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  1. --Download--
    Version: 3

    Download link has been updated, be sure to get the newest version :cool:


    *Eye of Cthulhu as Dr. Wily in his space ship.
    *Eater of Worlds as Fire Dragon from MM9.
    *Demon Eyes as Tellies
    *Suspicious Looking Eyes as Fire Shots from Willy Cannon.
    *Gold Armor is now Proto Man armor (Scarf has an animation :3)
    *Phoenix Blaster has been recoloured to match Proto Man.
    *Phoenix Blaster shot has been changed into a red hadouken like beam, same as Mega's but Red.
    *Cobalt Shield is now Proto Shield.
    *Iron Armor is now Mega Man armor.
    *Space gun is recoloured (matching Mega Man)
    *Space gun now shoots mid charged beam from Buster.
    *Necro Armor is now Zero armor.
    *Green Phaseblade Now resembles Zero's light saber.
    *Restoration Potions are now M tanks.
    *Healing Potions are now E tanks.
    *Mana Potions are now W tanks.
    *Lesser Healing Potions are now Big Energy Pellets.
    *Lesser Mana Potions are now Big Weapon Energy.
    *Regular Mushrooms are now small energy pellets (as inventory and background).
    *Glowing Mushrooms are now small weapon energy (as inventory and background).
    *Wooden Chests are now Eddie.
    *Golden Chests are now Golden Eddie.
    *Heart drops from defeated enemies are now 1 ups.
    *Player health is now transformed into Heart pick ups from Mega Man X
    *Player Mana is now a purple energy bar.
    *Slimes are now mets. (This excludes King Slimes and Mother Slimes).

    --Things To Do--
    *Proto Man skin.
    *Cobalt shield into Proto shield.
    *Phoenix Blaster resembling Proto.
    *Remake Mega Man.​
    *Rabbits as Rush.
    *Coins into screws with appropriate colouring.
    *Fire Imps as Fire Man.
    *Other Robot Masters as enemies.
    *Sun resembling Dr. Light.
    *Moon resembling Dr. Wily.
    *Zombies/Skeletons as Sniper Joes.
    *Orb of Light as beat or light bug from Bright Man's stage (MM4)
    *Harpies as Dr. Wily Alien from MM2.
    *NPC's into varying MM characters:
    •Auto as Merchant.
    •Dr. Light as Guide.
    •Roll as Nurse.
    •Dr. Wily as Old Man.
    *Eye of Cthulhu as Dr. Wily in his space ship.
    *Eater of Worlds as Fire Dragon from MM9.
    *Demon Eyes and Suspicious Looking Eyes as Tellies (different colours).
    Your suggestions (to already created textures and new textures) are always welcome, this list is in no particular order of "to be" completion.

    --Screen shots--
    Screen Shots (open)









    After you unzip the file, you will find a folder with an application and another folder inside it. Move the Application (if you don't already have it) to the same folder you have the Terraria.exe. Move the Images2 Folder into the Content folder. It should look like this:
    And three other files...

    All original work is by Tiy (Terraria) and Capcom (Mega Man) I simply re-made Capcoms sprites into the 2x2 aspect ratio that Terraria uses and recoloured some of Tiy's original sprites.
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  2. Maunokki

    Maunokki Dark Caster

    Nice work :). But sadly, download links are not allowed.
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  3. Xinfection

    Xinfection Green Slime

    :eek: that looks awesome :)
    what about a zero skin? ._.
  4. Actually, I'm working on a zero skin! But so far I've managed to change the beam from the space gun into the beam of a mid-charged buster shot from mm3 and so forth.
    Here's a pic :3
    But before I continue with the zero skin, I want to transform the rocket boot propulsion into Rush jet :D
  5. Krish

    Krish Demon Eye

    Even if download links were allowed,
    Unless you can repack the PNG back into XNB,
    only people with the texturepack program can open them.

    Thus useless to people without it.
    I've found that the texture pack program has gained a lot of attention, hence I see the upcoming of many custom texture threads, this thread is part of that upcoming.
    Besides, this thread was made specifically for people with the texture pack program. Also, I made this thread simply to show off what I've made, that's why it's in the player creations section.
  7. I hate to double post but, I added download links seeing how other texture threads have done so too.
  8. Smunch

    Smunch Green Slime

    I am very ok with this thread. What other textures do you plan on creating? Protoman?
  9. Proto man will be available soon enough. I've updated the thread with a new release and a polished to do list and finished list.
  10. Smunch

    Smunch Green Slime

    I've got a few for ya.
    Rocket Boots = Super Adaptor
    Fallen Star = Star Crash
    Gravitation Potion = Gravity Hold
    Bats = Battons
    And the Phoenix Blaster could be your Proto Buster.
  11. Ethan

    Ethan Green Slime

    Megaman is so awesome!
  12. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    Sounds good!
  13. Indeed he is!
    Thank you for the praise :D
    Gonna start workin on it. I'm going to try and see about retexturing the trees. Make them look more metallic.
  14. Lonewalker

    Lonewalker Green Slime

    Thanks mate.
  15. xerao32

    xerao32 Slimed Zombie

    I would recommend that you upload it with TerrariaTexturePack, just sayin'

    Nice skin, i love megaman :D
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  16. Any time :3

    Ah true, it would make things a lot simpler for people who've never heard of the app and simply wandered here.
  17. Smunch

    Smunch Green Slime

    Do you plan on transforming the other NPC's? Such as the Guide, the Merchant, the Nurse..
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  18. That was my original intent. I'll update the list tonight, and I [hopefully] finishing Proto tonight too. His sunglasses prove difficult, if someone want's to give me a critique on the spriting, that would be lovely :3
    His helmet is the toughest part for me, those sunglasses are just a pain. I don't know if they're too big on the character yet, but I have a feeling it is (26x24).
    Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. If it's not finished by today, it'll be up some time by tuesday or wednesday, by then I'll be out of France and back in the States; no more time zone wizardry for me.
  19. nickalmighty

    nickalmighty Cursed Man

    These textures are pretty sweet :3
    Why not make the eye of cthulhu the dr wily space craft, of course with the big W in his ship. The suspicious looking eyes and demon eyes could be telies, of different colors perhaps to distinguish the two?
    Keep up the great work!
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  20. notuger

    notuger Green Slime


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