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Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by xXMarstonXx, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. xXMarstonXx Green Slime

    Hi everyone!:)
    I'm looking for a Co-op player to have fun and finish the game together. Always more fun with 2 than alone right :p ? Only thing is I'm new to the game and haven't yet finished it so no spoilers!
    I have Skype in case you want voice chat, realm isn't made yet so we can still chose wich mode and medium or large or whatever:D. Only thing I want from you is be friendly, be a teamplayer and behave and don't cheat if its possible in the game. Other than that have fun:cool: . Reply if your interested!
  2. DjSeptimus Green Slime

    Hello! My name is DJSeptimus. I used to host my own series called Farcraft Ventures where I player with my pals on Minecraft server 2 years ago, we got quite big, over 30k views (thats big for me). Our channel got closed because of the copyright strikes, we uploaded 3 videos at once with copyrighted music and there was lots of drama involved.

    Anyways to the point. I am an entertaining and experienced let's player. I am looking for a series to call my home, I want to participate in someone's let's play. I cannot record myself because I am living abroad and have bad pc, I can only play Terraria and talk over Skype.

    I can play almost every day after 7 PM GMT+2. I speak fluent English, well its my mother tongue and Russian, some French too.
  3. xXMarstonXx Green Slime

    Nice feedback there DjSeptimus. First of all I speak "ok" english, I won't say perfect since it's not my mother language it's actually my 3rd language but ok. Aside from that I've never even uploaded 1 video to Youtube as I'm not sure how I am entertaining for others. ;P We can always do Terraria ofcourse, if I ever change my mind I can always record I got a strong enough computer. If you want to add me on Skype to play or to ask something, my skypename is the same as my name on the website. Have a nice day. ;)
  4. DjSeptimus Green Slime

    What do you mean? I thought that we will Terraria for Lets play, cause thats why this forums section is for
  5. xXMarstonXx Green Slime

    Ofcourse I don't have a problem with doing a Co-op let's play wich is why I made this thread. It's just the fact if your planning to record and put it on Youtube. I'm not too sure about it. See the difference? I have no experience with Youtube, I have never made any video on it whatsoever.
  6. DjSeptimus Green Slime

    Ohh okay, the thing is I cant record so you have to :p
  7. xXMarstonXx Green Slime

    Lol, as I said I CAN but I don't know how I would be entertaining let alone I'm not from America so I have a bit of an accent. Add me on Skype and we'll see from there (same name as my screen name on this site).
  8. DjSeptimus Green Slime

    I like trains, also added
  9. marine5487 Green Slime

    Hello, i would love to play terraria co-op with you, ive actually been wanting to play it with someone for a long time!
    My steam is marine5487.
  10. xXMarstonXx Green Slime

    Hello marine, Added you but just a quick question. Do you have a mic and skype? Makes things more fun.
  11. xXMarstonXx Green Slime

    Hello all, so the plan so far is me and DjSeptimus will be making LP clips on Youtube and we are looking for more players to join us. If your interested contact us.
  12. marine5487 Green Slime

    I do have a mic but not Skype... i could get Skype though since a lot of people seem to use it. If you would like to contact me to talk about it more in depth you can message me on steam or at
    [email protected]
  13. xXMarstonXx Green Slime

    I added you on steam but you don't accept or reply on Steam. You didn't get any invitation ?
  14. R00M 0F SHAD0WS Green Slime

    Hey! I wanna join too! ;) or is it too late already? if not, I'LL JOIN!
  15. xXMarstonXx Green Slime

    Sounds good to me, what is your age?
  16. DjSeptimus Green Slime

    Did some let's plays with this guy. He is boring as f****. He has monotonous voice and is not exited about anything ever, has no sense of humor and no cultural background. I think I made around 100 reference jokes about just anything and he did not get a single one. Anyways we had one of the worst experiences ever and when I said to him on skype that we cant do this anymore he said "Fuck you, you piece of shit" so yeah. Once he decided just to do half of a game without me while recording, when I asked him why, he said "I just felt like that" so it will be fruitless to be his coop mate or let's play mate. He is 20 something rich guy from Belgium who stay at basement all the time so i don't think he is an interesting person. Here is a snippet of his nice last message to me before I blocked him. Funny thing he says we don't know each other interests, but he has none. I asked him, he just like playing games and showoff his expensive cars to everyone.

    Infraction has been given for this message by Mistress Rarity. Details | Dec 20, 2012
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  17. marine5487 Green Slime

    I have one question... why does it not show any of your responses?

    [19/12/2012 1:43:29] Bruno Vanisterbecq: whatsup
    [19/12/2012 1:43:30] Bruno Vanisterbecq: why u left
    [19/12/2012 19:12:53] Aleksandr/Dj Septimus: Cause it boring -_-
    [19/12/2012 19:13:10] Bruno Vanisterbecq: great attitude
    [19/12/2012 19:16:09] Aleksandr/Dj Septimus: I know but it is
    [19/12/2012 19:16:28] Bruno Vanisterbecq: then dont continue with the lp if its boring
    [19/12/2012 19:17:06] Aleksandr/Dj Septimus: I wont ^^ You guys blow it really, no sense of humor, nothing, kind of like that impression I did of you remember?
    [19/12/2012 19:17:34] Bruno Vanisterbecq: i do have a sense of humor but some things are really stupid you bring up
    [19/12/2012 19:18:08] Bruno Vanisterbecq: you know ryan and i werent even having fun either with you, we cant laugh with you
    [19/12/2012 19:18:20] Bruno Vanisterbecq: cause the things you say sometimes are stupid
    [19/12/2012 19:18:22] Bruno Vanisterbecq: no offense
    [19/12/2012 19:18:36] Bruno Vanisterbecq: listen
    [19/12/2012 19:18:43] Aleksandr/Dj Septimus: sure ^^ most of my friends have a blast with me, so I guess you are secial or something
    [19/12/2012 19:18:44] Bruno Vanisterbecq: go on the forum, and find other people
    [19/12/2012 19:19:03] Bruno Vanisterbecq: i have fun and have a blast with my friends aswell
    [19/12/2012 19:19:09] Bruno Vanisterbecq: theres a good reason why this doesnt work
    [19/12/2012 19:19:19] Bruno Vanisterbecq: we don't know eachother for long, we don't know eachothers interests
    [19/12/2012 19:19:33] Bruno Vanisterbecq: you know what fuck you really stupid piece of shit
  18. DjSeptimus Green Slime

    My response was that he is boring an all this is boring and that he doesnt talk and has no humor so I quit
  19. DjSeptimus Green Slime

    Here response.JPG

    and man will I tell you he is special, that kid ryan was similar tho more lively, guess they are sorta perfect match for each other. Anyways it was just dissaponting, maybe I am not used to boring people or something
  20. marine5487 Green Slime

    That's fine with me, you and Bruno didn't get along and had different interests. All i know is that you still have the pwn hammer and my last bottle of chocolate milk! :D
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