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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Hizy, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hizy

    Hizy Green Slime

    Well, it would be cool to add some staff's for mages and some mage armour like mage robes, you could also add some way to get cloth to make mage robes and you could add special minerals or items to upgrade to robes when makeing them. You could possibly add wands to and you could duel wield with the wands by holding a dagger with it.​
    Now I think you guys could also add crossbows, that would be pretty cool. They should be slow but powerfull. Also Range armor, you could make it to where you make the armor out of leather for the start and find better range armour later on.​
  2. Alf

    Alf Green Slime

    meteor is kinda mage armor although yeah somethings could be added there and there definitively needs to be some sort of range armor if not for the bonus range damage or something just for how cool ranger armor always looks :p
  3. Nile

    Nile Green Slime

    Your armor score is apart of your "level". Improving your armor -is- leveling up. As said by Alf, they basically have mage armor that regenerates mana and reduces mana cost of spells. No doubt there is other armors that would give you some set bonus you would like to augment your gameplay. In short, this basically exists in the game already.
  4. jazzwolf

    jazzwolf Cursed Skull

    yeah they already kinda have everything you just said in this game. but still good ideas none the less! :D
  5. Hizy

    Hizy Green Slime

    They do have some armour for mages but thats just that meteorite armour and that high level armour, I think it would be cool to make cloth to make lower level mage armour and they don't have any range armour. :) Oh and they don'thave wands or daggers. ;)
  6. XxUndeadGeckoxX

    XxUndeadGeckoxX Green Slime

    Why would you want cloth armor? it would barely protect you , not worth it
  7. Roxas

    Roxas Green Slime

    I think the Meteor armor works fine i just don't like being a mage because i have to look goofy while wearing the Meteor armor :( if there was a mage robe and hood i would be very happy :D
  8. Hizy

    Hizy Green Slime

    Because in most RPG games cloth is the mages armour and it normally dosen't protect you very good but greatly helps the power of mages. Also I just said some cloth for low level mages.
  9. XxUndeadGeckoxX

    XxUndeadGeckoxX Green Slime

    Okay fine but in case you haven't noticed this isn't like "most RPG game" so why even suggest that, You cant go at this game with no health and high magic obviously because imagine the death penalties? not only that but what spell requires so much mana that it would require high magic? thats right.. none
  10. Hizy

    Hizy Green Slime

    Okay, It was just a suggestion of mine and also I didn't mean high mage for better spells, I mean't the mage armour could make you mage attacks hit higher.

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