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    Hi there! Welcome to Member Appreciation Edition #3! Sit back and enjoy the wonderful arts we've researched today! I can't find everyone, so if there's someone significant I missed, feel free to comment about them below! Prepare for a long post!

    I want to state ahead of time, bothering and harassing people who are no longer doing requests is COMPLETELY unacceptable!

    Also, the remaining 2 threads for appreciation week are being moved to next week due to time constraints and lack of research. Just a reminder, after appreciation "week", member features will be once a month.


    Today we're representing the great artists of this community that have offered art requests to members, past and present! Again, I can't always get everyone, if I missed someone, feel free to appreciate them below. :) We'll start off with some of the older members and some of the work they did for others.

    Long ago, in a far away past, fellow member DevilBro uncovered the deep secrets about creating Terraria-like headers and titles! (Unfortunately it seems many of them are gone :confused:, if members still have theirs, feel free to post them!)


    In his time here, DevilBro probably completed HUNDREDS of requests, but we will never know the true number. If you want to see the sheer number of requests he completed for yourself, just check out his profile. DevilBro no longer does requests. He created a tutorial for people who want to create their own logos, found here at Devil Bro's Logo Tutorial.

    At times, DevilBro was so overloaded with requests, MCMo stepped in and helped with the overload. With a similar style, MCMo also created many logos for fellow members.

    In joint with DevilBro, MCMo was managing this DevilBro Style Signature Thread. As of now, requests are not exactly closed, but they are not being fulfilled.

    Moving on, next is someone I'm sure you'll recognize if you're familiar with Starbound, Fetalstar! Before she became busy with work, Fetalstar completed MANY great artworks for members here. Everyone wanted to use her cute chibi like style arts as their own Terraria avatars. She used to accept requests on her Fetal's Art Thread, but she is no longer taking requests.


    Fetalstar didn't only do requests for fellow members, she also did an interesting art trade with fellow member Seiga. Seiga also completed quite a few requests for members here on Terraria line. Requests were made in this Terrible Animu Bullets thread. They are not currently taking requests.


    Next on our list of artists, we have Cyan the Red! As the others have, Cyan has done plenty of free sketches for members of Terraria Online. It even seems requests might still be open, but none appear to have been fulfilled for a month or two. Check out their For Kicks and Giggles art thread for more!


    As the name suggests, TO Forums Members, Fanarts, And Requests was a thread created by Agent of Chaos to accept member requests for all sorts of art. Currently, requests are not open, but feel free to go to the thread and look around!


    Fellow member mellsbells also took requests for a period of time and completed quite a few. They weren't just filling out requests, they were also drawing a comic named The Adventures of Tim and Lily. The comic and requests are currently discontinued.


    Member Beta completed a heap of art requests during their more active times here. Some came with short story quotes to set the mood. ;) Included in the Beta preferably NPC art thread, there is a blog of the artists goals and achievements as they worked on requests. Requests are currently closed.


    Suika Ibuki is another well known artists her on Terraria Online and in the early days, Suika Ibuki did quite a few art requests and even won the Terraria Online Holiday Contest of 2011. You can see all the oni's works in Suika's Fanart! thread. Requests are closed.


    In the Sprites/Recolourings! thread, Kjungwoo5fulfilled requests for custom sprites and recoloring of existing spites. It is unclear if requests are still open, but politely asking wouldn't hurt!

    Similarly, saephin also took on sprite requests from members in their saephins art thread. It is unclear if they're still taking requests as they have not been active in the thread since March.​

    <Iron Waffle> offers free avatars specified to the users request. Get in while supplies last, it seems requests might still be open! Check out their many filled requests in their <Iron Waffle>'s avatars and schtuff thread.​

    Over on Stackerz Custom Avatars thread,Stackerzgame takes all requests! It's quite a hit thread among users and since Stackerzgame has made so many for everyone, it deserves a spot in the light don't you agree?​
    Continuing on, we have Telepurte's art thread. Telepurte has completed a few member requests for art in the past and it seems the list is slowly growing. I believe requests might still be open!​
    Last, but definitely not least, we have Irie! Although relatively new, Irie has started up an art request thread for members as well. Get in while supplies last at Irie's Terraria Fan Art.

    That's all I have for you today! Quite a doosy really, and I'm sure I've missed many people. Thanks DevilBro, MCMo, Fetalstar, Seiga, Cyan the Red, Agent of Chaos, mellsbells, Beta, Suika Ibuki, Kjungwoo5, saephin, <Iron Waffle>, Stackerzgame, Telepurte, and Irie for all you have done for the community!​
    I hope the people who are still doing requests will continue! If you would like to claim a custom title for your work, feel free to contact me. In the future, we hope to show off more talent and generosity around Terraria Online.​
    Don't forget to check out the other member appreciations! Can you guess who will be featured next?​
    Given the sheer volume of people and work I have featured today, I will instead link you to their threads via their profile pictures instead. :) Reminder, the 2 remaining features are moved to next week!​
    In order:​
    DevilBro, MCMo, Fetalstar,​
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Seiga, Cyan the Red, Agent of Chaos,​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    mellsbells, Beta, Suika Ibuki,​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Kjungwoo5, <Iron Waffle>, Stackerzgame,​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Telepurte, Irie
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Thanks once again for making this community special!
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    I love you all. Especially my fellow artists.
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    So many people to read through xD

    Anyway, nice job everyone!
    Thank you, we artists love you too.
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    Anyhow, I wish I could produce Drawings even close to these.
    Oh yes, THIRD!
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    Practice makes perfect.
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    Unless you Practice it incorrectly. :p
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    Perfect practice makes perfect.
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    As my grandpa says, "Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent."
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    Didn't stackerz make me a beautiful avatar?
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    I feel honored.
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    Very nice stuff folks!
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    I literally laughed out loud when I saw Stackerz' name peer up while I was scrolling down.
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    I laughed when I saw your name. Oh wait...
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    Har. You know I don't do art.
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    Where the hell is AaronC. ._. He's the best spriter in the world ever.
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    This feature. Too much awesomeness in one point. I died of overdose. You guys are evil and I shall haunt you..
  18. [​IMG] Great stuff! I noticed this time we had a "theme" being art, are you gonna have a theme for all the topics?
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    Like a modding and mapping theme? That'd be pretty nice.
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    I was hoping for it actually.

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