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  1. Magician Xy Hornet

    Notice: Unfortunately, I am unable to finish any more requests at the current time. For more info, please see my post on page 4. I'm leaving the links up, so feel free to download and use the packs that I've already made!

    Hello all!

    I have finally figured out how to make custom soundtracks to Terraria, thanks to Sychosis. So I decided to share the ones I've made so far. I've already edited the ones below to have songs that flow fairly easily from end to beginning (so they loop okay).

    Key for track names:
    Show Spoiler
    title (played at title screen)
    day (played aboveground during day)
    night (played aboveground during night)
    eerie (played during blood moons, in dungeon, in hell, at meteors, etc)
    underground (played underground, non- corruption or hallow)
    jungle (played in jungle, both above and below ground)
    corruption (played aboveground in corruption)
    underground corruption (played underground in corruption)
    hallow (played aboveground in hallow)
    underground hallow (played underground in hallow)
    boss 1 (played during EoC, EoW, Skeletron, Skeletron Prime, Goblin Invasion)
    boss 2 (played during WoF, Twins)
    boss 3 (played during Destroyer, Frost Legion)

    How to install these packs (if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask):
    Using TCCL (open)
    TCCL (Terraria Custom Content Loader) is a great tool to swap out textures, music, and sounds on the fly. To install these packs using TCCL, follow these instructions:
    1. Install TCCL according to the instructions on that page. (The link is in my sig.)
    2. Go to your default Terraria folder (usually something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria)
    3. Make a new folder called "Custom Content" (without quotes obviously)
    4. Unzip the contents of the zip file and move the resulting folder into "Custom Content".
    5. Run TCCL and select the "load music" checkbox from the appropriate folder. The pack pack will automatically be applied.

    Using no third party software (open)
    Here is how to install the packs without using a tool like TCCL:
    1. Unzip the contents of the zip file. Find the xwb file (should be called WaveBank.xwb).
    2. Copy the file to your Terraria contents folder (should be something like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria\Content). Make sure you make a backup of the xnb file that's already in there if you want to go back to the original music at some point!
    3. Once the new wave bank is in the folder, you should just be able to start Terraria normally, and the new songs will play!

    Anyway, here are the current packs!

    Majora's Mask (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Title Theme
    day - Clock Town Day 1
    night - Astral Observatory
    eerie - Skull Kid's Theme
    underground - Goron Sanctuary
    jungle - Woods of Mystery (Saria's Song, basically)
    corruption - Southern Swamp
    underground corruption - Alien Invasion
    hallow - Tatl and Tael
    underground hallow - Zora Hall
    boss 1 - Chase Scene
    boss 2 - Mini Boss
    boss 3 - Dungeon Boss

    Download (open)

    Donkey Kong Country (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Title Theme
    day - Simian Segue (World Map Theme)
    night - Tree Top Rock (Tree Top Town Theme)
    eerie - Voices of the Temple (Temple Theme)
    underground - Life in the Mines (Mine Theme)
    jungle - DK Jungle Swing (Classic DK Theme)
    corruption - Fear Factory (Factory Theme)
    underground corruption - Cave Dweller Concert (Cave Theme)
    hallow - Credits Theme
    underground hallow - Ice Cave Chant (Ice Cave Theme)
    boss 1 - Bad Boss Boogie (Boss Theme)
    boss 2 - Mine Cart (Mine Cart stages... my fave :D)
    boss 3 - Gang-Plank Galleon (Battle vs. K.Rool)

    Download (open)

    Baka and Test (Anime) (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Opening
    day - Oretachi wa F Class
    night - Ai no Katachi
    eerie - Tateyo! F Class!!
    underground - Yoshii Akihisa
    jungle - Kinoshita Hidekichi
    corruption - Sensen Fukoku
    underground corruption - Inbou no Nioi
    hallow - ONE for ALL
    underground hallow - ALL for ONE
    boss 1 - Shijuu Shoukan!
    boss 2 - A Class Kouhou no Jitsuryoku
    boss 3 - Saishuu Kessen

    Download (open)

    Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2) (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Angel's Fear
    day - What the Forest Taught Me
    night -Pure Night
    eerie - Steel and Snare
    underground - Tell A Strange Tale
    jungle - Distant Thunder
    corruption - In the Dead of Night (This song will creep you out... you'll never want to go to the Corruption again, lol)
    underground corruption - Ceremony
    hallow - A Wish
    underground hallow - A Prayer and a Whisper
    boss 1 - Danger
    boss 2 - Oracle
    boss 3 - Meridian Dance

    Download (open)

