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  1. Eikester Possessed Armor

    I've made 2 Packs of Decoration stuff to bring more varity to your Houses including
    Wallpapers, TV, Couch, Kitchen, Radio, modified Dresser, Fridge and much more

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    The Wallpaperpack v1.9.1

    Download for 0.28.7

    Download Obj
    Download Installer

    Download for 0.29
    Download Obj
    Download Installer

    • 78 Walls/Wallpapers in total
    • 2 Wooden Panels, Dark and Light (only for the first row of your Wall)
    • 2 Wooden Planks, Dark and Light
    • NPC Decorator, sells Plasterboard, Paper, Goo, Cutter, Scraper
      • sells Dyes if the Furniture Pack is installed
    • Items: Cutter, Goo Bucket, Plasterboard, Paper, Scraper
    • Craftable Books
    • Door Frame (Wooden Beam as Wall)
    Recipes (open)

    4 Paper: 1 Wood
    50 Wallpapers: 1 Goo Bucket, 50 Paper, 5 Plasterboard
    50 Wallpapers with Panels: 1 Goo Bucket, 50 Paper, 5 Plasterboard, 10 Wood
    1 Goo Bucket: 1 Water Bucket, 10 Gel
    1 Book: 1 Paper, 1 Leather
    1 Door Frame: 1 Wood
    1 Panel: 1 Wood
    1 Plank: 1 Wood

    Screenshots (open)



    The Furniture/Decoration Pack v5.2

    !This Mod requires the "Universal Dye Pack" to run and rebuild

    Download for 0.28.7
    Download Installer

    Download for 0.29
    Download Obj
    Download Installer

    Download for 0.31.1
    Download Obj
    Download Installer

    • 47 Walls
    • 1 Buff
    • over 370 Items
    • over 310 Tiles
    • Playable Pong
    • Dresser is a "Chest"
    • Glass craftable from Ebonsand and Pearlsand
    • Crystal Storm and Cursed Flames craftable at Ornate Bookcase
    • Walkman, Radio
    • Bunk and Container Beds
    • Lots of Tables
    • Lots of new Lightsources
    • Lots of new Storage Tiles
    • many of the unused "Dev Items" posted and made by Tiy
    • Change your Hair ingame at the Sink and Mirrors
    • and much more...


    List of Items (open)

