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Discussion in 'PC' started by -Ice, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. -Ice

    -Ice Green Slime

    What's the criteria for items to go missing? We've lost items to lava damage (fair enough), but we've also lost stuff randomly, ie as one player passes/throws one item to another player, or as one player dies.

    We've got to the point wherein we've got a gold broadsword each, but my son has lost his inexplicably and I just lost my sword when I died just now.... thought he might've picked it up, but he hasn't and it isn't anywhere near where I died. I lost a few other things too, like torches and platforms. I died due to a bomb explosion and there was a mother slime on the level below --- so do items disappear if killed via bomb, or maybe the mother slime "ate" my gear?

    Really annoying for the gold items. BTW, my character is mediumcore and my son is softcore.
  2. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Mediumcore characters drop items on death.
  3. -Ice

    -Ice Green Slime

    Yeah, but does drop mean "lose" the items?

    I mean, my son never picked any of my better items up --- I just lost a gold pick and a gold sword on a single death! So the items simply disappeared; we even combed the area again, killed all the monsters, etc. but could never find any of my other items.

    So, does "drop" mean my items go missing, or does "drop" simply mean my items are dropped and I need to return to the area to pick them up? I've died a couple hundred times before but most of my gear remained in the area for me to pick up.... having said that, I remember now that we're missing a copper helmet and pants as well.
  4. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    Theres a chance it lagged out and simply disappeared, it also may have flown off somewhere and you didn't find it, but those 2 seem like the only options, it may have de-spawned? I don't know if items de-spawn in servers but I guess thats also a chance
  5. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    As far as I know items will despawn on servers if there are to many objects on the ground, for instance if your inventory was full and you were chopping down tons of trees, then came back to where you started after chopping down for instance 40 trees, then the first bits of wood would despawned, this s to prevent server/world lag.

    If you were playing with a medium core character and there were tons of blocks that weren't in an inventory or chest scattered through out the world, then your items may have despawned upon death.
  6. -Ice

    -Ice Green Slime

    Hmmm... lag? We're playing via LAN and my son's just on the next room. Granted that we do sometimes experience "monster lag" whereing the floating eyes and bats sometimes seem to teleport, but never had this problem with zombies/slimes.

    As to objects on the ground, aside from monsters, there were no other items except what my character has dropped. This is a new world, set to small, but we had the same issues before on a medium world. We got lots of objects, yes, but these are all in chests or in inventory. In our small world, we were just digging our Hellevator and all blocks were collected, my inventory wasn't even half full, then we discovered the cavern, played around with some bombs, made a mistake with the throw and killed myself --- and lost a good part of my gear in the process.
  7. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    It takes far less than 40 tree's worth of debris, before a server starts deleting items ('Host+Play' is still a server). I think the games criteria is about 100 items on the ground before it'll start deleting the oldest ones. So if more than 1 stick of dynamite exploded after you died, the game did just delete the items due to quantity on ground.
  8. -Ice

    -Ice Green Slime

    It wasn't even dynamite, just a bomb.

    Does a stack of say, 250 blocks count as 1 item, or 250?
  9. dennux

    dennux Doctor Bones

    I always suggest to new players to not play mediumcore, especially not with more than one player on the map. In Terraria, Mediumcore is just a pain, for there are a few problems in how the game was programmed.

    Losing items in lava: Lava only destroys lower Tier items. I'm not sure which Tiers get destroyed by lava, but the wiki should know.

    There is a maximum amount of item-stacks allowed to to be on one map. This amount does not increase in multiplayer. If i remember correctly, throwing 3 dynamite one after the other, some/all blocks from the first dynamite will already despawn. Possibly even after the second one.

    Don't forget there may be traps. Mobs activating a TNT Trap may delete your items before you even have a chance of picking them up again. Also killing mobs, smashing pots, throwing bombs/dynamite, mining, etc will produce items that fill your maximum amount of slots for items on the ground.
    (btw: dropping an item, then dropping and picking up another item for 500 times wont delete the first dropped item, as there will only be 2 slots used as long as you always pick up the second one. But dropping 500 items without picking up will surely result in losing a lot of them. Using bombs/dynamite produces a lot of blocks that each take up space.)

    Some people say items despawn after a certain amount if time, too. But as far as i know that is not correct, or at least it would take hours for items to despawn.

    Also, when you restart terraria in singleplayer, or the server in multiplayer, every item lying on the ground wont be saved and therefore is lost.

    i personally believe, mediumcore should only be played by players who have played the game in softcore and want a more challenging feel the next time they play. At least they should know about the game mechanisms like item despawning ;)

    Edit: 1 Stack of 250 fills up one space in the maximum amount of items allowed on the ground. Separating that stack by rightclicking and droping every single block to the ground will count as 250 items.

    2.: I cant really explain why your softcore character lost the sword. Softcore characters only drop half their money on death. Maybe he accidentally dropped it?
  10. -Ice

    -Ice Green Slime

    Well, the items we lost in lava was fair as far as I'm concerned as the wiki did say lava destroys certain items if it sinks past its midpoint. Okay then, fair enough.

    However, for this situation I'm complaining about, I only dropped ONE bomb (bomb, not dynamite!), got killed, and lost my items. My son did not drop any bomb nor did he mine hundreds of blocks or cut down hundreds of trees. He was right there, just a bit of a distance away from me, and he basically stayed put while I travelled back to where he was. He killed a few monsters so got a few items, but even with my inventory + new blocks from the bomb + monster drops, I don't think it should hit the game cap, should it?

    We didn't close the server or exit or do anything until we made at least 3 passes over the "crime scene," but not found anything. Only then did we exit the game.... so if the items did not "disappear," we didn't find them anyway and they're gone now.

    As for my son losing his gold sword, well, we're still early in the game that our best armor is one set of silver and one set of iron... our best gear was the two gold swords and two gold pickaxes. Therefore if we lost any of these, we'd sure take notice! But nope, all we got now is one gold pickaxe... where'd the two gold swords and the other pickaxe go?

    In any case, I've restarted with a softcore character and returned to the small world where I lost my gold sword and pickaxe. I'll see if I accidentally "lose" any more items.
  11. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Yea you can just store the items from the other character in chests and pick them up from the new one; or there are save game editors and edit the mode for that character (borderline cheating, especially if used for something other than suggesting)
  12. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    I seem to know that if you drop 201 items (1 stack of 250 wood is one item) then the first object you threw out your inventory then it will despawn and you can't collect it anymore. Saying that means only 200 items can be on a world at a time. If you save and exit then re log all the items are gone.

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