Monster Hunter Terra Tri [Released] [TConfig][WIP]

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Delra, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Delra Dark Caster

  2. Themagicjesus Demon Eye

    Mod looks like it is coming along well.

    It will need to add quite a bit more before I get into it though.
  3. Delra Dark Caster

    Don't worry, I don't expect people to download it until 1.5 is released, so I'm working as hard as I can. I can't take screenshots, and since I can't find anyone ELSE who can take screenshots, I can't really show in depth progress.
  4. Themagicjesus Demon Eye

    You cant just hit print screen and save it in paint?
  5. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    or more preferably Alt+PrintScreen (which only takes a screenshot of the window you currently have active , such as terraria.exe)
  6. Themagicjesus Demon Eye

    You sir. Just made my day that much better.
  7. Delra Dark Caster

    That's the thing, I have waaay too much problems when I try to start tconfig. I spent an hour one day trying to fix problems, and more and more problems popped up. That's why I usually have testers take pics, but Grey isn't online right now.
  8. Delra Dark Caster

    Updated the post more, added some minor sprites. (more like recolors :p)
  9. Themagicjesus Demon Eye

    Just some forum etiquette is to not double post, along with using proper spelling and grammar. Just to let you know. Its actually an infraction to post twice. Use the edit button.

    On Topic: Good to see new things added.
  10. Sigia Snatcher

    To be realistic, this is his thread and because of that, there will be times when he will have to post more than once. It'd be silly to modify a several day old post, leaving the thread off the first page, which often times keeps it from being read, whereas a new post will bring the thread to the front and yadda yadda.

    There will be arrows that damage certain monsters more than others, right?
  11. Themagicjesus Demon Eye

    His post was from fifteen minutes before. And I am pretty sure it is still against the rules to post twice in a row unless it is a reserved 2nd, 3rd, etc post.
  12. Delra Dark Caster

    I do know about all that stuff, because as you can see

    You mean like elemental weaknesses? Is so, then yes.
  13. Flynn Callahan Green Slime

    Yoraiz, that's where I got those.
    Sure I'll re-write them myself since they won't open.
  14. Flynn Callahan Green Slime

    Oh, and I'm Flynn HR9
  15. Sigia Snatcher

    Well, my name is Sigia, I am HR 33 and I spend my time helping people rank. If I ever am online, my ID is JREUKY. Feel free to drop a message if you need help.
  16. Delra Dark Caster

    Alright, updated post with beehive, I'll edit this post every time I make an update, because I'm uploading the sprites now, and finishing off some.
  17. Themagicjesus Demon Eye

    Why not just make a changelog on the first post?

    EDIT: I mean why not just put a change log at the top that you update pretty consistently, it shows that you are dedicated to the mod, we get to see what you've added, and it keeps you organized
  18. harnackam1 Green Slime

    what are the mechanics for the stationary crossbow?
  19. driveandkill Green Slime

    Wow! This mod is awesome :D I hope youll add more monsters like the gobul(fish boss with many spikes) and weapons too
  20. Delra Dark Caster

    I'll be talking about that when 0.1.4 is released, it's currently only in the test version, which you'll have to pm me if you want.

    Thank you. Don't worry, I will.

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