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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Steelux, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Steelux

    Steelux Piranha

    Hello there, this a suggestion to add more accessory combinations to Terraria.

    I suggest this because accessory combination is one of the best features I found in Terraria, it combined 4 of my favourite accessories into just 2, and instead of using 1 slot to know the depth, I can use that slot to know the depth, the horizontal position and the time! (GPS)

    Also: I know having combination for all or almost all of the accessories is just absurd, I am suggesting some but I don't want them ALL on the game, only a few. There were some obvious combinations left out.


    My ideas:

    Angel Wings + Demon Wings + Philosopher's Stone = Supreme Wings
    (7 seconds of flight time instead of 5 seconds)

    Band of Regeneration + Band of Starpower = Band of Immortality
    (combines the effect of both accessories)

    Titan Glove + Feral Claws = Fists of Power
    (combines the effect of both accessories)

    Toolbelt + Ruler = Drawing Gear
    (combines the effect of both accessories)

    Music Box + Philosopher's Stone = Enchanted Music Box
    (higher chance of recording)

    Guide Voodoo Doll + Star Cloak = Cloaked Guide
    (makes all NPC's immune to damage as long as it's equipped)

    Moon Charm + Cross Necklace = Crossed Charm
    (turns you into a werewolf on all nights)

    Titan Glove + Ruler = Extender
    (+10% size for your weapons)

    Anklet of the Wind + Hermes Boots = Rapid Boots
    (-1 second of running time required to activate them)

    Other people's ideas:

    Titan Glove + Grappling Hook = Grappling Hand (Mjcabooseblu)
    (allows you to collect items from a distance by passing the cursor over them)


    I hope you liked it. REMEMBER, consctructive criticism if you don't like it, don't be a troll.
  2. Snappyboy

    Snappyboy Green Slime

    I really like these ideas! +1!
  3. Axiem

    Axiem Squirrel

    Reading this just gave me the best idea. Ever.

    Angel Wings + Rainbow Rod + Star Cloak = Cloak of Rainbows.

    Allows you to fly twice as far, twice as fast - and leaves a rainbow trail. The equip sprite would be a sweet rainbow / star cloak.

    And the rainbow damages enemies that pass through it.
  4. AlfieSR

    AlfieSR Yellow Slime

    Just my suggestions:

    Drawing Gear + GPS = Informational Exploration Device
    (combines the effects)

    Moon Charm + Neptune's Shell = Carved Shell
    (combines the effects. The graphic of the merfolk takes priority when in water during a full moon, but both effects are given. You can also turn yourself into merfolk when you have a goldfish bowl on your head when using this, purely for comedic effect)

    (NPC) Voodoo Doll + Toolbelt = (NPC) Voodoo Doll
    (combining these items allows you to pick any NPC you'd like to turn to mush. You can re-pick another NPC if you have another toolbelt, so don't kill the tinkerer.

    Extra craftables (open)
    Shackle + Obsidian Skull = Obsidian Chain
    (+2 Defence, provides immunity to fire stones, this is more as use to craft the obsidian chainmail shield but can be used by itself.)
    Shackle + Cobalt Shield = Chainmail Shield
    (+2 defence, provides immunity to knockback, this is also more as use to craft the obsidian chainmail shield.)

    Obsidian Chain + Chainmail Shield = Obsidian Chainmail Shield
    (+4 defence, provides immunity to knockback and fire stones)

    Spectre Boots + Angel/Demon Wings = Spectre Wings
    (provides flight similar to the combined effects of the previous 2, allows slow fall and negates all fall damage)

    Spectre Boots + Supreme Wings = Supreme Spectre Wings
    (same as Spectre Wings except 2 seconds longer flight)

    Mining Helm + Obsidian Skull = Mining Skull
    (provides light when worn similar to the mining helm, but allows you to equip any helm. No resistance to fire blocks or extra defence)
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  5. MechaArif

    MechaArif Yellow Slime

    Rocket boots + cloud in a bottle = Cloud boots
    Hermes boots + shiny red balloon = Shiny red boots
    Cloud boots + Shiny red boots = Velvet Boots
    Cloud in a balloon + Spectre boots = Fuzzy balloon Cleats
    Shackle + Shackle + Feral claws = Chained gloves
    Star cloak + Mana Flower + Band of starpower = Mage's cloak
    Sorcerer Emblem + Warrior Emblem + Ranger Emblem = Fighter Emblem (decreases effect by 50%)
  6. Mjcabooseblu

    Mjcabooseblu Eskimo Zombie

    Titan glove + Grappling hook = Grappling hand
    (allows you to grab items at a distance; useful for retrieving items from lava. Also has a wicked punch, with minimal damage but high knockback.)

    Your ideas are pretty well thought out, it seems.
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  7. lucasgo123

    lucasgo123 Green Slime

    angel wings + demon wings + 20 souls of flight= vaati's wings
    vatta from legend of zelda four swords

    specture boots + all of the platforming acceseries = mario's boots

    all of the accesories in the game = chuck norris' gear

    lava bucket + accerories = crap
    (you just trolled your self) thats the text
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  8. Steelux

    Steelux Piranha

    Damn it, so many responses! I'll check the best ones and addt them to the main post.
  9. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    My ideas from the other thread:

    Things I could really use, and that I think fit together thematically:
    Cross Necklace + Obsidian Shield = Templar Shield​
    Spectre Boots + Wings = Hermes' Panoply​
    Philosopher's Stone + Band of Regeneration = Philosopher's Stone Ring​
  10. Merchantcat

    Merchantcat Cursed Skull

    Hermes' Boots + Anklet of the Wind+ Aglet = Herme's Bracers
    (+2 defence and combines all effects. Leaves a trail of gold clouds)
  11. JudicatorTwelve

    JudicatorTwelve Green Slime

    Obsidian Shield + Hermes Boots = Rammer
    Ignores knockback and fire blocks, increases Walkspeed and if Hermes is activated the door will open if the player is 2 blocks away from it.
  12. Kjungwoo5

    Kjungwoo5 Doctor Bones

    Instead of calling it the Fighter Emblem how about calling it the Supreme Emblem? :p
  13. Mjcabooseblu

    Mjcabooseblu Eskimo Zombie

    You already suggested something for Titan Gloves + Feral Claws, but I thought of another possible combination:

    Rabid Gloves (Titan Gloves + Feral Claws)
    Knockback ramps with damage

    So a hit with a weapon that has very little damage per hit would barely move the enemy, while something like the Star Cannon would send enemies flying.

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