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Do you agree or disagree with the value of some of these items being increased?

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  1. drhead

    drhead Green Slime

    I have really noticed that when checking the price of any rare tool or item, the price it sell for is absolutely terrible. A few examples:

    Dark Lance, an item that only generates once per world, in underworld chests sells for 54 silver.

    Rocket Boots, an item that should take about 4 goblin invasions to acquire, sells for 1 gold.
    Magic Mirror, a fairly common yet still invaluable item sells for the same price: 1 gold.

    So what are these 3 prices alone implying? Are they implying that the Dark Lance is more common than the Magic Mirror? Are they implying that the Rocket Boots are equally as rare as the Magic Mirror?

    It gets worse:
    The Jungle Shirt is worth 60 silver as its sell price. However, the materials for it are worth 7 gold 92 silver and 80 copper. I shouldn't even have to include the fact that this recipe involves 6 diamonds, which are worth 60 silver each. The jungle shirt should be worth 10 gold when sold, so the materials aren't worth over 13 times as much as the product.

    The Molten Breastplate sells for the same price, 60 silver. However, the gold ore and hellstone bars would sell for an amazing 21 gold and 60 silver. That is 36 times as much. The funny thing about this is that most materials DO have a good price set that reflects the rarity. The products do not. 30 gold for the molten chestplate would be much better.

    The Star Cannon sells for the same price as the Minishark, even though you are tacking on an additional 2 gold 85 silver with the materials to upgrade it. 15 or 20 gold would be acceptable.

    I'm not doing the math for all the craftable items, I think that I have proved my point with these examples. But, if anyone wants to, the method I used to calculate involved choosing the most valuable form of the resource that it has to go through in the process of crafting the item.

    If anyone does do the math for more things, please post the results here!
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  2. Owl

    Owl World Feeder

    How about having everything be 500 plat? That's easy to get now in the trading boards >.>
  3. drhead

    drhead Green Slime

    Well, if we have merchants that sell at better prices, then more people might sell stuff to merchants. On multiplayer servers, even. Maybe with 1.0.6 the merchants could keep their inventory of items sold to them and sell them to other players. Then have the merchant sell it at his usual markup of 4-5x the usual price to other players. That will cap off how much you can sell stuff for, and then on the trading boards people won't try to screw people out of 100 platinum for a pair of rocket boots, because if people try to sell for more than what the merchant sells for, nobody will buy from them. This will create better trading that benefits both people involved and that newer players can use without being asked for 10 platinum for something mundane like a magic mirror. And then there you go, a nice, stable, reasonable economy.

    But seriously, some people don't want 500 platinum that has probably been duped. This will make there be less reason to cheat.
  4. Hermitian

    Hermitian Demon Eye

    The secret is that money is worthless past the midgame and this is unlikely to change. All of the expensive items are things you only need to buy once, and they cost a grand total of three platinum. After that the only reason you'd ever spend more than a couple of gold is if you have a pressing need to repeatedly fill your inventory with dynamite.

    As long as people can inventory edit / dupe items the whole concept of trading is basically a joke.
  5. Spinfx

    Spinfx Doctor Bones

    Agreed with Hermitian. Money is really only an issue when it comes to multiplayer (i.e. trading). And since there's pretty much no controls over cheating, this is something that can't be solved simply by adjusting prices. NPC prices are not the problem here.
  6. RUDDI

    RUDDI Green Slime

    i totally agree with you but i dont cnow what to chose cus i dont understand your question ???:oops:

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