Looking for people to play with :D

Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by Shadowwhisp, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Shadowwhisp

    Shadowwhisp Green Slime

    I'm 14, I have a mic, I have Skype, and I'm looking for someone around 13-15 to play with. I have almost 300 hours played (probably like 280). I won't be able to play that often. Probably not on very many weekdays. I will be able to play on some weekends, so sorry for the time. Thank you! :D
    Please fill out!
    How much experience:
    Timezone (I live in U.S., Central) :
    How much you can play (Doesn't need to be a lot :)) :
  2. How much experience: Half a year, never finished Hard Mode
    Age: 18 (hope it won't be a problem)
    Timezone (I live in U.S., Central) : GMT +1 (London, Amsterdam etc)
    How much you can play (Doesn't need to be a lot :)) : Believe me, enough ;)
  3. Shadowwhisp

    Shadowwhisp Green Slime

    Add me on Steam and we can play soon! :) My name is Shadowwhisp... Like my name on here!
  4. How much experience:2 years
    Timezone :same as you
    How much you can play a lot
  5. i have skype
  6. i have a mic for skype
  7. caymon777

    caymon777 Bunny

    1: a mouth or 2 but i look at the wiki a lot so it helping!

    2: 29

    3:chicago , so same it 7:27am here so it sould be over there .

    4: on weekends sometime not much on weekdays untill im on vaction

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