Looking for people to play with.

Discussion in 'PC' started by shawne79, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. shawne79

    shawne79 Mouse

    Hello everyone new here. Starting a server anyone is welcome,but please start a new character.I've never beat the game,but have well over 70 hours on it.:) server info port 7777 no password yet.
  2. Aelov

    Aelov Zombie

    When I logged on, you weren't there, but i'll join you regularly if you want, just post and most likely i'll join.

    EDIT: Found a golden key, put it in one of your chests. And is there a reason your base was torn down? Looks like somebody else was with you, judging from the gravestones. Anyways, I fixed it. Might not be the way you remember it, but definitely better than it was. Eye of Cthulhu appeared, put all it's loot in your chests.

    Anyways, there's your new base.
  3. shawne79

    shawne79 Mouse

    Thx look good. I will be on tonight around 9 est.
  4. Aelov

    Aelov Zombie

    I'm on.
  5. appleMech

    appleMech Bunny

    You PVP like a baby
  6. Aelov

    Aelov Zombie

    Wow sherlock, nice observation. Another nice observation you could've made is that it was my first time actually PVPing, and that it's pretty sad you died as often as you did.
  7. Archer991

    Archer991 Green Slime

    Hey il play with u but not pvp just us working together plz add me on facebook Ryan Jilesen if u have facebook thats a better way of contact.

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