Member Appreciation - Edition #2

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    Hello again everyone! We're here again to celebrate more excellent members of our community who have contributed a great deal to us and members alike! Take a gander at the excellent work we'll be presenting today.

    We've decided to make this appreciation week, appreciating all the excellent work Terraria members have produced up until now (M, W, F, S, S). After this week, it will be a monthly occurrence, given we still have members contributing great things. ;)


    Today, we bring you a special feature for the creators and recurring writers of the Terraria Times.

    The Terrarian Times was a big community project which fellow member TheEimas took the lead on. TheEimas joined this community in May of 2011 and was a very prominent community member for the first year or so. Long ago, TheEimas asked a few mods to start this little project and I will admit, at first I was worried it wouldn't go anywhere and people wouldn't like it. To everyone's surprise and happiness, the first Terraria Times thread was met with a lot of support and eagerness to participate with this new tradition.​
    From there, TheEimas went on to write 3 more issues of the Terraria Times.​
    Sadly, as development for Terraria ceased, so did topics to write share and write about. Issue 4 was the last issue The Eimas compiled. Shortly after, he left the community as well.​
    It was disappointing to see something so community driven go. The mods didn't want to take over a community project because it was something the true community put together, not something the mods found worthy. Luckily for everyone, Mr. Mystery stepped up and took TheEimas's place in compiling the news paper. Mr. Mystery joined Terraria Online in September of 2011.​
    Hope was restored again for the Terraria Times and many stepped in once again in attempt to keep the idea alive and celebrate this community accomplishment for a long time to go. During his time as the head of the Terraria Times, Mr. Mystery compiled 3 issues.​
    While the newpaper was a hopeful prospect, news was still far and in-between. The hope and motivation to continue the paper dwindled again until finally on December 2nd, 2012, Mr. Mystery announced he would not be continuing as head of the Terraria Times.​
    As of now, the Terraria Times sits alone in a dusty corner abandoned. It is understandable given Terraria has also been in a dusty corner alone, but now that Redigit has announced his return to the game, will someone step up and breathe life into wonderful community project again? Only time will tell. ;)

    For now, in appreciation for their great work with the Terrarian Times,we're going to feature all their threads! If TheEimas and Mr. Mystery would like a title for their excellent work, they can claim one. Thanks for all you do you guys.

    Also, we'd like to thank the other contributing members to such a large community project!
    ShockHorror , AyeAye12 , Garneac, InvisibleClarity , ComeaCosmos , MerchantDrake , rangerofthewest , MortalKomic , Wigglesniff , ClockweRK , DevilBro , Alkemy , Eikester, Terraria Online Alliance

    Don't forget to check out other editions of Member Appreciation! Can you guess which members will be next?
    Edition 1

    TheEimas spent a lot of time and effort with the Terraria Times. Make sure to check them all out and see what was going on back then!​
    Terraria Times Issue 4
    Mr. Mystery
    First on the list is Mr. Mystery's very old Art Thread. I'm sure he's improved now, so maybe this will encourage him to post more recent art?

    Next, we have Mr. Mystery's very interesting Quizzes. Quoted from the thread:

    It seems the game has died down, but maybe it'll jump start again with new content to make questions about!

    Lastly, also check out all of Mr. Mystery's Terraria Times Issues.

    Terraria Times Issue 7
  2. Kane

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    Thanks again guys for making this community great!
  3. Stackerzgame

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    Appreciation week? You guys so crazy. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH
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  4. Loki ISP

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    You guys should really be thanking Kira - for a lot of things. She does a ton behind the scenes to make stuff like this and the contests go.

    So, these threads aren't about staff...but I'll just take a second to point that out and say a heartfelt thanks!

    Also, the two members featured above are just awesome folks - I wish Eimas would return. :(
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  5. Mr. Mystery

    Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    This thread put a big smile on my face.
    I love this community, and it's an honor to be appreciated.
    Thanks you guys.

    And yeah, I can still do quizzes. :D
  6. Loki ISP

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    I'm hoping red and 505 give you a ton of all new material to work with...
  7. Classikly

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  8. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    More quizzes would be nice.

    EDIT: Oh, right, thanks to Mystery and the now-gone Eimas for supporting the paper.
  9. MerchantDrake

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    Space-Sphere for being awesome?

  10. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    The whole point of the quiz is not knowing when it will come.
  11. ibowser123

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    I never scroll down on the main page, so every time I got on, I assumed this was still the first issue. >.<

    Anyway, congrats to Eimas and Mr. Mystery, the usual, etc. Not that I don't want to congratulate them or anything, I'm just too lazy to make anything sound slightly sincere.
  12. ChaoticGamer

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    I really do appreciate make lots members who help or suggest in and other people well supported to terreria and also administrators, mods, staff members, and the developers working hard keep things up long as they could until to the very end. This game brings good memories how it was hard in first then lastly its story of sand box.
  13. Istola

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    This seems to be a good way to thank all players that helped Terraria move beyond everyone's expectations :)
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  14. [​IMG] Wow another one of these so fast. Color me impressed!
  15. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    I so much love how my friend Alkemy is in the contributors list and he dun even cares about TO at all. LOL
  16. Shock Horror

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    Yay recognitation.
  17. TheEimas

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    Ooh, the nostalgia this gave me.

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