Looking for a small group of players

Discussion in 'PC' started by polakisa, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie

    As the title says all, I'm looking for a small group of people to play terraria :)


    - Skype would be useful, so if u have an account, you could ask to join
    If not, u can still get Skype (IT'S FREEEEEEE)

    - SERIOUS PLAY (no griefing, trolling, blowing, cheat and hacks) for obvious reasons.

    That's pretty much all the requirements

    I think I will be the host.
    I recommend we all start a new guy.

    That's about it, hope to see you in the game :)
    People chosen will be given additional details

  2. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    Do you have port forwarding?
  3. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie

    yes i do, why do you ask?
  4. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    I might be interested. I have skype as well, though I'm not too comfortable sharing it just at random. Maybe after playing a bit.
  5. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie

    so you in?
    yeah sure no probleme,
  6. MerchantDrake

    MerchantDrake The cannibal Heir to the throne

    I might play....Just...maybe.
  7. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie

    Tell me if you ever decide x)
  8. MerchantDrake

    MerchantDrake The cannibal Heir to the throne

    First i need to know what your timezone is. And what time is it as of this post
  9. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie

    Well currently if u see this ASAP it's 12:11 AM
    Also, apparently my time zone is GMT ( looked it up on teh internet)
  10. MerchantDrake

    MerchantDrake The cannibal Heir to the throne

    What time would you turn the server on?
  11. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie

    Usually I go more in details to the persons who says that they are in, I'm trying to make it a 24/7, or at least as long as I can
  12. MerchantDrake

    MerchantDrake The cannibal Heir to the throne

    I'm in, i guess, you see my timezone is GMT+8.
  13. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie

    Mine is GMT+/-5:00
  14. ToxicShotgun

    ToxicShotgun Green Slime

    Hell im up for it

    Wont be o my computer untill thursday sometime thougho

    Also if you need my skype info feel free to PM me on here for it
  15. MerchantDrake

    MerchantDrake The cannibal Heir to the throne

    Next time, can you please use the edit button? Its below your post and next to the Delete button...
  16. Klapp

    Klapp Eyezor

    No blowing, huh?
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  17. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie

    X) no, no blowing

    RAPxMASTER Cursed Man

    Hey, I have a mic, skype, and everything. I'm pretty much able to play 24/7 and I'm pretty good at the game, I take it seriously. Add my skype and send me the details if you wish to use me. My skype is TheRAPxMASTER.
  19. halacio

    halacio Green Slime

    I would like to know however would it be okay if it where to be recorded?

    and if so I would love to be on this server
  20. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie


    sorry, havent seen this post as well, yeah sure it can be recorded, i dont mind, as long as you give credits to all :)

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