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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by falconpunch, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. falconpunch

    falconpunch Green Slime

    Hey all, I've been searching these forums and haven't had any luck for the last few hours on discerning exactly whether some of the big packs (Omnir, Obsidian, W1K, etc) run crash-free in multiplayer.

    I host a Terraria server for my friends and would like to try running some mods; I understand we all have to download the latest version of tConfig and be synced to my mod list.

    We're interested in some mods that add content and variety (new enemies, bosses, weapons, spells etc) as well as a mod that would amp up the level of difficulty, especially the frequency of attacks. We are building a giant boat on the ocean and only have to leave for the underworld every now and again.

    Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated, muchos gracias.
  2. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    MP is a tricky beast, seeing as how tConfig itself isn't 100% stable with multiplayer at times. NPC's are especially finicky, so most mods that add more bosses and monsters tend to have some issues multiplayer.

    That said though, I know some people use w1k's and Omnir's mods in multiplayer.(though with the latest version, a lot has changed, so there may be some issues) I suggest you not use Obsidian's mod until he updates it, though.

    For content, it depends what you want. Most my mods work fine in multiplayer, and are largely up to date.(devices is giving me trouble right now though) Yoraiz0r is obsessive with multiplayer compatibility, so his mods should work. Shockah's mod's also add some nice content and are multiplayer compatible.

    One of my recent favourite mods is Epic Loot by Surfpup, but I'm not sure how compatible it is for multiplayer, read through the topic to see peoples experiences I guess.
  3. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    Project En is stable for multiplayer. Early on in the game you might get errors, but tap 'Esc' a few times and they'll go away.
  4. falconpunch

    falconpunch Green Slime

    Thank you for your replies.

    Project En looks very cool.

    MiraiMai, I actually already had your mods bookmarked since you explicitly stated they were MP compatible :). It looks like you put a lot of work into these and I'm excited to try them.
  5. falconpunch

    falconpunch Green Slime

    One quick question, I've installed the MP compatible "Never Enough" modpacks and dynamic difficulty adjuster, rebuilt all of them using the ingame option and am launching the server via the "Host & Play" option. Do my friends simply need to connect via tconfig and let the game download the modpacks for them? Will they need to rebuild and reload as well?
  6. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Assuming you're only using the updated ones, you shouldn't need to rebuild them, and they shouldn't need to rebuild the mods either.
  7. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    stop the presses! I thought we never fixed the tConfig's "host and play" feature in the client......
  8. Cavious

    Cavious Demon Eye

    The pickaxe mod works well mp, I play with my friends using it

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