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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Drdragonfly, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Drdragonfly

    Drdragonfly Penguin

    Hey everybody, Drdragonfly here. My very first mod is finally released. It adds many new Items and NPCs that are all to some extent food related.

    This mod requires tConfig and Game Launcher which can be downloaded Here and Here.

    For this to work you need a legitimate copy of Terraria. Install Game Launcher and tConfig.
    You need to then open the .zip file with either 7zip or winrar and place the folder, installer and .obj file into: 'My Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModPacks\'.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.

    v.1.0.0 - June 20th 2013

    Screenshots (open)

    Description (open)
    The mod adds many new tools and weapons which can be crafted, bought or earned by killing monsters. These include, for example, the cactus sword, the spork (which acts both as an axe and hammer) and even throwable bread knives. You can buy certain items from the Chef NPC who will join your town once you make a nice room for him. There will be more enemies, tools and things to do as newer versions are made. All feedback is very welcome.

    Sprites (open)


    Changelog (open)

    I want to thank
    Lewis Mundy for Ideas, Testing and Screenshots.
    Surfpup and the tConfig Dev Team for making such an awesome tool.
    TheHuckleberryWill for making his weekly videos
    which taught me so much about terraria coding.
    And anyone else who helped me either with coding or ideas.
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  2. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Wandering Eye

    You had me at flying spagetti monster <3
  3. DivermanSam

    DivermanSam Dungeon Guardian

    This is so awesome. I love how the broccoli have boxing gloves.
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  4. Drdragonfly

    Drdragonfly Penguin

    Thank you!
  5. MilkySubSand

    MilkySubSand Herpling

  6. Rezerkity

    Rezerkity Flying Fish

    I'm glad i got to test this and help with it, it's such a great idea for a mod. :)
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  7. QuackersDelta

    QuackersDelta Fungi Bulb

    I will never eat even a centimeter of Spagetti ever again.
    Thanks for scarring my appetite.
    Anyway, great mod!
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  8. Wooren

    Wooren Possessed Armor

    Really nice mod! And some EPIC sprites! :3
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  9. Drdragonfly

    Drdragonfly Penguin

    Made 2 spritesheets. So that you guys can see the stuff that's in the mod.
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  10. Rudoboy

    Rudoboy Clown

    Pretty cool sprites you got there sir :)
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  11. Drdragonfly

    Drdragonfly Penguin

    Seeing that from you makes me very happy. I love your sprites.
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  12. ibowser123

    ibowser123 Paladin

    Needz Moar Breadstix. :p

    In all seriousness, I will naturally be dloading this and fighting off the broccoli army.
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  13. EpicCriddle

    EpicCriddle Toxic Sludge

    You should totally add Bacon Biome. please :<
    Or Dessert Biome :p
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  14. Drdragonfly

    Drdragonfly Penguin

    I could make a Bacon enemy. I would still need someone to teach me how to make a whole biome, but I would like the idea of a candy land biome.
  15. Rezerkity

    Rezerkity Flying Fish

    Maybe it could have Candy Cane Wall to replace the dirt walls, and Candy Cane Blocks as dirt? That would safe a bit of time making things.
  16. Drdragonfly

    Drdragonfly Penguin

    Yup. It would work well with the blocks that are already in game.
  17. Rezerkity

    Rezerkity Flying Fish

    Show Spoiler

    This will be coming soon. :)
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  18. lionalio

    lionalio Green Slime

    Awesome, can't wait to go test it
  19. OHMYFUCKINGGOD Its the flying Spaghettimonster! Its an awesome Mod!
  20. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    Is that a crab-apple? Lol

    Need some ideas? How about a walking teacup and teapot that shoot scalding tea, the teapot can have a little evil teabag that pops out the top for a little bit and back in when it gets cold (visually it can be reddish and then turn bluish when cold)

    And a neutral NPC, a fatguy that sleeps sitting up til a food type enemy or player wearing a food suit or wielding a food weapon comes nearby, then he becomes hostile to either the player or enemy
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