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  1. divo97

    divo97 Green Slime

    Jun 5, 2011
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    Well.... IM BACK PEOPLE!
    So, Im sorry that it took some time, but here it is!!
    The next update for this Magnificent, Bottle Loving thread!!
    so here is the cliche that turned into sme sort of a logo!!
    "I heard long ago that the Cloud In A Bottle is awsome but then i thought: "Hey, what if there are going to be more Bottle-Thingy's?" so here is the "LOOK WHAT I HAVE IN MY BOTTLE!!" of mine :)"

    (all the words with a * after them was fixed in updates :cool:)

    The first item I will start with is Ship In A Bottle: it wil be craftable using 1 bottle and 50 wood. its Tooltip will be: how life-less can a men be to do it...
    it will be an accessory and it will give you 50% more speed in water.
    but its doesn't end here! with your new ship-in-a-bottle you can craft a Pirate Ship In A Bottle!

    The Pirate Ship In A Bottle will be craftable form 1 ship in a bottle, 30 iron* and 40* bones.
    it could be holded (like a regular weapon) or be placed as an accessory.
    As an accessory it will give you 60% more speed in water and 20% more Gun-power.
    As a holded-item it will fire a big, medium-speed moving cannon-ball to the direction of the mouse, going through enemys and doing 45 damage for a cost of 25* mana. the player will allso hear a pirate sentence like: FIRE THE CANNONS!! or OBEND THE SHIP!! with every shot fired.
    Its Tooltip will be something like: FIRE IN THE HOLE!

    Both ships AND the other "In-A-Bottle" items will be placeable as a decoration (Thanks Zman;))

    Another "In-A-Bottle" itam will be the Storm Cloud In A Bottle.
    it will be crafted from 1 Cloud In A Bottle, 20 Iron ore and 1 Bottled water.
    it will be a weapon that will fire a fast-moving bolt of electricity that pass through enemys and make 20* damage for a cost of 15* mana.

    The next fiery bottle weapon will be Tornado In A Bottle!! (scary..:confused:)
    Craftable from 1 Cloud In A Bottle and 1 Storm Cloud In A Bottle.
    it will cast a huge slow-moving tornado with huge knockback to fly toward the cursor. it will cost 50 mana.

    Next, the Demon Fog In A Bottle, will be craftable form 1 Cloud In A Bottle, 60 Vile powder and 50 Demonite ores. it will cost the same as the Aqua Scepter and it will cause a Jet like pupule fog to move into a certain range (probabley more than the Scepter) doing 15 damage with touch.

    The Ice Shards In A Bottle will be (in a certain way) like the Pirate Ship because it can be an accessory and a holded item.
    As an accessory it aill not do much. just causing sparkles and light to come out from the player while walking. it will allso give 1 Defense.
    As a holded-item: in every use it will cause 5 shards to spread from the player towards the mouse, hurting monsters for 15 damage in a cost for 20 mana. (excellent aginst huge bosses becauseall the shards can hit them).
    It will be craftable from 1 Bottle, 10 Diamonds and 1 Water bolt.

    Next, the Blizzard In A Bottle (thanx RandomFox & Rho ;)) will be crafted from 2 Ice Shards In A Bottle and 1 Storm In A Bottle. and with a Tooltip of: "God, Thats cold!!" how can you not love it!
    The Blizzard In A Bottle will create a big ball of frost around the player (something like a radius of 7 blocks) that will look foggy and icy. it will allso make the player look a little bit blue..
    any hostile MOB (including hostile players on PvP) that will get into the area of frost will be slowd by 25% and will get DoT (Damage Over Time) for about 8 per second (?).
    The blizzard will last for about 2 minutes and then disappears.
    It will cost about 50 mana.

    Lets all get excited for the new In-Thread Cosmos-Update!!

    This update start with the new Star In A Bottle item!
    The Star In A Bottle will be crafted from 20 Fallen Stars and 1 Bottle.
    When used, you will shoot a white little star that will pierce enemys and do 10 damage. it will do it for a cost of 15 mana (acting as a low-tier magical weapon for beginners).

    The next item in the Cosmos-Update will be the Meteor In A Bottle!
    Craftable from 1 Bottle and 50 Meteor ore, the Meteor In A Bottle will act lke a magical "Grnade Luncher".
    With a cost of 30 mana per use, the Metaor In A Bottle will shoot a Meteor-Head-Like projectile towards the mouse direction. the projectile will be effected by gravity and will explode after 3 seconds OR with any contact with a hostile mob (Yes, that includes hostile PvP players). the Meteor-Grnade will destroy only dirt and sand in a small area.
    The explosion will do 30 damage.

