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Discussion in 'General Map Discussion' started by daleksax, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    So as some of you may have heard I have started to develop my own adventure map and I have finally come up with a story plan!

    I am planing on doing a somewhat different story then a lot of adventure maps, it'll be based on dreams and realities (remember this is all open to change) and being stuck in a never ending sleep. The entire map will consist of five different realities all inside a dream, each reality should take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours to complete and each one will have a different concept. For instance, in one you may have to solve a puzzle that will take a lot of time to figure out, in another you may be doing a standard biome/dungeon run, each reality is open to creativity and suggestions.

    I may be using some mods in the map too if I see the need fit.

    Once all of the Realities have been shattered (completed) a final battle will be opened which will be the hardest fight, winning this battle will end your endless sleep. (trust me this this fight will be hard, it may be all 3 hard mode bosses, it may be a modded boss or it may be a single boss that is in an extremely difficult arena.)

    As some of you know I have above standard building skills so the map should look quit amazing, it is just about my execution with the adventure and creativity. Also to add the challenge for my self I will not be using buildaria, Tedit or Inventory editor, every thing will be built one brick at a time and I will mine every single brick. This will prolong the amount of time it take me for building the map, but it adds challenge for me, because I always use Buidaria in my builds, also the prolonged build time will increase my build quality because I will spend more time inspect individual elements.

    Please comments and tell me what you think and if you have any ideas, thank you for your time.
  2. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Hey an actual original story for an adventure map? You must finish this, also with your building skills, I know it will look great. Now how are your puzzle making skills?
  3. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    We'll find out how my puzzle skills are, I may try doing stuff with wiring and using that one mod that extends the things you can do with wires, I forgot which mod it was, I'll need to find it.

    The most puzzle filled reality will probably be the first one so you don't need to worry to much about combat until you get some good equipment from the first world.
  4. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    I don't prefer modded maps, but I'm sure I'll still enjoy this. You may be wanting Holowire or Never enough devices.
  5. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    I believe the reality progression will work somewhat like this;

    Reality 1: Will be in an abandoned urban/village sprawl with limited combat and lots of exploring and puzzle solving which will include a few jumping puzzles. Here you will get your starting equipment that will help you in the next reality, but to truly benefit yourself with better equipment you will have to explore more to find the better equipment.

    Reality 2: This reality is not well planned out yet but here you will get better equipment, fight your first boss('s) and prepare for the WOF. You will be going through a biome sprawl, which will lead into a dungeon where you will have to fight skeletron, but it won't be the normal dungeon it will be a completely different, more difficult custom dungeon. Somewhere along this path you will also have to fight the EoW

    Reality 3: This is basically going to be hell and WoF. I'll be able to get creative here and build some sort of hell civilization, thinking of doing a factory of sorts. I will also be employing a jerk move from the final fantasy handbook which is to fill most of the reality with lava that you will have to walk through or swim through without obsidian skin potion and just take the damage while not being able to heal up until you get to the other side. Here you will get your last bits of equipment before the WoF which will be made more challenging by shortening the distance you have to fight it and adding obstacles in the way.

    Reality 4 & 5: Aren't planned yet.

    In each reality I will encourage less skilled players to spend more time exploring to get better equipment to survive, but more skilled players can skip over these bonuses if they believe they can survive with lower tiered equipment, but be warned, once you leave a reality you are locked out from that part of the dream. Also through out the adventure you will come across hints to the story which will be a puzzle that must be pieced together, if you just find the required signs, then you will get the basic story, but there will also be hidden signs found with all the hidden treasure hoards and if you find all of these you will get a much more in depth story that I won't spoil right now.
  6. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Sounds like it's gonna be a big map.

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