PC Map Feature: Quest for the Diamond

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by confuzzledyma, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. sawworm

    sawworm Zombie

    2145, that was amazing map, found 2 rubies, 2205 points. Missed 95 points :(
  2. deeboofdoom

    deeboofdoom Green Slime

    Awesome map, my score is 2101.
  3. JellyMan

    JellyMan Green Slime

    You do know this thread is a month old now... right?
  4. deeboofdoom

    deeboofdoom Green Slime

    Nope, I don't read the time stamps. Seems rather inconvenient to do something like that don't you think?
  5. JellyMan

    JellyMan Green Slime

    Ahahaha your funneih. :p
  6. dubey

    dubey Green Slime

    Will try this.
  7. XxFlameWolfxX

    XxFlameWolfxX Green Slime

    i got 1650 =D that was the MOST fun maps i've played on terraria that isn't parkour =D
  8. He_Man

    He_Man Green Slime

    im not a true hero so i use bricks to get over to the other side :p
  9. Matmanig98

    Matmanig98 Green Slime

    how do i download it?
  10. Unorthodox

    Unorthodox Green Slime

    ouest for the dimond it must suck :cool:

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