[Modded] [24/7] [NOHAM] Jexius' Server

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Jexius, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Jexius Green Slime

    This is the official tMod server. Thought I should mention that. http://tmod.us.
    Hey, nothing wrong with using my forum as an "official site" for the server now is there?

    Commands: /give etc (type /help in-game).

    Connect with: tmod.us
    Now, it's slightly possible that there might be something to download on there, not sure what but something :cool:

    You don't need to apply to join or anything like that, it really bothers me. I can ban anyone with a command, so don't fuck about. I do however want moderators, so reply here if you want to be a moderator I guess (as I said, modded server, it can do that).

    Server Status: Online!
  2. Beauseant Green Slime

    I will join :)
  3. Deceptionslight Green Slime

  4. Pokehunter Green Slime

    Its not letting me join :S
  5. Jexius Green Slime

    If it doesn't let you join it's probably full.
  6. Ginley15 Green Slime

    whyd the server go off
  7. Beauseant Green Slime

    When does it go back up?
  8. Jexius Green Slime

    It was back up ages ago. If it doesn't let you join it's probably full.
  9. Jexius Green Slime

    Sorry went down for a bit for unknown reasons, it's back now.
  10. Raptoot Green Slime

    how did you get the /give command and /ban command? i really need t :D
  11. Jexius Green Slime

    I modified the game myself. I've even made it give console outputs now and disabled the UI entirely.
  12. Raptoot Green Slime

    Can you send me it or you got skype, Btw have you got a "ANTI-GREIF"? :D
  13. Raptoot Green Slime

  14. DarkAngel9101 Green Slime

    Hey, my good sir may I apply for a moderator?
  15. XOverUsedNameX Green Slime

    First, i can't join :(
    Second icnhaz moderator, I have no life
  16. Justyn Green Slime

    cant join!

    Cant even hit accept in IP gui!
  17. Jexius Green Slime

    Sorry, if you're wondering why it's down, it's because I'm adding a heap of commands.

    For example: /sethome /home /tp /tphere (admin only) /warp /setwarp (admin only)
    There will be more.

    I've also made it so /give isn't case sensitive, and so when you're spawning one item you don't need " 1" on the end.
  18. Remeer Green Slime

    Tell me when its up. Right now its still down.
  19. itzmikeylala Green Slime

    Can u send me a link to this modd
  20. Jexius Green Slime

    It'll be back up in about ten to twenty minutes. I've successfully removed XNA almost completely from Terraria and made it what is essencially a dedicated server by removing most of the singleplayer code as well. Running in a console window and all. It runs on my VPS, finally, so after I've uploaded the map (that's the one thing it can't do right >_>) it'll be back up and this time it'll stay up.
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