More accessory slots?

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Trippy clock, May 10, 2011.

  1. Trippy clock

    Trippy clock Cursed Skull

    Hello everyone, this is just a small suggestion, how bout a really rare item, possibly found in dungeons, that could give you one more accessory slot. Maybe make it so you can't have like 10 slots there could only be just one per world. What do you guys think?
  2. Disevve

    Disevve Slimed Zombie

    The Utility Belt - Accessory item, unlocks two blocks(Since it takes up a block) that are already fixed int he inventory screen, just a little to the left of the bottom most accessory slot, prevents being to OP by stacking 5 belts and gaining ten slots. Add Cape, Goggles, and a grapple hook, now you are BATMAN.
  3. Trippy clock

    Trippy clock Cursed Skull

  4. Wi§p

    Wi§p Dark Caster

    ehh... what does this do exactly? Take up space? lol
  5. Trippy clock

    Trippy clock Cursed Skull

    Read the posts
    Read both posts carefully
  6. Wi§p

    Wi§p Dark Caster

    The first post is pointless, (since the accessory takes up a slot) the second post doubles your accessories; and I was referring to the first post...
    Edit: The second post adds 1 extra accessory...
  7. Disevve

    Disevve Slimed Zombie

    Doesnt double, just putting one on allows the player access to two normally grayed out blocks that now become useable. A pre-set amount of unlockable slots so someone cant stack 5 of em for ten slots...
  8. lordenix

    lordenix Green Slime

    5 is fine, there really isnt a reason to be adding any more.
  9. Yonowaaru

    Yonowaaru Green Slime

    I think there's enough already, like Blue said in some videos, they made it so you'll have to choose between items. I kinda like that approach.
  10. Haed Shootar

    Haed Shootar Green Slime

    I don't like this idea at all

    Imagine this;
    the usual is 5 slots :

    - belt > 2 belts > 4 belts > 8 belts etc
    - belt > 2 belts > 4 belts > 8 belts etc
    - belt > 2 belts > 4 belts > 8 belts etc
    - belt > 2 belts > 4 belts > 8 belts etc
    - belt > 2 belts > 4 belts > 8 belts etc

    even if you could have one, why don't you just add a brand new slot then ?:)
    anyways... I prefer this, makes you choose:)
  11. Trippy clock

    Trippy clock Cursed Skull

    Where did I say it would be an accessory?
  12. Wi§p

    Wi§p Dark Caster

    hmm... My bad, I just assumed that it would take a slot after reading the second post. But would it be like mana stars and health crystals, but instead it can increase your max accessories? Maybe you should start with 1 accessory slot (since you don't need them in the beginning) and you have to find 4.. magic tea leaves? to get back to 5 slots.

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