PC Map Feature: Quest for the Diamond

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by confuzzledyma, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

    Today's Map Feature is brought to you by forum member 38dedo. Quest for the Diamond is best described as an RPG style exploration map - you're just a simpleton who wants to discover the rarest treasure in the world, as described by the storyline.


    As with many exploration maps, you start with a fresh character and aren't allowed to break any blocks. The map is made for one player, and difficulty is changed by either leaving or bringing the blue candle in the starting house.


    You'll travel all over this map - features include sky bridge, jungle, and other built goodies. Exploration is highly encouraged, as chests can be hidden anywhere.


    Your score is determined by the gems you find in chests around the maps. Feel free to participate and post your score at the Quest for the Diamond thread, where you'll find downloads and further instructions. Also take some time to leave feedback!

    We often feature user-made art, videos, maps and other gems on the front page. If you have something you feel would be a good feature, feel free to PM confuzzledyma. Due to the volume of PMs received, you may not receive a reply unless I have further questions.
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  2. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    Woot! Thanks for the feature confuzz!

    Cheers :)
  3. LabTechMK

    LabTechMK Green Slime

    What do you want, a cookie?

    To be on topic: Map looks interesting, definitely going to check it out.
  4. JellyMan

    JellyMan Green Slime

    Yeah that'd be nice :3
  5. Antonhifi

    Antonhifi Green Slime

    Swedish Flag FTW!!!(im from sweden)
  6. Nice!
    Gonna try this one. ;)
  7. TerrariaStuff

    TerrariaStuff Green Slime

  8. Whoa! Nice map! :p

    I did more than I expected, my score was 1562! :]
    And I've searched alot! :eek:

    By the way, nice map!

    Ps.: The first hole in the jungle, there isnt any way to get up again :(
  9. Perfectionist

    Perfectionist Green Slime

    I actually played this map...
    And it was great! Glad it made the front page!
  10. huldu

    huldu Cave Bat

    Antonhifi, Swedish flag? lol? You might want to look up your nation flag one more time. Is there any country that has a grey background... or for that matter the cross in that direction even?! Very nice and fun map i really encourage people to try it out.
  11. Jenysis

    Jenysis Green Slime

    Wicked awesome map :D I had a blast until a ridiculous amount of hornets and man eater's took the wind out of my sails :(
    I'll enjoy watching my brother hack his way through though :p
  12. Sharp142

    Sharp142 Green Slime

    Playing it right now, and i love it!
  13. Antonhifi

    Antonhifi Green Slime

    I think its supossed to be swedish flag
  14. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    Just to clear the subject, I did not intend for it to be a Swedish flag, or any nation flag whatsoever.

    It just turned out to really look like one.
  15. Sir Isaac

    Sir Isaac Green Slime

    This one looks pretty good. i'll have to try it out
  16. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    Really good map!

  17. Syeal7

    Syeal7 Green Slime

    Yes, it is pretty obvious why he tought it looked like the Swdish flag, there are alot of similarities. And who knows, maybe the guy who made this map maybe ain't the biggest artist. So ofcourse he could make a mistake or two, or he didn't find any other brick at the moment with the blue colour. Or it was just a coincidence.
    And besides, the grey bricks does give an illusion of blue with the sky-blue background and the yellow cross.
  18. JustOutsidEarth

    JustOutsidEarth Green Slime

    1887 for me. That was GREAT. GREAT job!!! I enjoyed playing as one of my favorite adventure game characters... :) Thank you very much!
  19. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    This was the best map I've ever played.
    I got 1882 points, not too bad.
  20. Envy297

    Envy297 Green Slime

    Loved it!

    My Score: 1957! :D is that good?

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