Xbox Looking for terraria players on xbox

Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by Fisherfish7, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Fisherfish7

    Fisherfish7 Mouse

    Wanting to start a new game but don't want to play solo. Anyone is welcome to join, but I would prefer people with a mic and around age 10-19 since I am 13
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  2. The Terrarian 62

    The Terrarian 62 Green Slime

    Hey are you going to get on xbox I have messaged you about Terraria
  3. The Terrarian 62

    The Terrarian 62 Green Slime

    GT:Call me OpTiC 9
  4. Fisherfish7

    Fisherfish7 Mouse

    I will try to be on tommorow or the next day I just have a lot of homework to take care of first
  5. ZiGGYv1

    ZiGGYv1 Green Slime

    Hey im looking for players to game with ima lil new but hmu GT: ZiGGYv1
  6. oXTheGodfatherX

    oXTheGodfatherX Green Slime

    im interested GT: oXTheGodfatherX
  7. Cpt_FluffyBottom

    Cpt_FluffyBottom Cave Bat

    GT: TheCaptainFluff
  8. CurlyPrism

    CurlyPrism Green Slime

    Looking for players to play with!!
    Gt: HvG CurlyPrism.
    Console: xbox
    must have a certain level of maturity
  9. SydeFX

    SydeFX Green Slime

    GT: Soybo Deeds
  10. x1Bullet3killz

    x1Bullet3killz Green Slime

    Gamer tag is: x1Bullet3killz
    I play quiet often now! Please feel free to add me!

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