    For the last item in this Cosmos-Update I intreduce the Cosmos In A Bottle!! (beacuse please, its a cosmos update!).
    The Cosmos In A Bottle will be crafted from 1 Bottle, 30 Fallen Stars and 60 Meteor ores.
    The cosmos in a bottle will cause a star-storm near the player current location. in star-storm, falling star will be falling fast in the area but will disappear after hitting the groung (or a MOB).
    Each star will do 35* damage and will have a falling rate of about 1 star every 1.5 seconds (about 40 for the whole star-storm).
    The star-storm will last for 1 minute and will cost 85* Mana to activate using the Cosmos In A Bottle.

    And here is the new 1.0.3 update!
    This HOT update starts with a new item calld Fire In ABottle!
    The Fire In A Bottle will be craftable from 1 Bottle, 1 Tourch and 50 Slime Gel.
    The Fire In A Bottle will be a "gatling-like" magic weapon that will shoot slow-moving, little fire balls. each does 5 damage and cost 5 mana to create.
    Because of its gatling-like firing style, holding the mouse buttun will keep firing and consuming mana (which will make it a fast mana consumer).
    The Fire In A Bottle will be (like the Star In A Bottle) a Low-Tier magic weapon for starting players who have noathing to do with their mana.

    The next item will be the Flame In A Bottle!
    It could be crafted from 1 Fire In A Bottle, 1 Candle and 50 Slime Gel.
    The Flame In A Bottle will create a piercing fire-jet that will knock the player to the opposite direction (And yes, it can be used as a weak Jet-Pack).
    The jet will have a cone-like shape (Which means that its growing) and will have more damage the closer the monster is to it beginning (Up to 4o damage Point-Blank, and kind of 5/8 at the end of it).
    It will consume mana at faster rate then the Aqua-Scepter.

    And to finish our Hot update, here is one Hardcore-Flaming weapon, The HELL Flame In A Bottle!!
    The HELL Flame In A Bottle willbe crafted from 1 Flame In A Bottle, 1 Magic Missle and 66 (HeHeHe:D) Hellstone ores. (If your asking why not flamelash is because its to hard to get:confused:).
    It will cast a bolt of energy that will go to where the cursur is and will explode when it will get to there.
    The radius of the explosion will be 5 blocks and it will do 30 damage.
    The bolt will NOT explode if it will hit an enemy, which in this case will do 40 damage to him.
    The action will cost 50 Mana.

    Hello everyone! Here comes the brand new "Sticky & Stinky" Update!

    In this update we start with an idea that came from one of our own, Zman!
    So, here is the first brand new "In-A-Bottle" item: Stench In A Bottle!
    This brand new item will be craftable from 1 Bottle (of course), 90 Rotten chunks and 60 Vile Mushromms.
    Every action will cost 50 Mana and will have a cooldown time of 2 minutes.
    When active, you will have the same "Buff" effect like Special-Potions now.
    As long you have this effect on you, the whole screen will be a little bit Yellow & Green and will allso have a little bit "fog-like" effect.
    And now for the real effect! While you have this buff active, monsters will run away from you! (not including bosses).
    The "Run-Away-Efeect" will last for 40 Seconds, what makes it preety good while fighting bosses.

    Another new item will be the Goo In A Bottle! (Thanku Grimalkin ;))
    The Goo In A Bottle will be crafted from 1 Bottle, 70 Slime gel and 100 Blocks of Dirt.
    When used, it will lunch 1 Dirty-Blue colured sphere toward the cursur thet will explode with contact and will spread up to 7 Blocks.
    The ground which the sphere has landed on will have a slimey lair on top of it which will fade after 3 In-Game houres.
    Everything that will step on the Slime Terrain will be stuck there and will not be able to move for 10 Seconds.
    After those 10 seconds, the object that was stuck in the slime will be freed and the slimey lair on the block it was stuck on will disapper.
    The Goo In A Bottle will do this action for 20 Mana.

