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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, May 28, 2011.

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  1. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    Progression has been pretty slow over the last week. I've actually been in the middle of moving. I put an offer on a house before the first trailer went public, and got the keys to it the day before Terraria was released. (Great timing, huh?)

    I just finally got my workspace set up at the new place, so I should be able to get back to the grind early next week. But enough about that, let's talk about the future of Terraria.

    My immediate focus for the game will be patching up the remaining bugs, implementing Steam features, and of course working on multiplayer to make it more secure and accessible. Multiplayer is a bit of a mess right now, and a dedicated server with no graphics card requirements is very much needed. Content progression will be slow for the next few weeks until we get all of the necessities taken care of. Though, we will be adding a few new things here and there to keep you interested.

    In the long term, we will not just be adding content, but new mechanics as well. Some of the ideas the we have been playing around with are:
    • Pure PvP servers with team based objectives. Worlds will be generated before every match. Imagine a CTF server where towers are automatically created on either side of the map. Players can fight it out on the surface, or try to tunnel into the other tower.
    • Adding sloped/inclined tiles to make the world smoother.
    • New harder world types to continue game progression (Ex: Alien plants, alternate dimensions, evil worlds, etc.)
    • Enemy factions that will move into your world, and build their own city. You can slaughter them while they are weak, or let them build up their strength to get better rewards.
    • More events: Volcanoes, earthquakes, more/improved invasions, etc..
    • Weather: Seasons, snow, floods, etc..
    • Farming, and stamina system that gives a bonus to player stats.
    • Mechanics for making traps and devices.
    Terraria has endless possibilities, and there is still a lot more that we want to do with it. In the meantime, please be patient while we get the last few kinks worked out.
  2. Owl

    Owl World Feeder

    I love you. Please try to implement higher tier worlds first. As that will give players something to do in the meanwhile.
  3. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Very nice and wonderful post. I can't wait for the future of Terraria!
  4. chibibuu09

    chibibuu09 Green Slime

    sounds awesome! keep up the good work!
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  5. lucas de aguiar

    lucas de aguiar Green Slime

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  6. Squiddapult

    Squiddapult Cave Bat

    i just dont know what to say...just...im just glas to have this game :D
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  7. Soneclipse

    Soneclipse Green Slime

    I am so in love with you right now.
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  8. Nivekolas

    Nivekolas Green Slime

    My stomach is filled with happiness and anticipation, the words have flowed into my head and I shall cherish them.
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  9. Keirndmo

    Keirndmo Dark Caster

    yay aliens now i know where the space gun is from thank you redigit.
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  10. Magno313

    Magno313 Green Slime

    cant wait!!!!!
  11. Sauccy

    Sauccy Green Slime

    Woah nice! Your ideas are perfect made me giggle a bit inside
  12. Tybirion

    Tybirion Blazing Wheel

    OKAY, First, I LOVE YOU. Second....I don't wanna look like a smart-*** but I found a spelling mistake. Sorry, I just had to point it out due to my OCD. Darn you Minecraft!
    Are should be and.
  13. Voltar

    Voltar Squirrel

    Wooohoooo, more furniture and enemy types etc. too please
    There are so much talented persons with so good ideas in this forum. Try to respect their hard work when it fits into the world of Terraria.
  14. Nagol

    Nagol Demon Eye

    Sounds awesome. Terraria as it is, is just amazing, pretty much plowed it's way to the top of my list as probably my favorite game ever already. Looking forward to the bug fixes that hopefully remedy whatever is stopping me from playing co-op with a buddy. Everything else you add to the game is just a sweet sweet bonus.

    Thanks for the great game, don't work too hard and don't let the impatient people get you down.
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  15. Fixed_Emo

    Fixed_Emo Green Slime

    sounds absolutely amzing. i hope you do these soon
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  16. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    What the hell.

    Redigit's post sound epic.

    I'm not kidding.

    Just press the like button and be happy.

    Nothing else to say.
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  17. Kane Slavuta

    Kane Slavuta Green Slime

    omg... im really looking forward to all these promised ideas!
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  18. Doom101

    Doom101 Demon Eye

    :confused: enemy factions moving in? TO MY WORLD?! i don't think so! grab your swords and fight the horde!
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  19. Mace

    Mace Green Slime

    Congrats on the moving. Also, the concept of enemy factions sounds SO exhilarating to me. Take your time, though.
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  20. BrokenDecoy

    BrokenDecoy Squirrel

    Can't wait for those lovely servers =] And new items for me to find are always nice :D
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