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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by xSkylarGamesx, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. xSkylarGamesx

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    Hello, I've started making a mod and I need some spriting help. I have two swords already done, and after that I have nothin'.
    Jellyfish Sword of Epicness: Jellyfish Sword of Epicness.png
    Damage: 27
    Recipe: 35 Gel, 10 Glowsticks, 5 Sticky Glowsticks, 4 Coral, and 2 Shark Fins
    Tile: Iron Anvil
    Ninja Sabre: Ninja Sabre.png
    Damage: 100,000
    Recipe: 1 Wood
    Tile: Furnace

    Yeah, I know that one sword is super OP. I made that because I was bored, and I love things that are OP to make it more easy, I'm not good at most difficult things.
    So, the things I need help with are the sprites, and I need more ideas. PS~ I will give credit to who ever helps me or gives an idea. :)
  2. Jojiro

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    Would love to see your attachments. Don't delete them after you attach because then they can't load.
  3. xSkylarGamesx

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    Yeah, I posted it on the wrong freaking forum thing, I'll put them up again for you
  4. Jojiro

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    If you have nothing, and want to have some people help you out with modding, the best thing to do is to assist with an already existing mod.

    Of course this is a shameless plug, but

    :p It's a project I'm part of. We'd love to have your thoughts. Also, demo-ing it might give you some cool ideas.

    As for pure spriting advice: for Ninja Saber, varying the brightness of the left edge of the blade vs. the right edge gives the impression of a good "tang" for the blade.
    For example, for this Blue Rose Dirk, a jungle-tier shortsword, you can see that the blade is dual-toned, which makes it look nicer without being too detailed for Terraria.
    Blue Rose Dirk.png

    I like the Jellyfish sword, but it might be cool to conceptualize a jellyfish's tendrils wrapping about the sword blade instead of just a Jellyfish overlapping with a sword.

    Critique aside, you're doing a fabulous job if those are your first sprites. Come on over to our "enhanced biome" project and take a look at our sprite collection. :)
  5. xSkylarGamesx

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    I'll take a look at the thread. The Ninja Sabre's brightness I was unsure of, I thought it was to dark to do that, but I'll try iy later, and as for the Jellyfish sword, I tried to wrap them around the sword, but it didn't look to good when I finished. And thank you, it actually is my first time spriting. Haha, I will :)
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  6. Jojiro

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    Blue Man O' War
    Damage: 14
    Recipe: 35 Gel, 10 Glowsticks, 5 Iron Bar
    Causes Paralysis in enemies for 10 frames (1 second) with a 10% chance
    Blue Pain.png
    Pink Man O' War
    Damage: 26
    Recipe: 35 Gel, 10 Sticky Glowsticks, 5 Coral, 2 Shark Fin
    Causes Paralysis in enemies for 10 frames (1 second) with a 25% chance
    Pink Pain.png
    Paralysis Debuff
    Causes one to not have the ability to move. Can be induced by Pink and Green Jellyfish.
    (postulated working code attached)

    (Just on good faith, to your project. :) )

    But, out of curiosity, could we use this? Or even better, could you join us and start expanding on such ideas as this?

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  7. xSkylarGamesx

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    Oh, those look awesome! I was actually making a new sprite for the sword, and it won't look as good as yours, but it'll be pretty cool. And, I'll use the buff thing, I haven't used a buff thing before so, I'll look at the modding wiki thing. Aaand, you can use it, and I like the idea, I would love to join you and everyone else :D
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  8. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    Feel free to use them; they're for you. And us as well if it fits, but for now, solely for you. :)

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