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Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by AZSLIMJIM, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    I've taken WarStalkeR's HD Texture Pack as my base, then filled in any blanks with Solstice's HD Texture Pack and Levaunt's Zelda Texture Pack. The pack still isnt 100% done, but its like 90%, So its one of the most complete ones thats online hah. Ill finish it up soon. Just thought I'd give everyone something thats almost done to use for now! Lighting is weird in some because I kept changeing it, it's in white, retro, and a color one lol. Also things that arent in any of the packs or that I did not like in them, I've been retexturing myself.

    1.3 TEXTURE PACK LINK - >Temporarily removed<
    Download Instructions and Basic Description are inside, theyre setup for Terraria Custom Content Loader.
    Check back often for updates, going to try to do weekly updates.


    Terraria HD Church.jpg Terraria HD Glow Shrooms & Underground.jpg Terraria HD Hell.jpg Terraria HD Home.jpg Terraria HD Jungle.jpg Terraria HD Trees.jpg Terraria Ocean.jpg Terraria Trees.jpg
  2. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    That water is terrible.
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  3. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    Yea, it's not the best. That was the better one though and it's better than default. I think the one from the zelda pack is better though, bit more blue, so I'm going to change it to that one. Like I said, it's not completely finished, I'm just trying to make it look as good as possible. That water looked better with just the solstice pack but for some reason it doesn't in the combo. I've been resizing the images I can't find textures for and doing basic changes with paint.NET. Also many I've been having to resize because the pack is a tiny bit less zoomed than the other ones. What about other than that though? Is it good, anything else you'd like to have changed?
  4. m31k Clown

    Nope! Default water look better that this textured water, why you think this is better than default water look?
    Do you know what I could change in this texture pack? Active/Inactive block, they were suppored to be hidden in underground, no that everybody could see that, that is just terrible. They are ruining secrets in maps.
    And too different statues, they are too tiny.
  5. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    Look at it in solstices pack, it fits better so the water doesn't look so terrible. I'll change it tonight and repost. I'm also going to try to fill in more of the default ones that haven't been done and replace the hd icons with the ones that match the actual item. The active/inactive blocks were made to look like blocks for buildings if you wanted like a "hidden" passage in the house, look at the outer door of my house, but I didn't think about the underground passages. If you guys would like it I can make it the same as the stone in an alternate package. Also I'll size the statues up a bit. Any other things you guys would like changed just let me know and I'll try to fix it. I'm amateur though so might take a little bit for complicated changes but ill try. Also feel free to add me on steam, you can just message me changes, ask about the pack, or anything. It' the same name as here and avatar .
  6. m31k Clown

    There still need a lot of critism and what need to be charged. There are my total:
    - Change texture of Glass block, that isn't ice block.
    - Change texture of red Crystal Shard to pink, there aren't red Crystal Shards.
    - Change texture of yellow and blue Plessure Plates to Grey and Brown, they can be easily found.
    - Water
    - Very tiny statues, they even can't be now called statues
    - Asking everybody before making tread if you can use their own textures, I don't think he will let you use his made items and buffs icons
    - Better Crystal Ball have Zelda pack
    - One sun haven't sunglasses on
    - Star are better on Zelda pack
    - Change colors of Demon Scythe projectile, Dark Lance and Night Edge
    - Everythink in this texuture pack wasn't made by you. Sorry but I could make it too, like you.
    - You could use pack.txt to write what texture packs you used for this, ...
    - Have I forgot something?

    Well using other texture packs was about me terrible. This texture pack is done by 95 percent? What about mobs, gores, ...
    it isn't done by 95 percent.

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  7. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    One it was a rough guess for the percentage I haven't gone through and actually examined every single thing . I changed it to 90 as I feel that It's mostly done. Also I did ask, warstalker is fine with it, he even downloaded it to see what I did. However other two didn't respond. Also imperishable is carrying on a pack started by someone else. He himself is using some textures that aren't his. Solstice discontinued work on his pack and other people are carrying his on as well. Second I never said I made any of the textures myself, I compiled it , it says it's merged together at the top and in the text document but I will add exact names with links. I'm just trying to get a texture pack that's 100% complete. The only thing I've done other than the replace certain textures, is open the textures, then resize then to make it smaller. A lot of the weapons were huge compared to the people, such as night's edge, hamdrax, excalibur. And have indivually cut textures and moved into another one, (a lot of the tiles_ ones have multiple items in them, like the grass) most of the really common surface mobs are done and have gores. I kept the sun without glasses, I personally liked it better. I also liked these stars better as they look kind of like a meteor. And finally, I like that night edge and dark lance better than the other ones and will keep these all the same. However, I will fix all of the other things that you have mentioned. I'm uploading a pack I designed largely for myself, but wanted to share as others may like it. I'm sorry if any of the stuff I've done has bothered you and nothing in the post is meant rudely, I'm just explaining what I've done. Thank you for telling me what needs work and posting back though as well. Also, on your pack I know nights edge is item_273, you may replace/edit the texture to whatever you like. Paint.NET works good for editing, a lot of the texture packs are made with that.
  8. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    So you combined two texture packs and pretty much make one? That's not a new texture pack, that's just showing it off.
  9. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    Yea its three texture packs, and you can think whatever you would like man, if you don't like it you don't have to use it. However I always hated having 3 unfinished, discontinued texture packs, so I did this and then posted it in case anyone felt the same.
  10. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    That's fine, just don't call it a new texture pack when in fact it's not, but it's all good man. I guess you could call it a colabarration, if I used the wrong word I'm sorry, I partly know it.
  11. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    Well i said it the original post that its multiple texture packs merged, but dont worry about it.
  12. m31k Clown

    Look here .You are using sprites made by @imperishable too, only version allowed by using that is only @levaunt's where arenť hardmode armors, weapons, drills and chainsaws. And what you trough?

