Moonglow & Waterleaf farming Questions.

Discussion in 'PC' started by Tuzark, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Tuzark

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    I am curryently playing on a server with my friend, and we made a farm underground to grow Moonglow and Waterleaf, but they're both growing -REALLY- slowly. I think it took 5-6 days for 3 of our Waterleaf to grow, and even longer for the Moonglow to grow.

    So I was wondering, are there any requirements for them to grow? Is there something that can speed up/down growth? Like for example light levels, the amount of water I use, how far down in the world I am etc.

    Got a screenshot of my farm uploaded. The moonglow one dosen't have any seeds atm though because the ones we were growing didn't drop any seeds. :/

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  2. shawne79

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    Moonglow need to be picking at night,when they are glowing or no seeds will drop.

    another tip put moonglow & Waterleaf in pots. Just remember Waterleaf needs to be under some water.

    if u are getting death leaf it will only drop seed on blood moons.

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  3. Tunnel King

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    Both moonglow and waterleaf grow very slowly, and there is nothing in the game that changes that, not even in any mod that I know of. Doesn't matter whether they are grown in the ground (as you are doing) or in pots, the growth rate is the same. Just as in real life, Terraria gardening is an exercise in patience, but it pays off big if you use a lot of potions.

    Moonglow only produce seeds when harvested at night; the plants will glow with a little heart-shaped bloom. If you can survive the Jungle at night, you'll get more seeds.

    Your garden looks good, but you need some daybloom! I use more daybloom for potions than just about anything else.

    Just curious, how are you harvesting your plants? I use the dart-trap method, myself.
  4. Tuzark

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    Thanks for the replies so far guys! And @Tunnel King, I was planning to add more later, we just started to do gardening. :) And yeah I can survive Jungles, I'm hard-mode ready (just haven't gone there yet). I harvest them using my sword.. I didn't really consider alternate ways of harvesting to be honest. xD

    Also.. how much/little water you use dosen't affect how fast Waterleaf grows then? Odd, I'm sure I read something about it somewhere, but I can't remember where..
  5. ahamling27

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    The water/lava has to actually touch the plant. So if you have them in pots you need enough water to cover the pots and reach the plant.

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