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Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by Mkbul, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Mkbul

    Mkbul Cursed Man

    First of all, a little introduction about me: I am Mike and i am from Greece. I will be 16 in a few months. I like to think that my English is good, although i do need practice. I am currently in High School, and i am a good student.

    About Terraria: I got it before the first update went out and i have enjoyed it ever since. I am quite experienced with it.

    What i am looking for: I am looking for one (or more, the more the merrier) Terraria partner about the same age as me (or older). Sex doesn't matter. Microphone is optional. Preferable but optional. I do not care about Terraria experience. We can chat through Steam or TS3, but not Skype.

    That's basically all, oh and, i am no expert in setting up servers, i find even port forwarding difficult, so i will leave those up to you.

    Thanks for reading, please consider, MikeB~`'
  2. cejj99

    cejj99 Squirrel

    Hey man, I would be up for this. I have a Steam account and a mic to chat with, although I can't host a server, and I'm only 13 (14 on the 27 of November), so keep that in mind. Message me back if you are interested. I do have some experience commentating, I have about 23 videos on two different channels, on two channels because on one my email got hacked and I couldn't use it. I have been playing Terraria since a few months after it released.
  3. Alpheus125

    Alpheus125 Green Slime

    I would play as well, I'm 14 and have a Steam account/mic. I have lots of experience in Terraria, and a good amount commentating. I can host a server, but only when I'm on my good computer (my parents are divorced so I have it half the time)
  4. aosoro12345

    aosoro12345 Green Slime

    im 17 i have experance with the game and im open almost always everyday aslong as its after 2:45 then ill play i have a mic and ima nit silly hee hee hope ya dont mind ^^

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