    The last item in Sticky & Stinky update will be the fearsome Corrosive Goo In A Bottle!
    It will be craftable from 2 Goo In A Bottle, 1 Stench In A Bottle and 50 Rotten Chunks!
    The Corrosive Goo In A Bottle will launch 3 Dirty looking, Blueish and Yellowish looking spheres towards your cursur in a spreading way.
    Like the normal Goo In A Bottle, each of the spheres will explode on contact and will spread a Slimey Lair with the same color as the spheres on the surface within a range of 7 blocks from where the sphere hitted the ground.
    But here comes the twist! Each Monster, Player, NPC or whatever that have contact with the Slimey Lair will be stuck in there for 15 seconds and will not take knockback from anything.
    It will allso take 5 damage per second when it is on the Slimey surface.
    And like the normal Goo In A Bottle, after those 15 seconds, the Slimey lair that the object was stuck in it, will disapper.
    The Slimey Lair will allso disapper after 4 In-Game hours.
    This action will cost you 45 Mana.

    Hello fellow Terrarians!!!!
    Guess what! The: "LOOK WHAT I HAVE IN MY BOTTLE!!" Thread of mine reached more then a 1000 views!! And its all thanX to you all!!

    So for our brand new High-Drated Update, here is our Brand-New-Items!

    Our first item will be the Trapped Air In A Bottle!
    It will be crafted from 1 Cloud In A Bottle and 25 Fethers.
    It will be an accessory that will give you 50% more air (a.k.a 50% slower drowning) and will do another great thing: when you will start to drown, your health will not be drained, but your Mana!
    When you will drown, the Trapped Air In A Bottle will make you mana to come out in the same rate as your health going down while drowning.
    When your mana points will be over, your health will be drained out normally.

    The next "aquatic" idea will be the Rain Cloud In A Bottle!
    Crafted from 1 Cloud In A Bottle, 5 Bottled Water and 1 Aqua Scepter, the Rain Cloud In A Bottle will create 1 Block of Water for a cost of 20 Mana.
    It will create the water block where your mouse cursur is and will do a "rainy sound" while being activated.

    The last item in this update will be the Aqua Jet In A Bottle!
    The Aqua Jet In A Bottle wilol be a very powerfull item for underwater battles! (give those shark a bit of firepower!!)
    It will be craftable from 5 Bottled Water, 1 Aqua Scepter and 10 Shark Fins.
    It will create a MASSIVE water jet that will do 35 Damage to any monster that it will touch.
    It will cost the same amout of mana as the 'Scepter.
    But, there is a catch:
    1) It will only be usable Underwater so you can't use it as soon as you will get out of the water.
    2) It will push you to the opposite direction so it will be hard to aim!

    And here it is!! The big, The awsome: Fan Ideas Update!!
    The first item will be the one who was originally by Zman: the Tentcale In A Bottle!!
    It will be crafted from 20 Shark Fins, 1 Bottled Water and 10 Vines.
    It will have 2 actions:
    1) By doing a fast single click, it will hit the enemy with a fast, green tentcale animation that will do 15 damage (for 20 mana).
    2) by holding the mouse down, you will be able to lift enemys (with less than 150 HP) and move them around.. this will start with the base cost (of 20 MP) and will continue to drain mana points in a rate of 8 mana per second.

    The next item will be the Explosion In ABottle That was originally was created by bobbunny.
    After being crafted from 1 Bottle, 5 fireblooms and 1 dynmaite, you will be able to unlish a big white spinning ball of energy that will explode on contact with ANY kind of MOB (including NPC's, Monsters and playres) and will deal 30 damage to any one in his explosion area (who will be 150% of the bomb explosion area).
    It will allso destroy all the dirt, ash, sand, mud and stone blocks in this area).
    This action will cost 45 Mana points.

    The third item that will be in this AWSOME uodate will be the Leaf Storm In A Bottle That was created by Zman originally.
    It will be crafted from 1 Storm In A Bottle, 80 Jungle Roses and a whole stack of acorns!
    In a cost of 80 Mana, the Leaf Storm In A Bottle will create a big leaf storm in the area of the screen.
    The sky will look a little bit silver-green and will be filled with "leafy" sounds.
    Durning the 1 Minute storm, about 50 Leafs will be going around the screen, doing 6 Damage each.

