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    Today we have a map by the TerrariaOnline.com duo ElectroFlux and AstroFlux. Together, they made the parkour map called Loophole. The featured map is part one of a series, part two has yet to be released but development is being discussed at their work-in-progress thread here.


    As stated earlier, Loophole is a parkour map and should test your jumping skills. It's not your standard parkour map, there are some clever switch flipping puzzles too. One puzzle in particular was a cooperative challenge, as this map was designed for one or two players.


    Loophole incorporates Souls of Sight hidden away in chests to act as a scoring mechanism and the puzzles are there to increase your score. They aren't needed to finish the map in any way, but to collect all the souls you will need two people.


    This map was also designed to look great too. As you find out very early in the map, your home town is falling apart and the map conveys this very well. This plays into the parkour too, you aren't jumping from single block to single block just to get from one side of the map to the other, your jumping through ruins to find out what is going on. It's a great idea and I'm sure some will appreciate the story elements as well.


    I asked one of the creators, ElectroFlux, some questions and he kindly answered back:

    ahamling27(AH): What inspired you to make a parkour map?
    ElectroLux(EL): This map was actually designed by two people, my friend and I. His name is Astroflux. We were both playing parkour maps, usually old ones found on the forums and after a much entertaining night, we had this idea. We both looked at these maps and realized they were missing one key feature, eye-candy. The maps themselves were enjoyable but we didn't feel really immersed in any storyline or goal to complete the map. That is why we took upon ourselves to try and design a map that included a very visual and immersive experience on top of gameplay that is rewarding and enjoyable for all types of gamers.

    (AH): The map featured is Part 1 of a series, what made you decide to do episodes?
    (EL): We decided to do episodes because what we had in mind was to end each episode with an interesting climax. The end of Part 1 is exciting and it makes you want to see what is next in store for the adventure. We wanted people to come together and discuss their opinions and ideas for the rest of the adventure and putting them into parts gives us an idea of what we can do next and how to improve on it without just one full fledged file to modify when needed.

    (AH): When should we expect Part 2?
    (EL): Part 2 will have a quite longer deadline then Part 1. Since we originally started making Part 1 as more of a learning experience as we developed it and wanted to see what people thought of our overall idea, it came soon. We expect Part 2 to be significantly longer and well more developed, not only on eye-candy, but the story itself. I don't have an actual release date for Part 2 but if you follow the Works in Progress thread, you will see it there before anything.

    (AH): How many episodes do you have planned?
    (EL): We have 4 episodes planned, however we're still discussing on releasing the entire series as a whole instead of section by section. That is debatable at the moment, but 4 episodes are in the works.

    (AH): What was the hardest part creating this map?
    (EL): The hardest part about creating this map is the Co-Op areas. They are surprisingly extremely challenging to make since you have to force the area to be Co-Op only. Usually through the development process of these areas, we went through them and realized that they could actually be completed by a single player. After that we had to completely rework the zone and try to make it as Co-Op as possible. We feel satisfied with the optional Co-Op areas we have in the map and expect to see much more elaborate contraptions in the rest of the series.


    This map may be short, but you may want to play through it a couple times to try and find all of the souls. My first playthrough I happened to find 11, but I know I missed some. Be sure to copy the map into your worlds folder and not move it from your downloaded folder, so you can keep copying it over to replay it. Part two should be out sometime soon, but development can be followed at their work-in-progress thread here.

    Download and more information can be found here.
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  2. Asaroki

    Asaroki Green Slime

    Looks cool. Also looks like a good use of explosives in a map.
  3. AlphaIceFire

    AlphaIceFire Green Slime

    Gonna play this with my friends :D
    Congratz on front page.
  4. 0The Doctor0

    0The Doctor0 Squirrel

    This is an amazing map. It took me little bit to do. What was your score when you finished it, ahamling27?
  5. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Glad this epic map got featured!
  6. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    Mh, I see no map in the entire feature.

    Pro tip: It's a world, not a map.
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  7. CB54

    CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    Good world I have to admit. Still at beginning, which is annoying at times (max jump height wooden platforms hate me).
  8. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    Thanks for the feature.

    I hope everyone enjoys the map and we're working really hard on Part 2.
  9. CB54

    CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    Back to the game then. Cheating with a cloud in a bottle, since like I said, platforms hate me.
    Edit: I hate this map's brutality.
  10. MacManLtd

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    Question, its a co-op map, how many players is it designed for, only 2? 3, 4. or just anything >2.

    I'll probably record a playthrough and upload on my channel.
  11. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    2 players works perfectly fine. Anymore then that really doesn't make a difference in how it is completed.


    Work in Progress thread for Part 2 is now released!!

  12. MacManLtd

    MacManLtd Slimed Zombie

    Sweet, set up my server to run the map, protected the entire area so no one cheats :p

    Hopefully record our play through tonight.
  13. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    Sounds cool!

    Let me know if you get it online, I'd be curious to watch it!
  14. CB54

    CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    Got 16, cheated though... waiting for the next one!
  15. Electroflux

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