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Discussion in 'PC' started by SirusKing, Oct 11, 2013.


Do you want the Magnetic Sphere Spell to target players in PVP?

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  1. SirusKing

    SirusKing Green Slime

    I recently got some more upgrades to my player, including a fully finished spectre armour set, allowing my Magnetic Sphere to do 72 Damage. One of my gaming friends told me he could kill me, and failed to mention how the MS (My Main weapon) did not target players in PVP. He then completely owned me with his Necromancers wand, which did base 60 or something damage.
    Note, if the MS doesn't target players in PVP for balance reasons, then why are most other spells not?

    The Magnetic Sphere is very slow moving and only Travels for 7 seconds, but targets the enemy when in a small range and rapidly fires.
    Magnetic Sphere:
    Vergy Slow velocity
    Time (And thus short distance) Limited
    Auto Targets
    Rapid Firing

    Shadow beam staff
    Instant Velocity
    Long Range
    Rapid Firing

    Seems like a draw or so here, right? Well in PVP, it removes the two good features of the MS.

    Magnetic Sphere:
    Vergy Slow velocity
    Time (And thus short distance) Limited
    Auto Targets
    Rapid Firing

    Shadow beam staff:
    Instant Velocity
    Long Range
    Rapid Firing

    Now What? The Beam easily beats it in everyway. Thus making it 100% useless in PVP. The small Radius Limit was enough to stop it from being too OP in PVP, but making the weapon completely useless is rather annoying.

    If it doesn't target due to code problems, well, even with my basic coding knowledge, with the current stuff inside the game, it seems all too easy to fix that.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. SaitouHiraga

    SaitouHiraga Zombie

    Deal with it. *turns on flame shield*
  3. oreo

    oreo Bone Serpent

    Aside from the fact that PvP doesn't mean much in this game... it doesn't really make sense for it to not target players.
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  4. gusoku

    gusoku Mouse

    yeah its retarded game design. This means that the frost hydra, pygmies, wasp gun, and spectre staff does not work on players either. It would not break the game if it worked in pvp. i dont understand. Even good old diablo 2 had auto targeting skills that worked in pvp.
  5. Burnscars

    Burnscars Fire Bad

    You're friend doesn't sound very friendly.

    It would be nice if the Magnet Sphere was useful in pvp, perhaps too nice, but even if it worked, would it stand up to the reach and velocity of the Shadowbeam Staff?

    Leave the magnet sphere at home and use the inferno fork, nettle burst and shadow beam in pvp. Using more than one weapon is key in ANY deathmatch game.
  6. Serp

    Serp Tim

    So does this mean chlorophyte bullets have lost all meaning in PVP?
  7. Varler

    Varler Flying Fish

    I could see the Magnetic Sphere being useful as something to leave behind while running away. Similar to how Magical Harp was used in 1.1.

    But this isn't really a valid reason to make it not work in PvP.
  8. SirusKing

    SirusKing Green Slime

    It is Incredibly useful against Melee members. If the player is close and you get a good shot off, it could kill them very quickly, or at least deal a lot of damage.
  9. leonorai

    leonorai Zombie

    You do not want to replicate the imbalance that happens in PVE with it during PVP a.k.a. let me heal myself while this sphere shoots you to pieces.
  10. SirusKing

    SirusKing Green Slime

    This simply doesn't happen with PVP, becuase in PVE, they mobs just try and get to you while they get shot (Yay Terraria AI xD ), which is useless, where as in PVP your enemy can probably just fly up and dodge it.
  11. leonorai

    leonorai Zombie

    I haven't tested to see its range but i'm betting that if they dodge it means you have a cheap and easy way of keeping anyone away from you. Almost like a magical barbed wire.
  12. God

    God Cave Bat

    PvP doesn't even work as it is right now, so it's pretty much a dead feature.
  13. Suika Ibuki

    Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    That's the case of "dumb caster", which means the caster only fires one magnet sphere. That's never the case, a caster would fire another if their projectile is dodged. It can be recast as many times as you want, effectively keeping melee characters away should they not want to be hit.
  14. Klapp

    Klapp Eyezor

    As a primarily magic player, I don't find issue with Magnet Sphere not tracking players. It removes a viable option, sure, but - outside of summons - auto targeting is lazy anyway.
  15. SirusKing

    SirusKing Green Slime

    The thing is, If you are just constantly firing the sphere, you are completely open to long range attacks.
  16. Klapp

    Klapp Eyezor

    I'd use the Sphere as control in much of the same way as one would use Nimbus Rod, Rainbow Gun, and Staff of the Frost Hydra. You fire it as a lingering threat and swap to a new weapon while they have to react to the orb. Outside of that range you just blast them with purple rays.
  17. Suika Ibuki

    Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    That applies to every player ever in PVP. They are sitting ducks if they do not move and fire their things. Except maybe invisible snipers.

    And of course you're completely open to long-range attacks, what can a short-range sphere do to someone who is 50 blocks away? Your best bet would be to utilize more than one weapon.

    The thing is that if you enter the realm of long-ranged opponents in pvp, your magnet sphere is going to be useless regardless on whether it still homes in or not.
  18. Punisher106

    Punisher106 Mouse

    As much as I love this spell, if it targets players in PvP, people are gonna complain about it being OP, and it's going to be utterly nerfed. Me? I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm not one to say what happens.
  19. SirusKing

    SirusKing Green Slime

    If it can target, it still is only useful in certain situations. A ton of weaponry is more overpowered then the magnet sphere.
  20. hellow27

    hellow27 Eskimo Zombie

    The magnet sphere is by far my fav weapon, but it should NEVER be used in PvP!! You DO realize it hits 7 times a second? 7*72 = 504 damage EVERY SECOND. Even with max defense you will NOT survive that. It has a HUGE range too, it zaps things with a quarter screen radius (that means > half the surface area of your screen is within the targeting range). Finally, if a player isn't using a cobalt shield in PvP (which is utterly stupid but many people do anyways) then they will get completely stun-locked, and have no way to evade it after they're hit by the first laser. I believe its slow speed balanced it quite nicely in PvE, but for PvP that would be utterly broken.

    Edit: For those arguing that the speed limits it at range, with the exception of the sniper rifle and guns with the rifle scope, both of which barely help anyway, players are limited in their 'long range' attacks by the size of their screen, which is minuscule. That plus the speed you move with an endgame loadout and items, you could close in on them in a second, and one second later your magnet sphere will have finished pumping them full of >500 damage via lasers. It's slow speed actually makes it almost a magic melee weapon, just run up to someone and drop one, and by the time it's out of range of them they're long dead...

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