looking for reborn mod server

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by beldaar, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. beldaar Green Slime

    Im looking for an reborn mod server reply if you have and if we have more people on the server its better :D
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  2. Strikezout Green Slime

    I have a server you can play on. Anyone can join, its hamachi though.
    xXReborn ServerXx
    pw: 123

  3. beldaar Green Slime

    Alright ill join when i come back from school :)
  4. mini2key Green Slime

    hey can i join :p
  5. beldaar Green Slime

    I think the hamachi is full so sorry
  6. Athe0007 Green Slime

    Hi im just going to say that i have a reborn mod server no need for a new char hamachi: 1.0.0 Terraria server pass:123 server IP: port:7777 right after i post this message i will put up the server.:) See you there.
  7. TerrariaJon Green Slime

    I have tried to join your server but it only stopped when it said "connecting to"
  8. Slybob Green Slime

    Your probably using in-game terraria server joiner, his server is a hamachi one, it won't work.
  9. TerrariaJon Green Slime

    oh, alright then....
  10. TerrariaJon Green Slime

    So how do I figure out his hamachi id and password, then?
  11. nymes Demon Eye

    i got a reborn mod server up
  12. TerrariaJon Green Slime

    Do you have the mod on? It starts on off
  13. TerrariaJon Green Slime

    But it does work, your server. Unlike a lot of people, their servers don't even connect with others. Like me for example.
  14. TerrariaJon Green Slime

    It's just saying it's not the same version as me, that's all.
  15. MrGreaterguinness Green Slime

    i got a reborn mod server i will put it up all day make a new character or don't join Hamachi Required Network ID- GREATERGUINNESS Password GREATERGUINNESS :)
  16. MrGreaterguinness Green Slime

    forgot to say that the server ip is port is 7777 no password see you there
  17. nymes Demon Eye

    edit: the port is
  18. Athe0007 Green Slime

    wat version are you using?
  19. ImpersonatorX Blazing Wheel

    i wanna know something. do you have to have tconfig/reborn mod to join a reborn server? i recently got reborn mod installed, and i want some friends to join me.
  20. nymes Demon Eye


    my reborn mod server is up
    with updated tconfig. (0.22.8)
    update your tconfig.

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