Locked Chest.

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Avous, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Avous

    Avous Squirrel

    I was exploring on a new game and i'm about in full iron gear now well.. i stumbled around and found a sky island... you see harpies seem to spawn a lot more quickly now so i died about ten times trying to climb the island and grab the chest...

    Thirty minutes later... i built a hollow tunnel up to the island and was about to loot the chesty goodness when i noticed its locked :).... with no idea how to even obtain keys or why theres a locked chest outside the dungeon is beyond me so I google it with no remotely useful information to tell me how i can open this chest and be on my merry way... so do any of YOU know?

    Anyone who suggested locked chest or keys of any sort of any kind there is no middle finger big enough for me to show you. i do not enjoy getting trolled on my own game.
  2. Favo

    Favo Yellow Slime

    Google it, or search the wiki.
  3. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    He said that he did google it.
    You find keys matching the chest. I still don't know where to find them though.
  4. nex122399

    nex122399 The Groom

    what is the icon when you put it your cursor over it?
  5. Avous

    Avous Squirrel

    its a key a gold one
  6. Redheat

    Redheat Green Slime

    I wonder if you use same gold key from dungeon slimes to open them.
  7. nex122399

    nex122399 The Groom

    so you need a gold key which are obtained for wooden dungeon chests dungeon slimes dungeon mobs and jars inside the dungeon
  8. Avous

    Avous Squirrel

    Thank you i guess ill just mine the island then leave it for now
  9. Craig_Slip:133

    Craig_Slip:133 Green Slime

    You get keys from the new enemy Dungeon Slimes. They drop either a gold key, or a shadow key.
  10. Zaflis

    Zaflis Bone Serpent

    Actually shadow key is found inside dungeon gold chests.
  11. Danahi

    Danahi Green Slime

    this is messed up, cuz this means that we have to first destroy skeletron in order to get on the floating islands.
  12. Zaflis

    Zaflis Bone Serpent

    Sounds reasonable to me. Floating islands are part of endgame, not something everyone can go for with their wooden shortswords.
  13. ForeverCopper

    ForeverCopper Dark Caster

    You find island chest keys in dungeon slimes, and the Shadow key is for all the chest in the underworld.
  14. Danahi

    Danahi Green Slime

    hmmm... I guess the harpies should make it end game content, but it's too easy and reachable compared to the dungeon, hell and the jungle... But I guess it's okay ;)

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