    Active Adamantite Brick
    Active Bright Blue Dungeon Brick
    Active Bright Green Dungeon Brick
    Active Bright Pink Dungeon Brick
    Active Platinum Brick
    Active Sandstone Brick
    Adamantite Brick
    Adamantite Chandelier
    Adamantite Roof Brick
    Adamantite Wall
    Air Conditioner - Rooftop
    Air Conditioner - Wall
    Amethyst Chain Lantern
    Ancient Altar
    Ancient Desert Brick Wall
    Ancient Desert Brick
    Ancient Fence
    Ancient Urn
    Ancient Vase big
    Ancient Vase
    Angler Fish Deco
    Angler Fish
    Apricot Vase
    Aquablue Vase
    Arcade Slot Machine
    Assembly Station
    Barbed Wire
    Barred Door
    Basquet Cap
    Beach Umbrella
    Black Couch
    Black Curtains
    Blue Couch
    Blue Curtains
    Blue Vase
    Bone Bookstand with Book
    Bone Bookstand
    Bookstand with Book
    Bright Blue Dungeon Brick
    Bright Blue Dungeon Wall
    Bright Green Dungeon Brick
    Bright Green Dungeon Wall
    Bright Pink Dungeon Brick
    Bright Pink Dungeon Wall
    Brown Couch
    Cacao Bean
    Cardboard Boxes
    Clay Roof Brick
    Cobalt Chandelier
    Cobalt Roof Brick
    Cobalt Shield
    Compact Refrigerator
    Container Bed Black
    Container Bed Blue
    Container Bed Brown
    Container Bed Green
    Container Bed Lightblue
    Container Bed Orange
    Container Bed Pink
    Container Bed Purple
    Container Bed Red
    Container Bed White
    Container Bed Yellow
    Container Bed
    Copper Bathtub
    Copper Clock
    Copper Cooking Pot
    Copper Mirror
    Copper Roof Brick
    Copper Telescope
    Copper Weather Bunny
    Corrugated Iron Fence
    Corrupted Clay Pot
    Corrupted Goldfish Deco
    Corrupted Goldfish
    Creepy Door
    Creepy Fence
    Creepy Roof Brick
    Creepy Throne
    Creepy Wood Platform
    Creepy Wood Wall
    Creepy Wood
    Cuckoo Clock
    Cupboard - Empty
    Diamond Chain Lantern
    Double Wooden Trap Door
    ECG Cabinet
    Emerald Chain Lantern
    Eye Soup
    First Aid Kit
    Fluorescent Bedside Lamp
    Fluorescent Ceiling Lamp
    Fluorescent Lamp Post
    Garden Fence White
    Garden Fence
    Glass Door
    Glass Fence
    Gold Clock
    Gold Mirror
    Gold Roof Brick
    Golden Bathtub
    Golden Telescope
    Golden Weather Bunny
    Goldfish Deco
    Gray Roof Brick
    Green Couch
    Green Curtains
    Green Vase
    Gun Holder Musket
    Gun Holder Shotgun
    Gun Holder
    Hallowed Clay Pot
    Hesco Bastion 2x2
    Hesco Bastion 3x3
    Hospital Bed
    Iron Beam Substructure - Danger Plate
    Iron Beam Substructure
    Iron Beam Support
    Iron Bookcase
    Iron Bookstand with Book
    Iron Bookstand
    Iron Chair
    Iron Chandelier
    Iron Door - Heavy
    Iron Door - Light
    Iron Footlocker
    Iron Grate Fence
    Iron Grate Wall - Segmented
    Iron Grate Wall - Sheeted
    Iron Locker
    Iron Mesh Fence
    Iron Mirror
    Iron Shelves
    Iron Table
    Iron Telescope
    Iron Weather Bunny
    Jungle Clay Pot
    Large Gate
    Lavender Vase
    Lightblue Couch
    Medicine Cabinet
    MLP Portrait Applejack
    MLP Portrait Derpy
    MLP Portrait Fluttershy
    MLP Portrait Pinkie Pie
    MLP Portrait Rainbow Dash
    MLP Portrait Rarity
    MLP Portrait Twilight Sparkle
    Modern Lamp
    Mona Lisa
    Moon Crest
    Mythril Chandelier
    Mythril Roof Brick
    Old Ceramic Tile
    Old Wooden Door
    Old Wooden Table
    Orange Couch
    Orange Curtains
    Oriental Bamboo Fence - Segmented
    Oriental Bamboo Fence - Sheeted
    Oriental Bed
    Oriental Bedside Lantern
    Oriental Chair
    Oriental Floor Lantern - Decorated
    Oriental Floor Lantern - Plain
    Oriental Sign Post
    Oriental Table
    Oriental Vase
    Oriental Wall
    Oriental Wooden Fence
    Ornate Bookcase
    Ornate Painting
    Painting King
    Painting Landscape 2
    Painting Landscape
    Pink Couch
    Pink Curtains
    Piranha Deco
    Placeable Fish Bowl
    Placeable Snow Globe
    Platinum Bar
    Platinum Bathtub
    Platinum Brick
    Platinum Chandelier
    Platinum Roof Brick
    Platinum Wall
    Pressure Door
    Prison Door
    Purple Couch
    Purple Curtains
    Red Couch
    Red Curtains
    Red Vase
    Reinforced Glass Wall
    Reinforced Iron Platform
    Reinforced Iron Plating
    Reinforced Iron Scaffolding
    Reinforced Iron Wall - Console
    Reinforced Iron Wall - Exposed
    Reinforced Iron Wall - Grate
    Reinforced Iron Wall - Padding
    Reinforced Iron Wall - Panel
    Reinforced Iron Wall - Warning Plate
    Reinforced Iron Wall - Wire Netting
    Remote Control
    Ruby Chain Lantern
    Sandstone Brick
    Sandstone Wall
    Sandy Clay Pot
    Sapphire Chain Lantern
    Shipping Crate
    Side Table
    Silver Bathtub
    Silver Clock
    Silver Mirror
    Silver Roof Brick
    Silver Telescope
    Silver Weather Bunny
    Sink and Mirror
    Stable Door
    Star Crest
    Stone Floor
    Storefront Door
    Sun Crest
    Topaz Chain Lantern
    Upholstered Chair Black
    Upholstered Chair Blue
    Upholstered Chair Brown
    Upholstered Chair Green
    Upholstered Chair Lightblue
    Upholstered Chair Orange
    Upholstered Chair Pink
    Upholstered Chair Purple
    Upholstered Chair Red
    Upholstered Chair White
    Upholstered Chair Yellow
    Upholstered Chair
    Vending Machine - Blue
    Vending Machine - Green
    Vending Machine - Red
    Wall of Flesh Trophy
    White Couch
    White Wood Platform
    White Wood Wall
    White Wood
    Wind Crest
    Wire Netting Wall
    Wood Floor
    Wooden Chair - Work Bench
    Wooden Crate
    Wooden Door - Sliding
    Wooden Door - Window Frame
    Wooden TV Rack
    Wooden TV
    Yellow Couch
    Yellow Curtains

    Some Videos (open)

    Hope you like it, any suggestions for Recipes or what else are welcome! Have Fun.