    Meteors/Stars don't look HD-ish, Also there in Terraria is Meterite Ore and Biome.

    Better will be have purple or dark Demon Scythe projectile, Night Edge and Dark Lance. at light they aren't dark or purple.
  13. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    Updated the pack, not all of the issues have been fixed. Tried to do the stautes and ended up screwing them all up (on my copy though, not this) but I have stuff to do tomorrow morning. However, I will work on it this weekend and try to figure it out. Also, I dont understand the issue with the glass blocks, I placed a few and I think they look fine. what would you like changed about them? And m31, pretty sure other than hallowed Armor icons I'm within that, and those should be getting changed this weekend. Also, I dont have any meteorite on my world's right now because I mine it all :) I'll try to spawn some so I can get a screen shot. Pretty sure it's hd though. Sorry I haven't memorized every.png with the item it goes with so sometimes it takes me awhile to find the stuff.
    Small changes list: -1.1-

    Various icons (Item_###'s) replaced with HD ones.
    Water Texture replaced (more blue).
    Added the actual HD Textures of all Chainsaws and Drills, not just the icons.
    A few weapons and tools resized (Molten Pickaxe/Hamaxe, several spears, all Chainsaws and Drills, couple more).
    Few other small, forgotten changes. Terraria HD Water.jpg
    Thats the new water, I may change it again as I feel the top of it looks strange. If it doesn't bother anyone else I'll just keep it though.

    Next changes I'm going to try to do as soon as a I can is making all of the stautes a little larger, probably better water, more mob textures, more icon's, more scaling of items (so the spears aren't like longer than your house haha), correcting mismatched items, adding alternate shadow weapons, adding alternate active/inactive walls. Won't be all in one updatemost likely as iI'm trying to update this often but weekend's should be the bigger updates so you can always check back Sunday nights/Monday mornings if you want. Hope you guys are liking the pack, let me know of future changes you'd like, I'm making a list, which will be in the pack next update so you know what I'm planning incorporatingin the future!
  14. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    This is getting quite alot of negative feedback before it's finished guys, He's trying to finish HD texture packs that haven't been completed to make 1 whole texture pack :)
  15. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    Yes I am try to have a completely finished texture pack, but I'm also trying to have multiple choices included. Such as the retextured Alternate Night's Edge and Dark Lance, they're now purple with black accents, very close to the armor set, instead of the silver with black accents. I may retexture in the future to be slightly darker. I need to figure out how to copy the color setting of the Shadow Armor and then it'll match 100% instead of looking close. Ill keep editting this post to show the changes as I go until I release the update with change list

    Future Update Changes:

    -Fixed the weird thing at the top of the Water Texture, looks fine now!
    -Added Alternate Active/Inactive Blocks that blend in better, (or no longer a stone brick wall :)
    -Retextured Night's Edge & Dark Lance to resemble Shadow Armor
    -Retextured Current Hallow Mushroom tile (Mushroom and grass) to match the Hallow colors
    -New Pressure Plates (No longer so obvious)
    -Changed some non-HD icons to HD (Life Crystal, Pixie Dust, Mushrooms, few more)
    -Resized some weapons (Cobalt Sword, Mythril Sword)
    -Replaced the Mushroom Tile texture so the map one matches the item
    -Retextured that mushroom tile as well, has grass at the bottom that matches Forest
  16. Heyo,
    You don't have permission to use the sprites I've made in this texture pack. From the Zelda pack, all the sprites that levaunt made are free to use and can be found here: (, the ones that i've added in and made into the New Zelda pack are not however. Please remove them as soon as possible. Thanks.
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  17. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    Sounds good, been working on that already. Pretty much everyone is levaunts except for a couple which I was already planning on matching with the pack this weekend.
  18. Just for letting anybody know, you can "merge" the various texture packs just by fiddling with the priority button on TCCL.
    And yeah you should had asked permission on using the sprites, even if they were placeholders, when making your pack.
  19. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    Yea you can, but this is no longer just a merger. I've been retexturing things myself now to match everything and been resizing, replacing, and modifying a bunch of stuff. So just taking the packs and changing the priority to War, Solstice, Levaunt will no longer be the same. I've also been adding in alternates of certain items to fit with what people would like. Itll be similar but no longer the same. And the differences are going to increase more and more. Also guys, I'm redoing the alternate inactive because it doesnt match well enough, does anyone know a way to just tint the entire Tiles_? would make it wayyy easier.

    Also Marshmallon, i had 2/3 but imperishable didnt reply to conversation, i dont know maybe it didnt send right. But the majority are all Levaunts except a few icons and theyre getting changed soon.
  20. AZSLIMJIM Mouse

    UPDATE 1.2! Fixed a few issues and replaced some textures, heres most of my changes. The active/inactive doesnt match yet but is better than a brick wall. I already did the active again, but i need to figure out the inactive, shouldnt take too long, ill post another update really soon! Updated the top link but here it is again

    1.2 Link -

    1.2 Changes
    -Fixed the weird thing at the top of the Water Texture, looks fine now!
    -Added Alternate Active/Inactive Blocks that blend in better, (or no longer a stone brick wall :)
    -Retextured Night's Edge & Dark Lance to resemble Shadow Armor
    -Retextured Current Hallow Mushroom tile (Mushroom and grass) to match the Hallow colors
    -New Pressure Plates (No longer so obvious)
    -Changed some non-HD icons to HD (Life Crystal, Pixie Dust, Mushrooms, few more)
    -Resized some weapons (Cobalt Sword, Mythril Sword)
    -Replaced the Mushroom Tile texture so the map one matches the item
    -Retextured that mushroom tile as well, has grass at the bottom that matches Forest
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