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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by confuzzledyma, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

    Forum member themurumasa couldn't decide which type of adventure map to make, so he made five different adventures in one map. Choose from quests like Tower of Cthulhu, Cursed Village, Floating Castle, Extended Hell, or Pirate Adventure; or just do all of them!

    All are optional (treat as a survival map if you want), with two hidden secrets to find as well. To download, check out his CurseForge page, and be sure to leave feedback at the Vivarium thread.

    For more maps, our library at http://terraria.curseforge.com/categories/ is growing constantly (over 75 maps now); get in on the fun and upload your own today!

    We often feature user-made art, videos, maps and other gems on the front page. If you have something you feel would be a good feature, feel free to PM confuzzledyma.
  2. G3org3H

    G3org3H Demon Eye

    Wow, Must have taken a long time, nice!
    Will test this and more maps now :)
  3. BasuKun

    BasuKun Green Slime

    Nice, but I thought you guys didn't feature edited maps? The huge hellstone background, the walls overlapping each other, this kind of thing can only be done with TEdit.
    I personnally don't care, but i've heard that people got their map refused because it was edited.
  4. zezemanoob

    zezemanoob Green Slime

    oh wow. this is just awesome :D
  5. zyzzyva

    zyzzyva Green Slime

    Woah. I must try this, it looks intense.
  6. JellyMan

    JellyMan Green Slime

    This is really sweet. Congrats to themurumasa! I knew you would be feautured!
  7. Earthshope

    Earthshope Green Slime

    Oh no, that isn't edited, That's in the cavern layer and you can place background blocks over the carvern layer background.
  8. BasuKun

    BasuKun Green Slime

    I know how this works after 120 hours of playing.
    When you place a wall block over dirt background, it will cover a full spot, but if you do this with TEdit, the dirt background will still be visible on about 1/4 of the spot because this program makes both wall blocks overlap instead of removing one and putting the other one.
    And you mind explaining as well how did he use Hellstone wall when it's not possible to have those?

    Anyway, like I said I don't care about the fact that's edited, I was just wondering why did the map got accepted since other people got their map refused for this reason.
  9. Giavinh

    Giavinh Green Slime

    ROFL there's two guides in the house in the video.
    You should include a guide doll in this map ;)
  10. themurumasa

    themurumasa Voodoo Demon

    Hi guys, can you please leave any feedback (good or bad) on the Vivarium thread instead of here, thanks

    Also I have a YouTube channel where I will post trailers for all future maps as well as play-throughs/commentary's of existing maps. I also cover all the new content when new Terraria patches are released.
  11. Dettbizzle

    Dettbizzle Slush King

    Why are you complaining? If you don't like it, then don't play, or even read about it. It's very simple.
  12. BasuKun

    BasuKun Green Slime

    Erm, for the third time in a row, I wasn't complaining, I was just wondering why this got accepted since I've heard of other people who got their map refused for the fact that it was edited. I don't even care if you used TEdit (oh yeah, I said that for the third time as well... l2read).

    It was a simple question. The map by itself looks nice and I even said it in my first post.
  13. Dettbizzle

    Dettbizzle Slush King

    I missed the part about it being nice. My apologies. But still, why nitpick over background walls? And perhaps there were other reasons for them not making feature?
  14. Skydra

    Skydra Green Slime

    He didn't nitpick over background walls. He was simply mentioning that the map had to be edited because of the background walls.
  15. BasuKun

    BasuKun Green Slime

    Oh, the background thing was just to prove to the other guy that it really was an edited map, nothing more!
    I didn't try to submit a map myself, but from what I've heard, people got an email specifically saying "Your map has been cerated by a third party program (TEdit), therefore it can't be accepted".

    Anyway, it doesn't really matter! It was just a question, but they didn't answer me, I doubt they will at this point.
    Sorry about the confusion !
  16. Defacto

    Defacto Zombie

    That is pretty silly, considering if you are serious about making a good adventure map, if you are NOT using TEdit, you are out of your god damned mind.

    What's next? Pulling items from the all items map is wrong too? lol
  17. IvanDonat

    IvanDonat Cave Bat

    Can you play it with 2 players?

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