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Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by kinslayer, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. kinslayer Green Slime

    Hello, I'm looking for a terraria partner because I'm bored of playing alone. My name is Darius and I'm 13 years young! : ) My Skype is kinslayer1999




    How Good At Terraria:

    Hope to see you soon! [IMG]
  2. Xaya Green Slime

    Age: 15
    HGAT: Pretty dicent
  3. jc3833 Cursed Man


    Skype: jc3833

    How Good At Terraria: very, already in hardmode, bought just last month, have all NPC's, have killed one of all creatures (except hardmode bosses)... I typically build my house as basements to use less material

    also, please don't use "years young" think about how it would sound if some old guy said "I'm 56 years young"...
  4. LinkisaBEAST Green Slime

    im great at terraria
  5. marioguy54321m Green Slime

    age: 8
    skype: daniel.hearn8
    HGAT: uh i got a merchant and have made 2 houses
  6. szundi222 Green Slime

    Skype: szundi222
    How good am i at Terraria:I don't want to be an arrogant pr*ck who immediately says "I'M THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD BLAH BLAH BLAH!" but i must say I'm pretty good.I've already beaten all of the hardmode bosses(with blood and sweat).
  7. ILikeOranges Green Slime

    Age - 10
    Skype - creeperteeth (My skype likes to mess up)
    HGAT - I don't say i'm the best , but im good (beat 2 out of 3 Hardmode bosses , Eow is easy)And .. my preferred house style is china houses/restaurants , but ofc i can make some other ones :p

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