    The last item for this first "Fan Ideas Update" will be the Gayser In A Bottle That was originally Zman's Idea.
    After it will be crafted from 1 Bottled Water, 10 Lava Buckets and 2 Trapped Air In A Bottle, the Gayser In A Bottle will be placeable item that will create a MASSIVE gayser when it will be activated (it could be activated only by its "Creator") that will send players and monsters flying in tyhe air after doing to them 10 damage as long as they will be in the gayser's stream.
    The player who created the gayser could not be harmed But it will still be able to "fly" when it will be in the gayser's stream.
    Each time the gayser will be activated, it will have 1 minute of activation time and then 3 minutes cool-down.

    Hello, and welcome to the 1.1.1 update of terraria, and the 1.0.7 update of my thread!!
    Well, lets start this new update in this idea: the Spike In A Bottle!!
    Crafted in the Tinkerer's Workshop from 1 Bottle, 60 Rock Blocks and 30 Dirt Blocks, the Spike In A Bottle will give you the shivers!
    When activated, it will create small rock spikes at a fast fire rate, but with a slow projectile-speed... each spike willcause 18 damage and will consume 5 Mana on fire.

    Moving on to the next Bottle of ours: the Boulder In A Bottle!!
    This item will be also created at the Tinkerer's workshop. It will be made out of 1 Bottle, 10 Boulders and 5 Souls Of Might.
    This item will have a weird oporation: to launch a boulder projectile you will need to push the mouse buttun, but the longer that you will hold your click, the lartger the boulder will get!!
    but this whole "bulking" have a price, the boulder will be bigger and will do more damage, but it will cost more Mana to launch (A base cost of 20 and another 7 per second..) and will travel slower in the air.
    The boulder can be holded down for a maximum time of 20 seconds, than it will not grow anymore (but will still consume mana to hold), and if the player will hold the boulder for more than 45 seconds, the boulder will suddenly turn HUGE and will crash the player (causing instant death and blood&guts animation LoL).
    It will have a base damage of 10 and will have another 3 for every seacond it grows bigger.

    The last one in this update will be the fearsome Earthquake In A Bottle!!!!!
    It will be crafted at the Tinkerers Workshop for 1 Boulder In A Bottle, 3 Spikes In A Bottle, 10 Souls Of Might and 10 Souls Of Fright.
    The Earthquake In A Bottle will consume 50 Mana on use and will summon 3 big spikes that will rise from the terrain around the selected area (Each spike is 3 blocks wide and 4 blocks high, the spikes will spawn in an area of 12 blocks around the initiating location).
    When they will rise, each creature that will stand on them will take 40 damage; after it they will stay there for 30 Seconds and will cause just 25 damage on touch.
    Note that the spikes can only be formed on a solid ground (not wodden platforms, water etc...) and will spawn only if there is enaugh space for them.
    But the massive earthquake doesn;t end up here!
    from the sky, just like the Starfury stars, Boulders will start falling down! these boulders may come in diffrent size and shapes (like the Boulder In A Bottle magic..) adn their damage will be depended on their size, like the Boulder In A Bottle, only with a base damage of 20.
    These rocks can harm everyone (Including the player!). around 10 of them will fall.
    Also, everyone inside the Earthquake area (12 blocks as explained before...) will take 5 damage per second as long they are inside the location.
    The whole earthquake will be 30 seconds long.

    Pleasedon't be insulted if I didn'y put your idea in the first fan update, If I did it, it is only because I couldn't get so many ideas in one update (time issues...) so keep on hanging and your ideas will be in the planned "Fan Ideas Update 2"!!

    THANX FOR REVIVING THE THREAD GUYS :D:D:D:cool::cool::cool::p:p:p

    Well, thats all for know! I will do some more updates soon!:D
    (Current Version is 1.0.7!)

    Updates list:
    1.0.0: Hello... Bottle!!
    1.0.1: A Pretty COOL Idea..!
    1.0.2: The Cosmos That Inside (your bottle)
    1.0.3: HOT! HOT!
    1.0.4: Sticky & Stinky!
    1.0.5: Its called H2O!
    1.0.6: What you all waited for: The First, "Fan ideas Update" !!!!!
    1.0.7: A new Terra!
    Upcoming Update: 1.0.8: Resurrection

    Please make a Comment, Suggest and Vote in the Pool!:p
  2. Zman12380

    Zman12380 Dark Caster

    Jun 15, 2011
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    how about leting the ship in a bottole be placed on tables :)
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  3. Aeo

    Aeo Green Slime

    May 4, 2011
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    Cool idea :)
  4. agentknife

    agentknife Green Slime

    May 9, 2011
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    Pirate and Storm in a bottle seem a bit OP
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  5. RandomFox

    RandomFox Dark Caster

    Jun 10, 2011
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    How about ice in a bottle or frost in a bottle? It lets you use it like the cloud in a bottle, but the double jump freezes enemies.
  6. Rho

    Rho Doctor Bones

    Jun 20, 2011
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    Blizzard-inna-bottle. Open it up down in Hell for laughs.

