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Does magic need a bit of love?

  1. Absolutely!

  2. No! Also I hate everything and murder babies.

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  1. Phocks

    Phocks Green Slime

    So when I booted up terraria for the first time with all my friends we were all pretty excited. We quickly decided / fell into playstyles that easily divided up the loot. They were melee / ranged oriented characters and I myself chose magic. Things went pretty well for the most part, they all found their cool builds and we progressed through the game pretty easily. Early to midgame I started finding all those cool spells (first was vilethorn, fun times!) and for a while things were going well.

    The problems for myself as a magic user showed up endgame. Yeah I had gotten meteorite armor pretty easily, and eventually in the early endgame I was sporting some fly cobalt armor. My partners however had crazy item sets like Murasame + feral claws and Phoenix Blaster + Meteorshot which allowed them some very impressive dps. I really struggled to pull my own weight around them. I was rocking my hardest in cobalt armor, with 3 bands of starpower, cobalt shield, and jet boots. But no matter what spell I tried to use I got nowhere near my friend's levels of usefulness in either damage or utility.

    The only spell I hadn't tried at that point was flamelash. Surely the most powerful spell in the game could put me on par with my friends. So we spent quite a long time farming bone serpents until finally I got one. You can imagine my disappointment when, still, the DPS was quite lower than that of my allies. Using a slow non-threatening looking fireball that hits twice for 32 or so damage while my allies are shooting and swinging at lightning fast speeds for about the same damage per hit.

    Anyways, tl;dr, Does anyone think magic should get some buffs? In either damage or utlity? Magic as it is seems lackluster. Currently you need to make your entire outfit based on mana regeneration to use most spells, and they are still outclassed by free-to-use weapons! I'm thinking things like spells that work the same as bombs to help with mining, or spells that heal yourself or allies. Maybe even defensive magic like temporary projectile deflecting bubbles or shields? I'm sure there's lots people can come up with.
  2. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    It does need buffs, but it's not useless either. I use it quite a bit, but it definitely falls behind melee.
  3. Nekoyasha

    Nekoyasha Green Slime

    Why can't people remember that the game is not complete. Also, the TL;DR needs a TL;DR.
  4. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    magic needs to use ALOT less mana, it drains it way to quick

    then make all the spells do about 5-10 more dmg
  5. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    You only need TL;DR's if you're lazy, or if it's a giant wall of text… his is well formatted. Also, this is FEEDBACK, which is highly appreciated by most game devs.
  6. xd flames

    xd flames Blazing Wheel

    Orb of Light and rocket boots are the only thing I use that concerns magic until more stuff is released. The poll seems kind of one sided though.
  7. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    not rilly
  8. Alondite1010

    Alondite1010 Green Slime

    I know YOU!!!!! You're from Buxville. Also, to me, it does need more abilities or spells. Maybe increase to 300 mana and add a few spells like one that does 70 damage for 50 mana?
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  9. MarthX

    MarthX Hell Bat

    Don't be a pure magic user. Cobalt armor works fine for melee. Wearing it, you can cast spells continuously and use any melee weapons you want. There's no reason to think just because you wear cobalt, you have to use magic.
  10. Dingle

    Dingle Green Slime

    Because magic can't be used constantly, unlike pretty much every other weapon, it should deal a higher damage for it's cost. (Yes, I know you can run out of ammo for a bow or a gun, but with a couple stacks of arrows/bullets they can outlast magic, and tend to do higher damage overall at high levels anyways)

    There aren't any spells that really outdamage sunfury, or the phoenix blaster, or muramasa really And they're pretty much infinite use. Aqua Sceptre would be good if the damage per hit was higher, cause high defense monsters really kill it.

    Also, where's my "Yes, also I hate everything and murder babies" option? Are you saying only people that don't think magic needs to be better can say they murder babies and hate everything?
  11. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime


    Of course other AoE would be nice if available :3
  12. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    But that's the point, you should be allowed to be a full magic user if you want to, without sacrificing a massive amount of DPS.

    And to the people whining about mana, mana is fine, regen is fine, it's just spell damage that needs to be buffed.
  13. Phocks

    Phocks Green Slime

    I know that, which is why I'm making a thread addressing content that I have an issue with.

    I agree. Currently magic has downsides like mana to keep it from being "overpowered" yet the actual damage it does is less than the other weapon types, making it afaik, completely useless at the endgame.

    Hey thanks :D

    Yeah, that's what mana seems to exist for currently, magic just seems like a novelty more than anything.

    That's the thing though. First by saying "Just don't be a pure magic user" you're saying it's fine with limiting the game by making people focus on melee or vanilla ranged damage types. Wouldn't it be better to give the player more options with their playstyle? And sure, right now you can be a hybrid magic / othertype but there's currently little to no reason to do so as damage spells are still inferior to other endgame weapons.

    Yes to everything, especially the last bit

    Yeah, like what I said with the bombs, a grenade type AOE spell would be cool as well. You could even include friendly fire damage D: though the possibilities for griefing might be a problem. Still, I'm a real big fan of mages getting an AOE spell, even if it's low damage.
  14. MarthX

    MarthX Hell Bat

    I discovered that Cobalt has a second special bonus. It increases melee speed by the same amount as Shadow. This makes it better than Molten for melee. At least until Molten is patched.
  15. Khamria

    Khamria Green Slime

    Magic is also my favorite and I agree that it's damage potential is not nearly as high, but you can do exotic things with it that you CANNOT do with ranged and melee, such as move dirt blocks or cast missles which follow your mouse. Overall, I think magic is fun to use but could be much MUCH more practical when it comes to combat.
  16. Oswald

    Oswald Dark Caster

    I do think magic needs more potential, but the game just came out, give it some time and we'll probably get new magic items.

    Magic *snort* *snort* :p
  17. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Oh shit son, I officially don't mind the loss of defense now from Molten -> Cobalt. So much win. Check and see if it's got more speed than Shadow, kind of like it has more regen than Meteor.

    EDIT: Cobalt actually might have ~5% less attack speed even, but still ANYTHING is better than nothing.
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