    Mega Man Mix (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Mega Man 3 Title Theme
    day - Mega Man 10 Shop
    night -Mega Man 7 Intro Stage
    eerie - Mega Man 5 Proto Dome
    underground - Mega Man 10 Pump Man Theme
    jungle - Mega Man X5 Spike Rosered's Theme
    corruption - Mega Man 7 Shade Man's Stage
    underground corruption - Mega Man 3 Spark Man
    hallow - Mega Man 8 Astro Man
    underground hallow - Mega Man 8 Tengu Man (Saturn)
    boss 1 - Mega Man 3 Dr. Wily Stage Boss
    boss 2 - Mega Man 4 Final Boss
    boss 3 - Mega Man 10 Wily Stage Boss Battle

    Download (open)

    Cave Story (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - White
    day - Mimiga Town
    night - Pulse
    eerie - Seal Chamber
    underground - Living Waterway
    jungle - Geothermal
    corruption - Hero's End
    underground corruption - Last Cave
    hallow - On To Grasstown
    underground hallow - Moonsong
    boss 1 - Eyes Of Flame
    boss 2 - Last Battle
    boss 3 - Oppression

    Download (open)

    Chrono Trigger (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Guardia Millennial Fair
    day - Schala's Theme
    night - People Who Threw Away the Will to Live
    eerie - Burn! Bobonga!
    underground - Remains of the Factory
    jungle - Delightful Spekkio
    corruption - Ruined world
    underground corruption - Underground sewer
    hallow - secret of the forest
    underground hallow - corridors of time
    boss 1 - world revolution
    boss 2 - a shot of crisis
    boss 3 - battle against lavos core

    Download (open)

    Castlevania Order of Ecclesia (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Oncoming Dread
    day - A Prologue
    night - Malak's Labyrinth
    eerie - Chapel Hidden in Smoke
    underground - Tragedy's Pulse
    jungle - Emerald Mist
    corruption - Jaws of a Scorched Earth
    underground corruption - An Empty Tome
    hallow - Edge of the Sky
    underground hallow - Ebony Wings
    boss 1 - Symphony of Battle
    boss 2 - Sorrow's Distortion
    boss 3 - Lament to the Master

    Download (open)

    Illusion of Gaia (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Title Theme
    day - Town of Freejia
    night - Dark Space
    eerie - Ruins
    underground - The Explorers
    jungle - Larai Cliff
    corruption - Ocean Palace Mu
    underground corruption - Dungeons
    hallow - Legacy of the Ancients
    underground hallow - Will's Dream of the Future
    boss 1 - Boss Theme
    boss 2 - The Comet
    boss 3 - Ankor Wat

    Download (open)

    Avatar: Last Airbender (Anime) (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Nomad Songs (I suggest you listen to all of them... they are hilarious!)
    day - Peace Excerpt
    night - Uncle's Tsungi Horn
    eerie - The Final Blow
    underground - Kyoshi
    jungle - Scraf Dance
    corruption - Blue Spirit
    underground corruption - Dai Li Headquarters
    hallow - Yue Becomes Moon Spirit
    underground hallow - Heart Chakra
    boss 1 - Agni Kai
    boss 2 - The YuYen Archers
    boss 3 - Avatar Premiere Main Title

    Download (open)

    Bastion (open)
    Tracks (open)
    Erm... I actually don't know the names of any of the songs. Sorry. :oops:

    Download (open)

    Random Songs (requested by lx0r) (open)
    Tracks (open)
    title - Cave Story Theme
    day -MOTHER 3 - A Railway in Our Village
    night -Castlevania Rondo of Blood - Vampire Killer
    eerie -Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Boss Battle Theme
    underground -Super Mario 64 - Cave Dungeon
    jungle -Scott Pilgrim VS the World - The Frying Tengu
    corruption -Pokemon Red/Blue - Lavender Town
    underground corruption -Kitsune^2 Rainbow Tylenol
    hallow -Super Mario Land - Chai Kingdom Remix
    underground hallow - Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time
    boss 1 -Pokemon Stadium - Battle with Mewtwo
    boss 2 -Yoshi's Island - Bowser Boss Battle
    boss 3 - Mega Man X - Sigma Battle

    Download (open)

    Sorry - this part isn't accurate anymore... requests are closed for now. (open)
    If you'd like to request a music pack, I will gladly build a wave bank for you. However, I'll only do it if you link me to the music files you want, and tell me which order they go in. YouTube links are also okay, if you don't have the sound file.

    If you could submit requests in the following way, I would greatly appreciate it.

    title - song 1 (with link)
    day - song 2 (with link)
    night - song 3 (with link)
    ... and so on.

