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Discussion in 'PC' started by Kadashii, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Kadashii

    Kadashii Green Slime

    Ok, this has been starting to annoy me very, very much, especially on blood moon. Zombies/Slimes tend to spawn inside my house, or just outside the door - making the house useless as a shelter.. I even put lava pits outside (which only works if im near them) If i look away, the monsters spawn either infront them or inside the house.

    I would suggest implementing spawns x meters away from houses.. They can walk.. It's really annoying :p

    EDIT: it's fixed :p They better think twice now before attempting to enter my mansion at blood moon :)

  2. Rho

    Rho Doctor Bones

    Well.. It's kind of supposed to be unbearable. It being a blood moon and all. The night they break into shelters.
  3. LemonRobot

    LemonRobot Yellow Slime

    Does the house have a dirt background or no background at all?
  4. HomieKnightsUnite

    HomieKnightsUnite Green Slime

    Does your house have backwalls?
  5. SeanCarrion

    SeanCarrion Green Slime

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  6. Kadashii

    Kadashii Green Slime

    It's a wooden house, with a wooden wall.
  7. H3xer1n

    H3xer1n Green Slime

    you obviously either
    1) have a hole in the wall somewhere
    2) didn't notice/realize the mobs were actually opening your doors and coming in
  8. Nuxohiz

    Nuxohiz Blazing Wheel

    The people above already said how to avoid monsters spawning inside your house.
    To keep monsters outside your house you only have to put a torch on the ground next to the door (at the inside). From the outside the door can only be opened then when you are standing with your back towards the door which zombies never do when trying to enter. So zombies can't even open the door during a blood moon then.
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  9. Darian Wulfbane

    Darian Wulfbane Green Slime

    Depending on the size of your home, you could just stand there with the door blocked as explained in the above posts. No monsters can spawn on-screen, so with the doors blocked they shouldn't be able to get in.
  10. CubeLegTome

    CubeLegTome Hell Bat

    If you give us a screenshot of your house we'll be able to tell you exactly what's wrong.
  11. Finaltidus

    Finaltidus Green Slime

    SS plz.
  12. Jack Magnus

    Jack Magnus Squirrel

    I had something similar happen in my base, although it's completely covered by wooden backwalls (or it was at the time I was swearing at zombies getting in without using the doors).

    Turns out, it's because I connected my mineshaft directly to the basement of my house - no door or anything, since it was right in the floor of my basement. Turns out the zombies (and occasional slime) were spawning partway down my mineshaft, and hopping back up.

    Mildly irritating, but it's tolerable for now, since I'm working on my new base for the time being.

    Thank god I didn't build my base into the side of a hill this time... last time I did that, I kept getting giant worms spawning and attacking me if I was down near my obsidian generator (which wasn't that deep, but they seem to like spawning down there for some reason).

    In addition to wanting a screenshot to see what could be wrong with the house, you could also make it so zombies can't approach the door from the same level as it's on - if the zombies are approaching from a block lower than the door itself (may be two blocks, I'm unsure), they still pound on it, but they're unable to open it - even if it's a blood moon. I noticed this when I was working on my tower during a blood moon, since one of my doors ended up like this accidentally. Zombies pounded on the door most of the night before I got tired of them making so much racket and killing them.
  13. Kadashii

    Kadashii Green Slime

    Ah ok, thanks for the tips :D
  14. Rito Yuki

    Rito Yuki Green Slime

    Everything all happy happy good good now?
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  15. ChadPro

    ChadPro Squirrel

    arrgh bloodmoon is supposed to be hard but people are just so stupid! They block the doors with blocks and continue to mine!
    Bloody chickens
  16. Serisho

    Serisho Voodoo Demon

    add a picture and maybe someone can help. (if its still a problem)
  17. Kadashii

    Kadashii Green Slime

    Yeah, it's fixed :p They better think twice now before attempting to enter my mansion at blood moon :)
  18. Serisho

    Serisho Voodoo Demon

    idk, they shouldn't be spawning in your that gray brick wall?

    edit: ninja'd ok cool :p
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