

    I state this as a programmer. I'm not saying it's hard, just that it would take a lot of time to do well, which is obvious. But that' wasn't even my point.
  20. GuineaPigJones

    GuineaPigJones Angel Statue

    I know there is a working split-screen mod for minecraft, so would looking at that help make a similar mod for Terraria?

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