    Honestly, if you don't submit a request like this, I probably won't do it. I'm lazy that way. :p

    I hope you enjoy my music packs!
  2. Eikester Possessed Armor

    I like the Baka and Test Music xD
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  3. Novate Bone Serpent

    Baka and test music YEAH!
  4. Nathan B. Dark Caster

    gerrr i wanna requests a castlevania symphony of the night pack but its so frustrating looking for all the songs :(
  5. Novate Bone Serpent

    Breakthrough! You can do it!
  6. Magician Xy Hornet

    Yeah, that's pretty much the exact reason I won't do any requests unless you get me the songs, lol. It took me about an hour to decide which song should belong to which track for each pack... and which songs to leave out, despite how good they are.

    I'm kind of surprised how many people are liking the Baka and Test pack... Here I thought no one would even know the anime. :eek:

    Anyway, Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2) pack should be up either tomorrow or sometime this weekend. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Nathan B. Dark Caster

    gerrr now you make me wanna have a chrono trigger pack *shakes fist*
  8. Magician Xy Hornet

    Alright, got the Secret of Mana pack up. Updated first post.

    Additionally, I added info and link to the Mega Man Pack, which I made for Trinite a while back.
  9. MuteProtagonist Green Slime

    Hello, I'd like to request a Cave Story pack. I tried doing it myself, but when I put it in the music volume was stuck at 0%. If you know why, I'll do it myself, but if not, do it with these tracks:

    Title - White
    Day - Mimiga Town
    Night - Pulse
    Eerie - Seal Chamber
    Underground - Living Waterway
    Jungle - Geothermal
    Corruption - Hero's End
    Underground Corruption - Last Cave
    Hallow - On To Grasstown
    Underground Hallow - Moonsong
    Boss 1 - Eyes Of Flame
    Boss 2 - Last Battle
    Boss 3 - Oppression

  10. Jensen Green Slime

    hey! i've been sitting on this for a few hours now =)
    The one
    The only

    title - Guardia Millennial Fair
    day - Schala's Theme
    night - People Who Threw Away the Will to Live
    eerie - Burn! Bobonga!
    underground - Remains of the Factory
    jungle - Delightful Spekkio
    corruption - Ruined world
    underground corruption - Underground sewer
    hallow - secret of the forest
    underground hallow - corridors of time
    boss 1 - world revolution
    boss 2 - a shot of crisis
    boss 3 - battle against lavos core

    i've done the gathering all we need now is a lil magic, but i'm no magician:rolleyes:
  11. Trinite Green Slime

    I loves the MegaMan Pack you made me :D
  12. Magician Xy Hornet

    I'll do those requests because I happen to be quite familiar with those games, and I know what each song is. However, for future requests, I really need a link to at least a YouTube video so I know that I am extracting/using the right music for the wavebank.

    These requests should be done within two to three days. Sorry about the wait, but I have limited access to my computer for the next few weeks.
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  13. Novate Bone Serpent

    So pumped waiting for all these soundtracks ^^
  14. Magician Xy Hornet

    The Cave Story and Chrono Trigger packs are up. I've edited the first post to contain links.

    I only took the wave files and packed them into the wavebank - I didn't edit them at all, so there might be some silence at the end of each track. I'm sorry if this is the case, but I don't have enough time to edit them all properly... as it is, these two packs took me an hour and a half to create... and I happened to already have all the files on my computer! I'll edit them to be better at some later point in time. For now, I figured you'd rather have something rather than nothing. :p

    Hope you enjoy!
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  15. Zemik Demon Eye

    I'd like a Castlevania Order of Ecclesia pack please. (All tracks are found here )

    title: Oncoming Dread
    day: A Prolouge
    night: Malak's Labyrinth
    eerie: Chapel Hidden in Smoke
    underground: Tragedy's Pulse
    jungle: Emerald Mist
    corruption: Jaws of a Scorched Earth
    underground corruption: An Empty Tome (note: this is the 2nd Empty Tome on the list)
    hallow: Edge of the Sky
    underground hallow: Ebony Wings
    boss 1: Symphony of Battle
    boss 2: Sorrow's Distortion
    boss 3: Lament to the Master

    And here is the Download:
    (Did I go overboard with the links?)
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  16. Magician Xy Hornet

    Not at all. Direct links to the mp3 files you want to use? Bonus points! I'll try to get this done within the next day or so.
  17. Zemik Demon Eye

    I also got a .rar file link at the bottom with all the names assigned appropriatly
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  18. Magician Xy Hornet

    Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia pack is up, and first post is edited. Zemik, you are an awesome requester. Feel free to ask for any other packs!
  19. Zemik Demon Eye

    Just tried it out. Sound really good.
  20. Novate Bone Serpent

    Ooops forgot to keep a copy of the downloaded soundtrack and new updated wiped over it.
    Well at least I get the pleasure of downloading it again ;p

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