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  1. WaitNate Green Slime

    That was hilarious
  2. ughmaster Green Slime

    loloolololol awesome!
  3. theguy313 Cursed Skull

    pedo bear lol
  4. ughmaster Green Slime

    AMG I FOUND OUT HOW TO DO INVISIBLE WRITING: decode the meme below

    zomg this are so aaweseome!~!!

  5. theguy313 Cursed Skull

    oh i decoded it it says:
  6. Threule Blazing Wheel


    Post moar memes
  7. theguy313 Cursed Skull

    lol look at that
  8. Eskinor Cursed Skull

    I'm loving the fairly recent trolling of "Ghost", the broadcaster of a radio station "True Capitalist Radio" by playing the song "Fuck you Texas" or other random sound clips from Youtube or calling him a racist or other offensive slander, he often reacts to the trolling by raging on air, shouting as loud as he can and throwing around all of his empty beer cans lying about.
    WARNING: Strong Offensive Language:
  9. Arkoonius Dark Caster

    Trollololol guy just got 10x cooler.
  10. ughmaster Green Slime

    haha birds with arms meme nice
  11. theguy313 Cursed Skull

    lol cokain bear
  12. ughmaster Green Slime

    lol hahahhah snow
  13. theguy313 Cursed Skull

    this is the most scary shit ive ever seen
  14. ughmaster Green Slime

    I hope he's not in my closet right now...
  15. Threule Blazing Wheel

    Best roll in ages
  16. GameGecko Cursed Skull

    Press L to pee :3

    Don't forget the This is SPARTA!!!!!..... remix ;)

    DOUBLE EDIT: offensive language!
  17. Shayne Fuentes Green Slime

    My favorite meme is big chin guy.
  18. Threule Blazing Wheel

  19. Shayne Fuentes Green Slime

  20. Nappa Green Slime


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