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    So... One day I'm playing Terraria and I get this feeling, it seemed to me like there was nothing new in the game. Wait, that was it! I needed to make the game newer! And I hear of a jiffy old program called tConfig, and see this magical word called "MOD". :eek:

    Now I get the thing and install it no sweat for me, I download Toparia and rage a few times...But after I played a mod, I thought, how about I make a mod.

    So here I am. I was working on the mod and it was cool, then a few things came up, thats where I could use you guys.

    I read a few things on making custom armor and weapons. I'm calling the mod StoneStuff mod because I think we should be able to do more with stone.

    Ok here I am. I currently am working on a Stone Scimitar, Chestplate , Helmet , and Boots. All of which are displayed below. I also have their appropriate .ini files. I think im missing a second .png or something for the armor, since when equipped it should show up on the player.

    (Can't upload .ini files so I put them on a text document, the sword.ini i edited from the wooden sword, the armor i edited from copper armor.)
    Came up with 2 new ideas, a stone tomahawk(need thrown/projectile help) and a bec de corbin( French hammer pick thing, i got that down) posted the .png's. Note: I use Easy Icon Maker to make the sprites, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    Contents: Stone Sword,Spear,Pickhammer,and tomahawk. Im also thinking about starting a wiki if anyone has ideas on that. If you have any suggestions(please be stone or earth based) please comment :)

    Boss:Im working on a boss. Its going to be similar to the eye of cthulu called Tobo the Roarer. Its an unscramble of Orb of Terra if your wondering about the name. .It has 1000 health and any damage done to it is 1 damage(so fast items would be best for it) It would be summoned with a stone idol crafted with 100 stone, 100 dirt, and 25 acorns. Its basically a miniature world :) It will drop money, ores and an Ancient Stone Sword(Awesome texture, take a look below.) Don't know what the stats should be. Im thinking 23 damage at fast speed with chance to cause On Fire!
    Tell me what you think :)

    Take a look and give some advice, or suggest a few things i should work on. Thanks to all who care :)

    Ok everything has worked out, i've figured out how to do the mod sprites. Im making an official mod page and a wiki.


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    Thanks guys and gals :) oh and ty for moving it blum, didnt know where to put it lol.
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    This is it! I found the issue, i was using the wrong program :/ i hoped the transparency helped but it screwed up the sprites
    i fixed it
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    Hmm... Try to add more shading to your sprites and make them fit the terraria styles (2x2 pixels and some other stuff).
    If you want, I can make some sprites for you to use (No credit needed at all ;) ).

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