Pre 1.2 Mimic Farming during Blood Moon

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Shaun, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Someone asked for a picture on how to spawn Mimic's during Blood moon, so here it is. (Please excuse the horrendous MSPaint skillz :p)

    Picture of how to setup a base that spawns Mimic's during Blood Moons (and anytime you don't have NPC's).

    Pretty simple, Either build in the valley of 2 mountains, or dig deep and place your upper most entrance/exit 7-8 squares below the surface level (or simply build deep underground).
    Dart Traps are required to 'provoke' the mimic's to attack during non-blood moons (they are only aggressive when you get near them normally, but attack when shot).

    Credits for the dart trap requirement go to JhonWayne23
  2. Hamchop

    Hamchop Cursed Man

    hmm, im gonna have to try this now, seems pretty interesting. does it work pretty well?
  3. Blue Lit

    Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    but does this make them drop the loot like REAL mimics?
  4. Stalker1337poni

    Stalker1337poni Green Slime

    It does, because they spawn naturally, not by statues.
  5. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    It works extremely well, in the area of 20-30 Mimic's in a single night (with 2x Battle Potions, and each holding a couple candles).
    This was a multiplayer server we built this on (but I've done it on single player with same design).

    The first blood moon on HM we both used a battle potion, and got like 4 of each mimic drop. I think we ended up vendoring 3-4 extra of Dual Hooks+Daggers+Star Cloaks+Compasses (each), but only 2 Necklaces dropped (enough at least) from a single Moon.

    An equally effective design would be to jump down to the rock layer, and cut 3square horizontal holes (multiple = better).
    And either placing a house with a lava trap (any defensible location, preferably one you can just afk in with battle potions running :p)
  6. LostSoul

    LostSoul Green Slime

    I assume the lava pits and the safe hole in the middle is to automate killing them, while being in ranged to loot whatever drops?
  7. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Lava for auto killing yes. Also, the top of the tower serves a useful function as well. Pixies and (flying Slime thing i forgot name of) can fly through the inactive stone blocks (and get stuck next to the switches), and be shot with a range weapon (they try to fly up, and get stuck; so ez pickinz :p).
    Prob works better when the area isn't fully Hallowed due to the spawn being taken up by flyers; but eh.

    They also drop among the highest amount of gold of any farmable creature (10g ea, plus 2-20g drops per).
    Can probably gross about 3-7 Plat in a single Blood money with these.
  8. Bobbert The Builder

    Bobbert The Builder Yellow Slime

    Holy crap, very nice guide. Just tryed it out on my server with my brother, made approx. 10 plat during 1 Blood Moon.
  9. Hamdrax

    Hamdrax Undead Viking

    I like it both farming money and items im liking it
  10. Karda

    Karda Green Slime

    I'm having trouble getting them to spawn.
  11. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Karda, it has to be the natural dirt walls; not the player made and applied ones. You can tell the difference if you use a hammer on them and they give you dirt walls back (game generated ones don't).
    You also need a dart trap shooting down the straightaway every now and then to provoke them.
    These do require hard mode.

    If none of those are applicable, then the tunnels might not be long enough (need to go at least a full screen away from your vision, and no light sources i think).
  12. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    This is pretty awesome. I might try this eventually. Thanks, friend.
  13. Hersh Kataria

    Hersh Kataria Squirrel

    So do you have to stand away from the area in order for the mimics to spawn? And will this work when there's not a bloodmoon (I know that the chance of it spawning will be less though)
  14. Bobbert The Builder

    Bobbert The Builder Yellow Slime

    To Shaun: Light sources do not matter in Terraria, an area could be completely lit up and still have things spawn, so... torch it up :p
  15. Karda

    Karda Green Slime

    Thanks for the help, but that wasn't it. I needed to either wait forever, or use a battle potion with my water candle. I just wasn't patient enough. I found a perfect pit for my location so it was all natural, there was no light, and I had a dart trap set up. Sorry for my stupidity and impatience.
  16. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Enemies also do seem to spawn upwards of 2 screens width away, so longer tunnels are probably better (and dart towers have no max range as far as i can tell).
  17. Yes. correct me if I'm wrong but I think the best longest distance they can spawn in is 100 tiles away. (roughly)
    It was the technique I used to ensure the safety of my NPCs during an invasion. :D
    Also, That looks like a very cool trap! The only protection Is wooden platforms next to my outgoing doors and an enormous moat/cliff
    I like the added danger of clowns still being able to spawn on my roof. (Yes that HAS happpend) ;D
  18. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    100 sounds about the same as my estimation of 2 screens (windowed at max resolution).
    It is a fairly automated design, there is a roof hatch (active stone blocks), that I use for farming pixies and killing the gastropods. If you leave a small opening with a 1 square higher hole inside (like top of my tower), the fliers bottleneck themselves there and can't get out. Can either use a sword and constant swing there, or just shoot them from bottom of tower (WTB Ceiling pressure plates :p)
  19. Dark_Reaper115

    Dark_Reaper115 Eskimo Zombie

    Really nice Mimic farming :D
    I would use it...but I had never trouble finding Mimics....
    They like to find me :3
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  20. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Its quite a bit of legit money to :p

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