Many new weapons (as well as items and armor)

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    I think you should add:
    Sonic War Ax: Throws soundwaves when swung, soundwaves do low damage, ax itself does medium damage. Extremely rare
    Throwing spears: Throws a reusable spear in the direction you want (aim with cursor) does high damage. Uncommon
    Effect swords: Swords with things like:
    fire: Burns opponents, found in chests in hell,
    frost: Slows enemies and reduces attack, found in chests in snow biomes
    Darkness: Drains life from enemy to you, found only in corruption, in shadow orbs (x2 effect to hallow enemies)
    Bliss: Drains life from enemy to you, found only in hallow (x2 effect to corruption enemies)
    Poison: Drains life, speed, and attack from enemies for a while, found only in the jungle
    Vengeance: Most powerful, does x2 damage to bosses only, found somewhere inside the dungeon.
    Shadow armor tweak: Corruption enemies do even less damage if you wear shadow armor
    Unicorn armor: Kill unicorns to obtain unicorn pelt which you use to craft unicorn armor, reduces damage from hallow enemies to 1-1, 15 pelt for chestplate=5 defense, 12 pelt for grieves=4 defense, 8 pelt for helmet=4 defense
    Armor of HELL: Offers full immunity to anything fire, or lava. 1/4 damage from hell or fiery enemies as well. 10 hellstone,10 obsidian for HELL chestplate=12 defense, 10 hellstone, 5 obsidian for HELL grieves=11 Defense, 5 hellstone, 10 Obsidian for HELLmet=11 defense
    Sorcerer's Armor: Offers full immunity to all magical attacks, but does little else... can be in effect as a vanity item. 4 demonite, 8 Silk for Sorcerers robe, which you wear in social chestplate
    Necromancer's wand: Uses 60 mana, forms 4-9 friendly skeletons and zombies out of the ground to fight for you, found in the dungeon
    Spell tome: Summon elemental: Uses 35 mana, summons a giant beast to fight for you made out of the material depending on the biome you activate it:
    Corrupt Elemental: 120 Health, 20 Defense, 25 attack, lobs dark blobs at far enemies
    Snow Elemental: 70 Health, 10 Defense, 30 Attack, freezes all enemies near it when attacking
    Fire elemental: 150 Health, 40 Defense, 30 Attack, enemies burn when they attack it
    Wood elemental: 100 Health, 20 Defense, 20 Attack, turns surrounding trees into elementals
    there will be more in a separate suggestion...
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    I kinda have to disagree with some of the armor tweaks or additions, mainly because it would make that given armor set ridiculously over powered for the cost, Hell armor and sorcerers armor primarily.

    I do like the Necromancer's Wand idea though, I would like to see that added one day. But ONLY with a higher Mana cost and a cool-down timer, an alternative would be for the Skeletons and Zombies being rather weak and what I mean by that is only having maybe 25-50 HP.

    That's only to prevent that from being overpowered as well since the maximum Mana is 200 or so.
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    These are some pretty boss Ideas!

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