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  1. Dear Terraria Forum,

    I have been recently playing Terraria, and while collecting Mythril for a drill, I realized something. Drills suck. Now, don't get me wrong, they are objectively better, but the way they work just beats the point of having them. The drills are much like pickaxes, you point and click to mine a block, but would the game not be more fluent if the drill mined the block the actual tip of it is touching, instead of the block the mouse is on?

    While thinking on how this should be fixed, I started forming a general idea of a complete mining override. Why not make blocks have actual health?
    First of all, that would mean the drills wouldn't need their code rewritten, but simply made into a weapon with fast attack rate. It gets extremely tedious to wave the mouse around while mining a "Hellevator", so if the drill used it's attack damage to mine, instead of pickaxe power, it would mean blocks could be drilled in a direction, instead of a coordinate, a la Mothelode, which is a classic flash game I play and enjoy to this day.

    Now, with health on all the blocks, you could also shoot out blocks with muskets. Which makes sense, when you think about it. If you shoot at a rock, the bullet (or a musketball, in this case) would make it crumble. This would make firearms much more fun, and the game more enjoyable. Just imagine the firefights!

    Now, to address the balancing:
    • Shooting out or destroying blocks with explosions gives you the ore/mineral in question.
    • Destroying it by any other means sans Pickaxe-Type (Pickaxes and Drills) weapons would not drop anything. You can destroy a bunch of rocks with Wooden Arrows, but, naturally, that wouldn't give you any stone blocks. If you do that via Musket-Type (All Gun class weapons sans Sandgun, Flamethrower, Star Cannon and Blowpipe), however, you will receive the blocks in question (that feature is still open to debate, as a drop chance could be introduced), but the weapons that were used for the act would do slightly reduced damage to blocks, because most Musket-Type weapons are much more powerful and efficient than Pickaxe-type ones.
    • Melee and Magic weapons (with the exception of Laser Rifle and Space Gun, which classify as magic weapons, because they use Mana as ammunition), however would do extremely reduced damage to blocks, so they don't become the weapon of choice for this sort of destruction, for their large swing arc and fast attack speed, coupled with extremely high damage output.

    I believe this idea would change Terraria for the better, and would be enjoyed by many. I hope you agree with my opinion and hopefully it is implemented into the game.
    Thank you for reading.
  2. Bonus: Caster attacks that go through walls (such as the Water Bolt cast by the Dark Caster), projectiles from ranged enemies and lasers from The Twins would damage blocks until they break, adding a certain strategic value to using cover efficiently, instead of lurking out the projectiles that collide with walls, only to retaliate with a bunch of shots and repeat.
  3. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    If you make one thing realistic, you have to make em all realistic.
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  4. It's not about being more realistic, I highly oppose of that. This mechanic is steering more towards fun of destruction, but it uses elements of realism. Obviously I live in the real world, therefore I base ideas on already existing laws of physics. If, of course, "Solid Body Ballistic Physical Interaction and Relation studies" are a branch of science, and I highly hope it is.
  5. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Fair enough.
  6. connery0

    connery0 The Wiremancer

    seems like it would make a fun mod, but spells such as the fire flower and waterbolt should do no damage to blocks because their efectiveness mostely relies on them bouncing off stuff, also what would this do to dart traps, since they basicly can cross a map if they don't hit a thing, they could just create a horizontal tunnel from ocean to ocean?
  7. All spells that require bouncing to be effective could apply 50% at collision and simply bounce off Arkanoid style, while Dart Traps would be ineffective, as their damage would not apply poison (which delivers the main damage per second) and would do extremely reduced damage as arrows would have reduced attack damage in general. Technically you could abuse the dart traps, but there would be no point, really.

    Then again, there will always be ways to abuse a system.
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  8. deend

    deend Bone Serpent

    Then what about normal houses as well? if someone swings their excalibur in a wood house would it disintegrate?
  9. As I stated in my post, they would have extremely reduced damage, probably just Scratch damage. You would have to purposefully swing your sword repeatedly to destroy the blocks in your arc of fire.
    Although, I see your point, melee weapons could just be useless against blocks, unless their purpose is destroying the blocks in question (Pickaxe-type weapons). Thank you for your critique.
  10. deend

    deend Bone Serpent

    Blocks would also have to regenerate their "health" very quickly though. I think if all weapons did damage to blocks it would get annoying after awhile, even if they didn't do much damage. Although it would be a pretty nice mod to mess around with. Maybe if just drill or pickaxes damaged blocks.
  11. Why would there have to be regenerating health? I don't see a problem with having permanent health for each block. That would also let the game keep the exciting feeling of danger even after you get Hallowed armor and Gungir. If a wraith sneaks in, you might end up flailing around your house for a while, wreaking havoc everywhere due to your own gawking attacks. This would also allow the Wraiths to be much more dangerous, making you smash your walls, trying to kill it. And if you pull out your Megashark, your house will have more holes than the plot of Lost.
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  12. deend

    deend Bone Serpent

    That sounds brilliant for a mod and Laughing my butt off at your joke there. Maybe it would be a mode you could enable or something?
  13. connery0

    connery0 The Wiremancer

    wait, I just thougt of something, how would the picaxe work? because you would be unable to dig down. mabey if you keep them the same, they would be for presision mining?
  14. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    So excalibur will carve massve tunnels in seconds?
  15. Pickaxes would have an advantage, because they would deal full damage to blocks, therefore making them superior. They would still retain the mechanic of having to play a point-and-click adventure every time you go out mining. Drills, however, would mine out blocks that their tip touches, because at that point, pickaxe damage wouldn't matter, as the blocks would be instantaneously destroyed, so drills are more for clumsy tunneling, when you just hold your pointer in one direction until ore comes out.

    Read my above posts. The Excalibur is a melee weapon, therefore rendering it fairly useless for block demolition.
    Although, yes, in about three seconds of constant clicking you could clear out your sword's swing arc of blocks.

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