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    Call me cruel but...
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    I accidently my terraria save :(
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    oh no! I accidentaly your post wat i do now???
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    Was browsing memebase and found this awesome thing.
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    This thread:
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    Yes! I love creepypasta memes/troll pasta :D:D:D:D:D:

    heres a variation

    I was sharing a passionate kiss with my
    romantic interest, when my cellular phone alerted me that someone wished to converse with me. The man on the phone inquired as to what I was engaging in with his daughter. Assuming this man was my romantic interest's father, I explained the conversation I had to her. She informed me that her father was deceased. That is when I thought to myself "If her father is dead, then who was conversing with me on the cellular phone?" And then a skeleton popped out.
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