    Surfpup for tConfig, Yoraiz0r for tConfig and help with codes
    Phlebas, Jackbread for Sprites
    M31k for Ideas
    Kaakaoraptori for allowing me to use his Terroria Texturepack
    Jakota for adding the OK Button for the Sink/Mirrors
    KlarkMorrigan for Industrial Tiles/Items which you can find in his own Mod Pack here
    Red for making such a great Game
    and everyone i forgot

  2. Siveria Tim

    Nice little mod, brings some color into your homes :) How abotu a cloud-like pattern?
  3. mbananas! Bunny

    Too colorful... Maybe add new blocks too?
  4. Eikester Possessed Armor

    Maybe, Pattern is a bit hard to do due how the tiling works in Terraria

    Maybe :p

    Fixed a small Recipe issue and added some more Papers
  5. Siveria Tim

    Ok I'll give ya that one, how about a star wallpaper maybe a dark blue with stars?
  6. Eikester Possessed Armor

    Added a total of 13 new Wallpapers, now the Package contains 37 Walls
  7. Macbuk Cave Bat

    Love it. How about some themed wallpapers, MLP in example?
  8. Eikester Possessed Armor

    Yay :D i can try it but the problem is the tiling

    Updated the Pack:


    New Weapon:

    New Items:
    Goo Bucket

    New NPC:
    The Decorator

    Cutter, 80 Copper Coins
    Plasterboard, 10 Copper Coins
    Goo Bucket, 80 Silver Coins
    Paper, 10 Copper Coins

    New Recipes:
    1 Goo Bucket: 1 Water Bucket, 10 Gel
    50 Wallpapers: 1 Goo Bucket, 5 Plasterboards, 50 Paper
    ElloJello likes this.
  9. mbananas! Bunny

    Hey, now that you are adding paper, make it so we can craft books with it! :D
  10. Eikester Possessed Armor

    Added :p

    Updated to 1.4

    17 New Wallpapers, mostly color Variations
    Craftable Books (untested), craft at Table with 1 Paper and 1 Leather


    btw would someone like to see more (modern) Decoration stuff besides Wallpapers? Like Lamps, Seats, Tables, Electronics etc.?

    EDIT 2: Updated to 1.4.1
    Added 7 MLP Pattern Wallpaper for our Bronies :D, 6 Main + Derpy (designs may be changed later)

    Other Themes like Pokemon (even if i'm not a fan) or whatever may come later
    7UR7L3 likes this.
  11. Macbuk Cave Bat

    MLP wallpapers are totally epic! I'd love to see more themed ones. Great work!

    As to the other decorations, it'd also very appreciated. Having a PC/Laptop on a desk would make my room complete :D
  12. Eikester Possessed Armor

    Demo Image:

    7UR7L3 and Phlebas like this.
  13. Phlebas Spriter

  14. Eikester Possessed Armor

    Fixed :D
  15. Hammerhead Green Slime

    I would really appreciate wallpapers that capture the feeling of the zones from Sonic the Hedgehog 1 - 3 & Knuckles on Genesis/Mega Drive.
  16. Eikester Possessed Armor

    Good Idea

    Added a bunch of new Wallpapers
    Added Furniture/Decoration Pack, atm 3 new Furnitures and Wood Floor
    Furnitures are: TV, TV Rack, Refrigerator

    Note: you can not place the TV on the TV rack so atm its just an other Table (if anyone knows a way feel free to post here or pm me, i tried a lot but nothing works as expected)
    ElloJello likes this.
  17. Blu Moderator

    You made a TV, and a fridge! :O I am in love with this!
    Eikester likes this.
  18. Phlebas Spriter

    this item will place a tv on the tv rack or on the floor. but it's not exactly a foolproof kind of thing.

    Attached Files:

  19. Eikester Possessed Armor

    thx, something to play around with, the HartPlace function is from your Ocean Mod i guess?
  20. Phlebas Spriter

    something i made to do large (2x3) and massive (3x3) stone blocks, actually.

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