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  1. iiTacNayn

    iiTacNayn Green Slime

    Hello forum!

    Just finished my new mini-quest map, and here it is:

    Mage's Quest 1.3

    Epic amounts of thanks to confuzzledyma for featuring the map :D
    And many thanks to everyone who has downloaded the map!


    1.2 New Thingy!!! The arena that stops harpies spawning.
    Thanks to Pedguin for this play through :)

    No Breaking blocks apart from a certain orb at some point in the quest.
    Only use the dirt rod in the obvious time (only need it once)
    Use a new character and leave your pickaxe and axe in the basement chest.

    Thanks for downloading if you do :) Reply on how good it was:D

    By the way, the ending is pretty damn hard, and if you keep failing, its okay to give up :) but rest assured it is possible :)

    To install:-
    Download from the link below
    UnZip File and put world2.wld in your terraria worlds folder which is C:\Users\(Your Name)\Documents\My Games\Terraria
    If you already have a world 2, rename one but make sure you keep the .wld on the end.

    Small update YAAAAAY!
    1.1: Added extra bed and fixed another bed that wouldn't function. Added a Nature's Gift near the beginning at the request of a commenter.
    Yarrrr!! Another update!
    1.2: Adds a pickaxe for the jungle incase of mudslides, added some ammo within the jungle, edited a few signs and stuff, and most importantly, I have made an arena for the boss. I made it by hand and I think it looks quite good :p
    A wild update appears!
    1.3: Removed a single mud block from the entrance of the jungle that halted players progress, added a sign near the beginning of the corruption, and a Band Of Starpower has been added in the corruption safe house.

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  2. TheChaotic1

    TheChaotic1 Blazing Wheel

    quite fun looking, I'm giving it a go
  3. Sonoflear

    Sonoflear Squirrel

    i think you need to add abit more torches down in the caves because i keep ending up using most my mana just to see where to go next >.<
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  4. iiTacNayn

    iiTacNayn Green Slime

    For light Ive given a water candle in the attic at the start, and there are two orbs of light around the map, but ill see if i can add a few torches around, but i dont want it too bright, half of the challenge is the dark, but i agree it shouldnt be TOO dark

    Asides from that how did you find it?
  5. Sonoflear

    Sonoflear Squirrel

    its was cool :3 (i didn't get a water candle at the begining btw and i looked for lights lol, took some torches off the walls just to use XD)
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  6. iiTacNayn

    iiTacNayn Green Slime

  7. Sonoflear

    Sonoflear Squirrel

    =w= i derped lol XD
  8. iiTacNayn

    iiTacNayn Green Slime

    how did you do with the ending?
  9. Sonoflear

    Sonoflear Squirrel

    truth is i didn't get to the ending :(
  10. iiTacNayn

    iiTacNayn Green Slime

    where did you get stuck??
    If you need a hint, there are 2 secret-ish chests in the normal underground stage, both filled with potions, they might help.
  11. Sonoflear

    Sonoflear Squirrel

    >.< i already took it off my computer and been looking at dif games
  12. iiTacNayn

    iiTacNayn Green Slime

    oh okay then :) but hwere did you fail? ill see if i can make it easier/or different
  13. Sonoflear

    Sonoflear Squirrel

    i have to be in the world to know where i failed at idk but its the way my mind works lol =w=
  14. Asgard

    Asgard Green Slime

    I love muffins! :D
    Wh...why did you put that option?
  15. qwets

    qwets Green Slime

    I go try it
  16. TheChaotic1

    TheChaotic1 Blazing Wheel

    i beat it, it was hard, i had the bad luck of the blood moon rising when i was in the jungle but i soldiered through, i liked the end

    my only complaint is that we really need a natures gift or something for the respawn
  17. iiTacNayn

    iiTacNayn Green Slime

    blood moon. unlucky :p but aye, maybe a natures gift would be neccasary :p
    but thanks foo playing :)

    Edit: Added nature's gift
  18. Cheng Dez

    Cheng Dez Cursed Skull

    I Love Muffin
  19. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    Great map! :)
  20. ChuckHale

    ChuckHale Cursed Man

    Would you ever so kindly add a melee weapon? The fucking cave bats are so fucking annoying. A simple good broadsword would be appreciated, or I'm going to cheat an get my pickaxe and do it myself
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