Melee, Range, or Magic?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Mythril Guy, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    Which do you prefer?

    Don't use this thread as a place to start yelling at people for saying mean stuff about other classes.

    I prefer magic, because of all the weapons, buffs, accessories, and armor you can choose while playing through the game. I use it in a server for PvP and they banned all mana pots, and the mana flower to balance things. At times I wish they weren't banned, but I have adapted to that way and learned to use less mana as often. Less defense = more exposed, unless you can dodge and aim awesomely.

    Let's see why you chose what you chose, or hear in this case.
  2. marlonofterraria

    marlonofterraria Eskimo Zombie

    magic, i like the spells oh but i also like machine guns so you can see me using the megashark (i just got it) too :D oh and sometimes i use a phasesaber...
  3. FBlood

    FBlood Green Slime

    Magic all the way, even in PvP rainbow rod hits really hard and fast, also the harp is amazing :D
  4. brawlfest10

    brawlfest10 Snatcher

    for me ranger, I don't care for defense, And megashark, hallowed repeater, clockwork, and shotgun solve all my problems..but gungnir and magical harp are epic 2
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  5. AndreiMolnar

    AndreiMolnar Green Slime

    i use: MAGIC, ranged sometimes and hardly ever malee.
    I am a commando, i use everything depending on situation, excluding swords, they are strong and allmighty if used good but spears attack downwards too, something swords can't do... that's mellee: spears, not very often, last resource or when things got serious, gungnir!
    I use magic when long or mid ranged depending of space aviable, open space: rainbow, floodable spaces (small enclosed areas. caves) i use crystal or flames, if disadvantaged, get some advantage using ice rod and make a small fortress and make them flee, they always flee, if situation gets long ranged or enemy flees, use ranged minigun to take down as many as possible, starcannon is often considered illegal in many servers, and it's a really bad werapon if not used well, so i almost never use it, i mainly use magic above everything else and keep on moving through the battlefield and i mainly get midrange, as i got a large screen, i am a really good sniper, as the range of my rainbow rod is extremly large, half of the time they don't find me, invisibility potion+rainbow rod=tactical sniper.
    Mgic is versatile and strong, ranged is limited to the kind of ammo you use, but magic can switch it's projectyles when switching weapons, you can have 4 ranged options to choose from, but only 2 to be wielded, with bow and gun, and melee is really difficult to handle, as you can be killed in seconds, but magic has many options to chooze from, and the ice rod is overpowered, like the sand gun, but ice does fly.
    i beted a guy with starcannon with raninbow rod, he got 500 health from me while i got arround 12000 from him, starcannon is predictible, do not use only a weapon, change always. Why chooze magic, ranged or melee when you can have it all?
    My armor is magic hallowed set so i supose i am a bit more magic than anything else.
  6. CrymsonChaos

    CrymsonChaos Green Slime

    I use EVERYTHING. XD A blade for close- up, a megashark for range, and the harp for magic.
  7. tubbybum

    tubbybum Green Slime

    Magic, since it's rather versatile and it's just pretty awesome being a completely badass wizard.
  8. brawlfest10

    brawlfest10 Snatcher

    magic is versatile, but i still prefer ranged with all menacing and addy armor cause of large damage outputs long range, so i get maximum damage load out before others get within range of attack
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  9. AndreiMolnar

    AndreiMolnar Green Slime

    Ranged is not as versatyle because of a simple reason, ranged drives everyone away with simple fear, you can't simply tank a ranged because you will be dead before touching that ranged if has proper buffs, weapons and armor, you will be simply taken down, ranged uses raned because a ranger can simply never require melee in a fight, and actually, ranged IS vesratyle, useless at close fights but versatile at long/mid range: falling stars with holy arrows for example, you simply cannot evade all the stars and incoming fire if the ranged is shooting from above, as both stars and arrows will get you, and you can keep arrows because you have ammo, not mana.
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  10. Member

    Member Green Slime

    Ranged, range is the way to go.
  11. brawlfest10

    brawlfest10 Snatcher

    lol i don't like star cannon cause of ammo usage, and megashark is too easy and boring to use, so i actually use shotgun, phoenix blaster, clockwork, and hallowed repeater, not to predictable :p ofc, have a rainbow rod and a gungnir for close ranges and if im separated by a chink from my enemy
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  12. Bulbasaur

    Bulbasaur Green Slime

    Melee. I'll use shotgun though.
  13. AzureMetal

    AzureMetal Dungeon Spirit

    Magic, but nothing from hardmode. Hardmode just has a few upgraded versions of spells, but before hardmode there are a lot more fun and unique spells. Starfury, demon scythe, and vilethorn are a couple. I just wish fire could work in water. Almost nothing in Terraria makes sense, so I don't see why make parts realistic. You can heal yourself with a water bottle when drowning, falling all the way down to the underworld into lava is less painful than hitting ground down there (with no wings or horseshoe), and meteorites are hot. Fiery greatsword and rocket boots work in water. Fireballs, however, don't work.

    Crystal storm is probably the only unique spell in hardmode. Cursed Flames could be called a better Fire of Flower (however does less damage), Rainbow Rod is the stronger magic missile/flamelash, flamethrower is the stronger(and super OP) version of aqua scepter, and then.. I consider the magic harp a stronger waterbolt. They're really similar.

    But again, I just hate hardmode.
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  14. MrCreeper123125

    MrCreeper123125 Hell Bat

    Magic. Like to be mage and use rainbow rod.
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  15. umbreonman45

    umbreonman45 Squirrel

    I am both Range and Melee. But out of the two, i'm more of a ranger.
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  16. Silverity

    Silverity Blazing Wheel

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  17. Chant

    Chant Green Slime

    Range. Bullets from the Megashark basically go straight where you aim. I can't say the same for magic but the Rainbow Rod clearly is effective for reaching people behind walls. I just use a Hallowed Repeater w/ Hellfire arrows for that task. Also, the melee boys can hit you if they can't reach you, so you can keep yourself at a distance while they are charging mindlessly.
  18. AndreiMolnar

    AndreiMolnar Green Slime

    melee is not very popular here, supose people prefer to play safe and use distance as a defense itself...
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  19. foodmetaphors

    foodmetaphors Cursed Skull

    I used melee a lot when I first got the game, all the way up until I had everything Molten, then I switched to Cobalt Armor, played around with the magic weapons and just preferred using them more. I considered it a much more difficult way to kill things (at the time Rocket Boots still drained mana), but much more rewarding. This was when the Muramasa was crazy OP. Anyway, I just never bothered trying the other classes much after that point.
  20. melee when i need it. ranged with a invisibility potion is usually how i roll
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