    Anyway, I like the idea of expanding on bottles. Although, I do think the Pirate Ship in a Bottle is a bit overpowered (Considering bones/wood/bottles are easy to get, and 30% gunpower/75% movement speed is pretty fantastic), though I love the idea of being able to place them on furniture. Lighten the place up a bit.
  7. divo97

    divo97 Green Slime

    Jun 5, 2011
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    First, THANK's for replay :D
    and yes, I did thought that the Pirate Ship is a bit OP, i will probabley fix the stats of it when i will update the thread (so keep on looking ;)). how about just 15% more gun-power and just 60% more speed at water?
    and about its indegridiants, i thought that the whole idea of it will be that there aren't ALOT of magic wepons (and i mean good ones like Starfury and Flamelash) so the Pirate Ship will be one of those "get-after-dungeon" weapons (because you need bones). but i do aggre that i shoud make the indgridiants harder to collect.

    that something i will sure do!;)

    Second, please keep-on suggesting and make comments (and please rate it in the pool so i could mae improvments!)
    I'm updating soon :D
  8. Subzero

    Subzero Penguin

    May 18, 2011
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    Suicide in a Bottle
    (Warning: contains cute bunny rabbits)
    Tooltip: Just add Vile Powder!
    Use: Spawns 100 bunnys and adds a stack of Vile Powder to your inventory.
  9. beamohawk

    beamohawk Corrupt Bunny

    Apr 25, 2011
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    terrible to use during a blood moon everything dies
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  10. divo97

    divo97 Green Slime

    Jun 5, 2011
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    DON'T (And I mean DON'T) EVER Use durning a Blood-Moon, Can cause horrible death by bunnys.
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  11. BlaXun

    BlaXun Green Slime

    May 23, 2011
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    I'd actually like to be able to use everything "In-A-Bottle" as a furniture item.... yes, we need more decorative items.
  12. beamohawk

    beamohawk Corrupt Bunny

    Apr 25, 2011
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    like the cloud in a bottle levitates when you place it on a table or something
  13. Subzero

    Subzero Penguin

    May 18, 2011
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    Have you people forgotten the point of the item (Hence being called SUICIDE in a Bottle) is to kill yourself.
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  14. divo97

    divo97 Green Slime

    Jun 5, 2011
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    Hi there!!
    Guess what??
    Update 1.0.1 to my "LOOK WHAT I HAVE IN MY BOTTLE!!" Thread has came!
    Whats new do U ask?? What Isn't!
    -New "In-A-Bottle" features like YOU suggested!
    -2 New literally COOL "In-A-Bottle" items!
    -Have your attention for the * mark, because it says that I fixed something!

    I want to thank all of you that have gave there comment, please continue!:D
  15. Zman12380

    Zman12380 Dark Caster

    Jun 15, 2011
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    how about a steank boom in a bottle XD *inserts fart joke right here*, this will do 20 damage to all the enemies in the area and wont be effected by defense and will stun them for 30 seconds XD(stun dose NOT work on bosses), has a cool down of 45 seconds.
    1 cloud in a bottle *inserts another fart joke right here*
    10 vile powders
    20 vile mushrooms
    40 purple grass seeds
    what do you think? XD
  16. divo97

    divo97 Green Slime

    Jun 5, 2011
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    Hmm... its could be very good but the game creators will need to allow the STUN Stattus Condition.
    althrough its relly great XD
    keep on producing this big ideas ~insert fart joke about Big & Producing here XD~

    But really, keep on the good job with siggesting!;)
  17. Zman12380

    Zman12380 Dark Caster

    Jun 15, 2011
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    i also added a 45 second cool down so you cant use it repidly
  18. divo97

    divo97 Green Slime

    Jun 5, 2011
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    Like in real life [insert the fart joke here] :D
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  19. Zman12380

    Zman12380 Dark Caster

    Jun 15, 2011
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    good one dude
    i cant beleive i did not thought of thet XDDDDDDD
  20. divo97

    divo97 Green Slime

    Jun 5, 2011
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    Now THAT made me happy :D

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