Meteorite Pickaxe

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Andrax, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Andrax Green Slime

    Can there please be a meteor pickaxe?
  2. Merch Fire Imp

    Why the nightmare is good enough or the gold.
  3. Kinnu Undead Viking

    But mooooooom...
    I also think there should be a full toolset for every type of material...
  4. ~Valid~ Dark Caster

    Make your post better instead of a one sentence thread and then make a proper suggestion.
  5. Shaoni Crimera

    There doesn't need to be said more than one sentence...

    This is unneeded, though. Anyone with Meteorite equipment should be able to defeat EoW for a Nightmare Pickaxe.
  6. Hammerhead Green Slime

    This suggestion reeks. It has the smell of sequence breaking.
  7. ~Valid~ Dark Caster

    It is like saying "PUT PONY BIOME!"
    I would prefer if he posted something like this:
    "Ok here is my idea:
    Meteorite Pickaxe:
    Pickaxe Power:30%
    Speed:The same as the demonite
    etc. rather then "Can there be a meteorite pickaxe?"
    Because other tools exist in the game doesn't mean you need to just post one sentence for each tool suggestion.
    And, also, I believe the developers haven't put a Meteorite Pickaxe due to 2 reasons:
    1.You can mine meteorite before getting a gold pickaxe via dynamites.
    2.Meteorite is the tier between gold and demonite. If a Meteorite Pickaxe was introduced then it should be between these two. Golden Pickaxe Power: 55% Demonite: 65% so the meteorite would be in 60%= no noticable change between gold and meteorite.
  8. Shaoni Crimera

    Simply mirror the Hamaxe stats to the Pickaxe. :/
  9. Hammerhead Green Slime

    Uh, there's actually a very noticeable change; Hellstone and Ebonstone need exactly 60% to be mined, making the Meteorite Pickaxe a way to cheese your way past EoW and such.
  10. ~Valid~ Dark Caster

    Read the last sentence. Even if they put the Meteorite Pickaxe there wouldn't be any noticable change. And if you think "What if they made the meteorite pickaxe pick Hellstone?" then it will be OP because if you could mine hellstone without defeating a boss you could be in the Hellstone tier without going to demonite nor the dungeon. So I think that a Meteorite Pickaxe isn't needed.
  11. Shaoni Crimera

    > Purifies whole Corruption
    > Doesn't have Corrupt seeds
  12. ~Valid~ Dark Caster

    As I said in my last comment, making meteorite mine Hellstone is OP since you will skip at least 1 tier (The demonite one) or 2 (The dungeon one).
    Off-Topic: Too bad the MHF Korean servers shut down
  13. Hammerhead Green Slime

    Still needs EoW because of the Shadow Scales needed for Nightmare Pick.

    @alekakoC: I know, I almost cried when I got my Hokuto just to loose it a few days later.
  14. Shaoni Crimera

    Exactly. If someone accidentallydestroys their Corruption (Unlikely), a Meteor pick would be useful. It could maybe cost mana to use or something.
  15. ~Valid~ Dark Caster

    If the meteorite pickaxe was made with 60% then the Nightmare pickaxe wouldn't be needed at all so good-bye EoW! Goodbye EoC! And I don't think the Devs want us to skip a whole tier and skip the 2 out of 4 bosses in the game.
    @Hammerhead: You weren't in my position, 178 HR player on MHF almost 200 HR. Ahh good times battling Raviente. Hope it gets released in USA or Europe (Which is most likely since the withdrawal of Korea might lead capcom into releasing it to the nearest state available, Europe.) Well we will have to wait for 2012 and see.
    This is quite impossible for a Golden tier player to do due to these facts:
    1. Golden Pickaxe can't mine Ebonstone, and ebonstone alone is enough for corruption monsters to spawn.
    2. Golden tier armor isn't such a good defense against Devourers and the Floating Corruption monsters (Forgot their name duh)
    3. In order to destroy corruption without checking the wiki you would need 1% of your brain active and 99% patience.
  16. Hammerhead Green Slime

    I thought you were going for mining the given demonite ore in the corruption, but that works too.

    @alekakoC: First off, you got what I was going for with the sequence breaking. Second, no, I wasn't in your position, I was HR300 something, farming gou doggies with incompetent thais for the best gun in the game, which just so happens to super rapidfire 4 clips of pierce 1 shots.
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