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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by MiniMe2113, May 17, 2011.

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  1. MiniMe2113

    MiniMe2113 Green Slime

    I know that there is currently a thread on how to run terraria on a mac but you have to use several 3rd party applications to do so. So basically i would like terraria to become mac supported. If any other users agree please comment. if you are going to start a flame war between P.C. and mac please stay out.
  2. Noone#235

    Noone#235 Green Slime

    I use pc, but i always support support!
  3. WolfGang

    WolfGang Cursed Man

    It is unlikely to become properly mac supported. (or atleast anytime soon)
    Seeing as it is designed in XNA Game Studio.

    Which is made by microsoft. For windows devices and xbox.
    so it needs stuff that is not going to be made officially for other OS's. (hence you having to use many 3rd party programs to make it work on mac or linux, and im not even sure if it works on linux)
  4. Alxe

    Alxe Green Slime

    Probably, Terraria will stay only on Microsoft platforms, unless it is someday ported into another language, which is highly unlikely.
  5. sweetraveparty

    sweetraveparty Green Slime

    Having Terraria for mac would be amazing! I know that it is probably unlikely and all, but still, that would be amazing.
  6. Octavian

    Octavian Green Slime

    So what? Microsoft does write some apps for Mac OS (Office, Messenger, Entourage). And I'm sure it won't require much work just making a Wine/Cuder port.
  7. ings6

    ings6 Green Slime

    By my knowledge of porting I don't think Terraria will be able to be ported. This is because it requires the Microsoft .NET and XNA frameworks. I have tried porting a cracked version of Terraria (I've still bought it on Steam and play it on my Bootcamped Windows) with the CXeX porter and Wineskin but I am going to try out Cider but have no knowledge of how to use it. :S
  8. Patashu

    Patashu Green Slime

    You can't run Terraria on a Mac without third party applications because it's written using languages and libraries that do not support Mac's OS.
  9. Blake White

    Blake White Green Slime

    While Microsoft does produce some things for Mac such as office applications, that in no way implies that xna was made to support Mac in any way. It would come as great shock to me if the products that Microsoft ports to Mac use the .net framework, let alone xna. Taking into account just how much support xna offers game developers, for not only the application layer of their program, but all through the model as well, remaking the game without xna would be no easy task. Redigit might be forced into rebuilding a lot of code that has been taken care of already, making a very long dev cycle indeed. A lot of content could be added in the time this will take...
  10. Exlixe1

    Exlixe1 Green Slime

    Just to clarify, C# is cross platform. The Mono Project, an open-source implementation of the .NET CLI is funded by Novell and runs on all 3 major platforms. They have a linux implementation of Silverlight (as it already supports mac), a C# wrapper for Cocoa and much more. Currently they're working on Mono-Xna to bring XNA to Mac and Linux but it probably won't be production worthy for some months. So not all hope is lost...
  11. Annuate

    Annuate Green Slime

    Just to make this statement a bit more accurate Novell was bought by another company who then laid off what I believe to be a decent amount of the mono developers.

    That said not all hope is lost since a new group has been formed called Xamarin which I *think* is made up the employees that were fired but I cant seem to find where I read that at. :(

    All in all I don't think Terraria would be coming cross platform officially for some time. The amount of work needed to port over something like XNA and make it work with the same code on all platforms is pretty daunting I would think. They would have to port all the drawing functions from DirectX to Opengl and I don't think DirectX and Opengl use the same shader language. Even the Mono-Xna project by looking at their homepage would seem to be dead. Although there are lots of updates in the google code repos which may mean they just don't update their homepage :).

    TL;DR While I would love to see it happen, I don't see it happening anytime soon :(
  12. Sk1nk

    Sk1nk Green Slime

    Just want to point on the FAQ:
    "On what platform(s) will Terraria be available?

    Terraria is being developed primarily for Windows, but we may bring it to iOS and/or Xbox platforms in the future."

    Would love to see a Mac port of this game, even would pay for it in Steam a second time and I don't think that I'm the only one. Sure much work to to, but this game popped out after 4 months of work if I got it right, invest half a year more and translate it to an application that works on both/all three platforms, would be awesome to invest in a growing system and should help the developers, too.
  13. cfehunter

    cfehunter Green Slime

    The likelyhood is that it wont be ported by the devs themselves but hell, if red cleaned up his code a bit I'd do it for free and I'm sure many, more experienced than me, would to.

    If anybody were looking to port it themselves, I highly reccomend OpenTK, it's a C# wrapper for OpenGL, OpenAL and OpenCL with a crapload of utility classes to make your life easier, alot like XNA but for the Open API's instead of DirectX. Oh and it's mono compatible out of the box.
  14. TJ 3658

    TJ 3658 Green Slime

    But The Developers Has To Remember That They Would Make More Money For Mac And If The Developers Don't Then Someone Will Make It For Mac And Sell It For Free So They Really Loose Money If They Don't
  15. Quill

    Quill Zombie

    If someone made it for mac and sold it for free, they could get in deep trouble.
  16. Tiitha

    Tiitha Zombie

    Just run Bootcamp and play it.
  17. JohnIGII

    JohnIGII Green Slime

    Saying they could make money on Mac because people on macs would buy it, is kinda silly. If they have to spend a lot of time working on it, they have to pay employees, if they have to licence other software, they have to pay for that as well; I assume they would need more server space as well.
    Not to mention the opportunity cost of what else they could be doing in the meantime.

    If what it costs < what they think they can make back , then they Might go for it.

    My guess is it'll be too much trouble, and if it ever does happen, look at 1-2 years down the line.
  18. Potato Monkey

    Potato Monkey Green Slime

    Yeah..... well, I think if you like Terraria but have a mac then you should sell a couple doors from your house and buy a windows pc.
  19. Tiitha

    Tiitha Zombie

    Seriously, Macs are not meant for gaming. They are working computers used for creating graphics, music, video, multimedia projects.
  20. Jack Napier

    Jack Napier Green Slime

    You bumped this for that? Don't do that, please.
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